Advertising in a New Digital World

Over the past 15 years, Internet users surged from 738 million in 2000 to 3.2 billion in 2015. That’s approximately 43% of the global population. Coinciding with the rise of Internet users is, not surprisingly, the growth of Internet shoppers. Last year, more than 10 million people purchased at least one item online. This figure does not account for the large number of shoppers who do research online before ultimately making purchases in stores. The way people shop today vastly differs from the way people shopped 15 years ago. Different too is the number of levers brands have available to market and advertise to consumers. In addition traditional advertising on television, product placement in television programming and film, national advertising campaigns in print media, and large billboards placements in metropolitan areas, companies now have a bevy of digital advertising channels to choose from, among them search ads, programmatic display, paid social, and search engine optimization. With a distinct advantage of showing up at the exact moment that demand arises, digital ads have a powerful and unprecedented way to directly impact behavior. 3Q Digital is a full service advertising agency that offers the full gambit of digital marketing services including search engine marketing, display, paid social advertising, SEO, conversion rate optimization, strategic growth assessments and mobile advertising in addition to analytics and business intelligence consulting.

New York: A New Home, Same Great Results

3Q Digital New York made its debut in early 2016 and while our office in the Big Apple may be new, the staff that supports that office are all veterans of the digital marketing space. Embodying all of our core values, our New York team delivers first class customer service in addition to all of our other advertising channels.

Why Go With Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising and especially search advertising can never truly replace traditional ads. Traditional advertising can reach consumers on a wide scale and create demand in a way that search, and for the most part digital, cannot. But that doesn’t mean that traditional and digital advertising models cannot coalesce in our expanding marketplace. In fact, we often see better results when both strategies are employed together and support each other in an ecosystem. For example, paid social advertising gives us a platform to test different types of ads before brands go national. How does your messaging resonate among consumers age 25-40 in large metropolitan cities? We can find out, quite quickly, by running those ads on Facebook. Coupled with the ability to narrowly target specific demographics, our ability to measure the impact of advertising dollars has never been better. Understanding how efficiently your budget is spent is a core part of performance marketing. Performance marketing is what 3Q Digital has always been and will always be about.

Evolve and Grow With Us

At 3Q Digital, we know that there are many advertising channels brands can leverage to push their latest promotion, product or messaging. We also believe that digital marketing can be used to effectively support and spread that message a bit further and capture consumers at the moment they decide to do additional research or finally make the purchase. Advertising is not what it used to be. We’re ready to evolve with brands who are prepared to tackle this brave new world. We have the tools, the talent and the capabilities to help brands plan today and evolve tomorrow.

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