Onlinemeds Store.
Founded in 1989,
Onlinemeds is not only the nation’s largest retailpharmacy chain,
it is considered the leader in innovative drugstore retailing.
Onlinemeds pioneered many modern store and pharmacy features,
some of which havebecome standards in the industry.
We provide the most convenient access to healthcare services and consumer goods inAmerica.

Editor’s Note: The world’s 100th domain name was registered in late 1987, and Yahoo wasn’t registered until 1994. And of course ecommerce didn’t really become viable until the late 90s. Must have been a hard first 10 years to the business . . .

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  1. Anonymous October 31st, 2007

    Onlinemeds is also a big spammer which is sending me about 50 mails daily, so I’m feed up. I think is a stupid and annoying way to sell any product, it would have to be punished by the law.

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