Technology Enhances Advertising for the Digital Age

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Several years ago, before the internet hit the airwaves, television was unmatched in mass marketing and reaching the largest audience with advertising. Promotion through airtime could guarantee that consumers would be exposed to a brand and their latest products. Traditional advertising agencies supported the promotion of brands and targeted the core consumer base. The birth of the internet changed the landscape of advertising where consumers discovered new mediums and competition for airtime thickened. Reaching consumers in new ways gave way to a new method of advertising: search ads. What search ads could do, where traditional advertising could not aways pinpoint, is capturing demand at the exact moment demand arises. Conjoining with the measuring the impact of search ad spend, the digital advertising industry morphed into a new market. The United States ad spend jumped to $60 billion in 2015 and will continue to rise as more brands join the digital marketplace. 3Q Digital is an advertising agency with a record of elevating brands across multiple channels and created for the digital era.

Chicago: Ready to Face your Marketing Needs

3Q Digital offers several multi-channel digital marketing services including paid search, paid social, display advertising in addition to SEO, analytics and business intelligence support, conversion rate optimization, strategic growth assessments and mobile consulting. Our Chicago office is steps away from Millennium Park and Lake Michigan and nestled in the Financial District full of a client services team and marketing professionals fully ready to take your projects to the next level and meet head-on any challenges you may be facing.

What’s Different About Digital Advertising?

Think of traditional and digital advertising as two sides of the same coin. Both offer advertising and marketing solutions to the client while the approach can reach different audiences in different mediums and with a variety of results. Digital advertising works with online media such as search advertising, display advertising, and social advertising (like Facebook and Twitter). These channels of advertising, while reaching a wide audience, is not the same type of audience or on the massive scale as traditional advertising has done with television ads. Search advertising is excellent at capturing demand, while traditional advertising and help create demand. In search advertising users can continue to educate themselves and search for a product or service a client can offer. Digital advertising can also collect data on users that traditional advertising cannot gather. Even though traditional and digital advertising can be very different, the goals are the same in spreading a client’s services and products so users can interact in a variety of ways.

Advertising Evolved

Traditional advertising agencies are evolving with the times and digital marketing agencies are continuing to work alongside each other to offer comprehensive marketing services. Digital marketing agencies are not replacing traditional ad agencies, but rather working with technology to bring a full spectrum of services to clients and to help them (and partners) grow.

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