The latest online marketing trend? Using President Obama as justification to buy something (or basically anything).

Consider this series of YSM ads I discovered today:

President Obama has increased my financial aid (great), but he also wants me to refinance (good thing he increased the financial aid, that will pay for the closing costs on the refi).

But wait, Obama has more recommendations (thank you advertisers for alerting me to these):

Yes, it turns out that Obama has some stocks he wants me to invest in, and he also thinks its time for me to consider getting new auto insurance (not sure why, maybe this is related to the “cash for clunkers” program)?

Earlier this week, Obama sat down with Professor Gates and a Cambridge police officer “over a beer” to settle their differences. Is it a stretch to conclude that Obama wants me to drink Miller Lite whenever I have a dispute with someone (and at lunch, no less). Obama also has an occasional cigarette – should I go out and buy some Camels?

Interestingly, during the Bush administration, these sort of “President says do this” ads were non-existent. Perhaps rather than public opinion polls, the best measure of a President’s popularity is whether online advertisers are willing to associate their products – however tenuous that association may be – with the White House!

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David Rodnitzky
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