An Advertising Agency Built for the Digital Era

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Television brought with it the ability to mass market and advertise to an extremely large audience. Large commercial brands could buy eyeballs to spread the word on their latest product, promotion or simply buy airtime to remind consumers that their brand exists. And as a result, traditional advertising agencies sprouted to support the needs of brands to reach their core customer base. The advent of the Internet coupled with the widespread use of it gave birth to a brand new method of reaching consumers: search ads. It was the same and yet different from previous advertising models. It’s not just about capturing attention of consumers at random; it was about capturing demand at the moment that demand arises. Bolstered by our ability to measure impact of search ad spend, the industry has blossomed into a booming market. US internet ad spend toppled $60 billion in 2015 and that figure will only grow as more brands (big or small) join the marketplace. 3Q Digital is an advertising agency that is not only built for the digital era, but a company that has a historical record of elevating brands across different digital channels, efficiently, effectively and not to mention, economically.

San Francisco: The Perfect Home for Our Multi-Channel Advertising Agency

3Q Digital is a full service advertising agency for digital marketing needs. We offer paid search, paid social, display advertising in addition to SEO, analytics and business intelligence support, conversion rate optimization, strategic growth assessments and mobile consulting. Our San Francisco office is located just a few blocks away from AT&T Park and is home to a large team of client services and digital marketing professionals who we think are all “A-players” ready to tackle the full gambit of digital marketing problems our clients are faced with.

Why Digital Advertising Over Traditional Ads?

Actually, we don’t think one medium is better than the other. Rather, we think they should work together to create a tighter advertising solution. Search advertising as a channel struggles to create demand. We of course have display advertising to try to create search demand and social advertising (especially Facebook) to try to emulate what television ads have done historically, but we’ll never be able to do it at the scale of traditional advertising. Search advertising, however, is perfect at capturing demand. This creates a potential symbiotic relationship between the two models. Traditional advertising can help create the demand and awareness search struggles with while digital advertising can help close the loop when that consumer goes looking for the service or product our clients offer.

Start of Something New

Digital marketing is not a channel that wishes to displace traditional advertising nor are digital marketing agencies here to replace traditional ad agencies. Instead, we see this as opportunity to really work together to help our clients (and partners) grow. We’re ready to jump into it. Are you?

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