In June I wrote about the “American Anti-Aging Association” – an affiliate Web site trying to pretend that they are actually some sort of trade association. I noted that the Web site had several problems, must notably their very bad attempt to use PhotoShop to make it look like they owned a large corporate building.

Well, it appears that the marketers over at the “AAAA” (or as they say on the site, “We here at the American Anti-Aging Association”) agree with me that their PhotoShop was not up to par. As a result, they’ve updated the site with a new and better PhotoShop. The trick this time was to pan back from the building, making it more difficult to see whether the sign actually lines up with the building.

But alas, despite the improved PhotoShop, loyal AAAA readers like myself will no doubt see this new image as a bit of bad news – after all, it’s clear that the AAAA has downgraded their digs from the massive corporate headquarters in the last PhotoShop, to what appears to be a modest suburban office building. Folks, if you are going to PhotoShop your name onto buildings, at least pick one that looks really, really huge!

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  1. seo pixy August 14th, 2008

    That was funny:) I didn’t know there are organizations that use this kind of cheats..interesting:)

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