I cruised the exhibit hall this afternoon. After some good conversations with SEMers, VCs, and former colleagues, here are some of the more interesting snippets from the day:

1. “We paid for our booth in the first two hours” – A paid search bid management company.
2. “Most people who come up to us are asking ‘what do you do’.” – one of the top three Web analytics companies.
3. “We were outnumbered by Google employees 5 to 1” – An attendee at the Google party.
4. “MSN AdCenter is the best” – Me, after winning Office 2007 and Vista Ultimate at the MSN Party!
5. “The demographics of this conference are different than the Oil and Gas conference I was at last week” – a well-travelled friend.
6. “Where did all these lead generation companies come from anyway?” – A fellow recovering lead gen worker.
7. “They wouldn’t let me in without a company name, so I chose Megatopia” – a friend explaining the name on her badge.

Overall, I was impressed by the sheer size of the exhibit hall but underwhelmed by the number of interesting new companies I had never heard of.

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  1. Jeremy Mayes May 3rd, 2007

    “4. “MSN AdCenter is the best” – Me, after winning Office 2007 and Vista Ultimate at the MSN Party!”haha:-)

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