News has leaked that Google is launching an open-source Web browser, called Google Chrome. My five second summary of the browser’s benefits is as follows:

  1. It operates like a multi-processor operating system, meaning that each tab on your browser runs by itself, and if one crashes, the entire browser will not crash (cool);
  2. It visually shows you nine Web sites in your cache when you start to type a URL into the browser bar (also cool);
  3. It has a lot of security features to prevent hackers from stealing your data (not sure how useful this is versus everything else out there);

Google has released a very long comic describing the application. My initial thought is that it sounds like this browser has some cool applications, but I also wonder what the folks at both Mozilla (FireFox) and Microsoft (Internet Explorer) think about this. Mozilla makes over $100 million a year from Google ads appearing on searches through the Mozilla browser; and Microsoft knows all too well how the world reacted to the bundling of IE with computers.

Which brings me to my favorite page in the comic – this one:

Ah yes, for the sake of competition! Too bad Microsoft didn’t think of this approach ten years ago.


  1. searchquant September 2nd, 2008

    Take away the pony tail and the guy in that last comic square looks a bit like you, Dave…

  2. David Rodnitzky September 2nd, 2008

    I resemble that comment!Though actually, I think that guy has way more hair than I do . . .

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