Short post, because it is past midnight but here goes:

  1. Unlimited goals in Google Analytics per profile. Why in the heck do I have to create a new profile every time I go beyond four goals;
  2. Time of day conversion tracking in AdWords reporting. I want to do day-parting, but Google only gives me day of week conversion data. I hate log files;
  3. Allow campaign management companies to “clone” Google accounts to YSM and MSN. Search engine, please! (that is supposed to be said like a gangsta);
  4. One email address for multiple AdWords accounts. Every time a client gives me access to their account, I have to create a new email alias. Ugh.
  5. Don’t change account reps every three months. Can’t I just work with someone and get to know them at least a little bit?
  6. Parameter insertion a la MSN AdCenter. This is the only time you will see me giving credit to MSN for SEM innovation.

There are more I could add and for the record if this post was about YSM or MSN, the list would be longer, trust me . . . What did I miss?

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  1. tdwhalen August 14th, 2009

    David you are clearly a grand master. I agree with these and would add a couple:– ability to look at different periods of time forwards and backwards without running a report. For example, let's say your in the management interface and you come upon some interesting data, and you say to yourself "gee, I wonder what this data looked like in the previous 2 periods of time." You should be able to just click a button near the date-range settings that would take you forward or backward using whatever time period you are looking at. If you are looking at the 3 day period ended yesterday, click the button and you can go to the previous 3 day period. Do it again and as many times as you like, and view trends without having to click to reports tab and create a report.– ability to mouse over an ad to see when it was created. When doing ad optimization it is very important to compare ads that were rotated equally – currently the only way to make sure you are looking at the correct date range is to guess until you have the longest date range which shows ads have been rotated equally. if you knew when the (challenger) ad was created, you would know immediately what date range to look at to do accurate ad optimization.– Keyword tool – bring back ‘in campaign’ to kw tool so user does not have to cross-check whether kw is already in campaign; it used to be this way, but now you can only see if the keyword is in the ad group– include 'total value' and 'conv value / cost' (also known as ROAS) within the main mgmt interface column optionsI have other suggestions for AdWords Editor – let me know if anyone wants to hear 'em!

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