I did a vanity search this evening on Google to see what comes up for “Rodnitzky” and I came across this ad from PriceGrabber:

Part of this ad is smart, since my Mother is a cookbook author for whom someone could conceivably do an author name search. But still, the auto-insertion of the author name into the ad text leaves a lot to be desired. I mean, “Buy Hemingway Today!” still sounds like you are selling the person, as opposed to the person’s works.

And while PriceGrabber is trying to sell me into servitude, Amazon is dreaming about a potential new hire:

Personally, I think it is going to take a lot to get him to leave Google, but maybe if you say it enough times, it will come true (imagine Jeff Bezos sitting in bed at night whispering “Larry Page at Amazon! Larry Page at Amazon! Larry Page at Amazon!”)

Amazingly, though, the competition for Jerry Yang turns out to be a lot hotter than that for Larry Page, as we can see below:

That’s right friends: not only is Amazon also hoping for Jerry to join, even Yahoo is putting out feelers – and this just months after he resigned as CEO. Perhaps both Amazon and Yahoo could benefit from USA People Search – they apparently have his contact info – that would probably be a lot cheaper than advertising on random keywords on Google!

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David Rodnitzky
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