New to Amazon and looking to bulk-upload campaigns, ad group, product, and keyword changes for Sponsored Products campaigns? Here is a quick guide for how to set things up:

  1. Make sure you have the necessary columns for your upload, which may include:
    • Record ID (if uploading updates to existing items)
    • Record Type (Campaign, Ad Group, Ad, or Keyword)–>more for your own organization
    • Campaign Name
    • Campaign Daily Budget
    • Campaign Start Date
    • Campaign End Date
    • Campaign Targeting Type (Manual, Auto)
    • Ad Group Name (required!)
    • Max Bid (must include to update/add new ad groups)
    • SKU
    • Keyword (for Manual targeting campaigns)
    • Match Type (Broad, Exact, Phrase)
    • Campaign Status (Enabled, Paused, Archived)
    • Ad Group Status (Enabled, Paused, Archived)
    • Status (Enabled, Paused, Archived)
    • Bid+ (On, Off)
  2. Make sure that each item has a row of its own, and that each row contains the information of the attributes that contain it. For example, if you are uploading an ad group, in the ad group column, make sure to include the campaign name and campaign status; if you are uploading a SKU, make sure to also include the campaign name, the ad group name, campaign status, and ad group status; if you are uploading a keyword, make sure to include the campaign name, ad group name, campaign status, and ad group status. This is likely the part where errors are likely to occur and is a good first place to look when troubleshooting.

  3. When your rows are set, go to “Bulk Operations” under Sponsored Products, and the “Upload” section. Keep in mind, it may take 72 hours for new campaigns to be approved.

Happy selling!

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Sophia Chen
Sophia Chen was born and raised in New York City. She came to Chicago to study English literature at the University of Chicago, where she discovered marketing through marketing events and programs for student organizations. In her free time, Sophia enjoys reading, running, and learning new languages.