Amazon and 3Q Dinner Deep-Dive

"Alexa, Tell me about AMS"

“Alexa, what is AMS? How are companies using Amazon to reach their customers and drive more sales?”

Looking to learn more about AMS, hear what peers are doing, meet Amazon and 3Q experts on a 1:1 basis, and enjoy delicious food and drinks? Join Amazon and 3Q for dinner on Thursday, August 2nd at Dirty Habit in San Francisco!

Spend the night chatting consumer habits and how you can use AMS to capitalize on the newest customer trends. Hear about Product Trends and Insights from Amazon’s Performance Advertising Experts, Madeline Chen and Jay Chan. 3Q’s Brittany Page, Associate Director of SEO, will share her expertise on organic optimization, and Madeline Fitzgerald, Sr. Strategy Development Manager of 3Q Accelerate, will give a well-rounded overview of AMS and share some wins in account structure and strategy. Learn from peers who are winning at AMS and how to translate their experience into your own strategy.


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