Every now and again I see a test ad showing up on AdWords or AdSense. I found one this morning while surfing my gmail . . .

Though I am almost never click on AdWords ads, in this case, I was curious to see whether the novice AdWords user at least sent the destination URL to somewhere interesting. Sadly, the ad takes you to Site.com.

This got me to thinking; I bet that sites like “Site.com” and “Test.com” get a lot of free traffic from stuff like this. Indeed, a did a Compete.com analysis of Site.com and what you clearly see is that the site get tons of traffic from SEOs doing “site:” searches on Google (a Google query that shows you which pages of a site are indexed by Google).

Pretty amazing really – you’d think someone – particularly in the SEO world, would have offer this “site” a ton of money already!

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  1. Online Marketing June 17th, 2009

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