A cardinal rule of thumb in my book is to connect ad text with your landing page. If you promise someone a free whitepaper in your ad, you darn well better have a whitepaper on the landing page. Failure to connect the two is a great way to lose people early on in your conversion funnel.

An even better way to lose people – potentially for life – is to outright deceive them in the ad, and that’s exactly what the folks at Pinchit are doing. I got served this ad today whilst checking in on Facebook:

It’s a pretty compelling ad, as I happen to like Kokkari’s, and I would like it even more if it was free to eat there. So I clicked through to learn more and I come to this – far less compelling – landing page:

It turns out that this is nothing more than a sweepstakes to get me to join yet another daily deal site. I get the fact that this ad is likely to pull a very high CTR on FB (hence lowering their CPC costs) and that any new entrant into the daily deal space is probably willing to do anything to get someone to join their site.

What I don’t get is outright lying to a potential customer as your first impression. If Pinchit is tricking me in their ad text, I have to assume that they are not adverse to tricking me as a customer – anything from deals with ultra-short expiration dates to “discounts” that require me to pay above-market rates to use a coupon.

So Pinchit clearly won the battle (low CPC, high CTR) but lost the war (acquiring a customer). That’s a bad strategy!

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  1. jelly roll fabric May 4th, 2011

    Great post, with very valid points. If I ran my business like this… I’d be “out of business” in no time.

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