Friday is the last day to get 20% off the early bird price for ADSPACE. Use code “AdSpaceC” and you get in for $316. Wait until the last minute and pay $595!

The list of speakers you’ll see at the show is phenomenal – I actually can’t believe that we’ve managed to get all of these people together in one place. So register now or forever hold your peace (or just pay more later). Here’s the speaker list:

Steen Andersson, CO-Founder and VP, Marketing, 5th Finger
Brad Bender, Product Management Director, Google
Armen Berjikly, Founder, Chief Experience Officer, The Experience Project
Gavin Bishop, Head of Publisher Solutions, Google
Leora Blumberg, VP Business Development, DOCLIX
Laura Buchman, Director of Sales for Quigo Sponsored Listings and AOL Search, Platform A – AOL
Doug Burke, General Manager, FatTail, Inc.
Ro Choy, Chief Revenue Officer, RockYou
Emma Cockburn, Associate Search Director, Razorfish
Dave Cotter, Head of Affiliate, Amazon
Justin Del Sesto, Founder, GM and Video Publisher in Chief,
Paul Edmondson, CEO, YieldBuild
Shelley Ellis, CEO,
Barbara Feldman, Syndicated Columnist, Surfing the Net with Kids
Jared Friedman, Founder and CTO, Scribd
Rajeev Goel, Co-Founder and CEO, PubMatic
Seth Goldstein, CEO, SocialMedia
Matt Hulett, CEO, WidgetBucks
Assaf Igell, Co-Founder and VP of Marketing, Syntryx
Oded Itzhak, Founder and CEO, DOCLIX
Mani Iyer, CEO and Founder, Kwanzoo Inc.
Lucy Jacobs, VP, Sales and Marketing, AdBrite
Arjun Jayaram, VP of Engineering,
Kim Kaplan, VP, Ad Sales, PlentyOfFish
Tim Kendall, Director of Monetization, Facebook
Jeremy Liew, Managing Director, US, Lightspeed VP
Will Lin, Partner,
Jack Mardack, Director of Marketing, Eventbrite
Will Martin-Gill, Director, Internet Marketing, eBay
Kevin McCabe, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft pubCenter
Josh McFarland, Entrepreneur in Residence, Greylock Ventures
Rajas Moonka, Group Product Manager, Google
Rick Natsch, President and Founder, Potrero Media
Jessica Ong, Director, Online Media & Search, Compete Inc.
Marc Phillips, Director, ADSPACE LLC
Pete Prestipino, Editor-in-Chief, Website Magazine
David Rodnitzky, Director, ADSPACE LLC
Darrin Shamo, Senior SEM Manager,
Andrew Silverman, Product Manager, Google
Jennifer Slegg, CEO, JenSense
David Szetela, Owner and CEO, Clix Marketing
Jonathan Teo, VP, Benchmark Capital
Drew Thomsen, Director of Media, Commission Junction
Don Vandervort, Founder and CEO,
Wister Walcott, CO-Founder/VP Products, Marin Software
Jay Weintraub, Founder, LeadsCon
Brian White, VP, Publisher Solutions, Vibrant Media

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David Rodnitzky
David Rodnitzky is founder and CEO of 3Q Digital (formerly PPC Associates), a position he has held since the Company's inception in 2008. Prior to 3Q Digital, he held senior marketing roles at several Internet companies, including (2000-2001), FindLaw (2001-2004), Adteractive (2004-2006), and Mercantila (2007-2008). David currently serves on advisory boards for several companies, including Marin Software, MediaBoost, Mediacause, and a stealth travel start-up. David is a regular speaker at major digital marketing conferences and has contributed to numerous influential publications, including Venture Capital Journal, CNN Radio, Newsweek, Advertising Age, and NPR's Marketplace. David has a B.A. with honors from the University of Chicago and a J.D. with honors from the University of Iowa. In his spare time, David enjoys salmon fishing, hiking, spending time with his family, and watching the Iowa Hawkeyes, not necessarily in that order.