3rd Annual 3Q/Google Summit – Focus on the Customer

Just who are your customers, and how (and where, and on what channels) should you be engaging them? Those are the questions we'll tackle on May 3rd in Mountain View in our 3rd annual 3Q/Google Summit. Register below and join us!

Our third annual 3Q/Google Client Summit will take place May 3 in Mountain View! The focus of the day is the customer: understanding the customer and the customer journey and exploring how, when, where, and with what messaging to engage them.

The event will feature Google and 3Q experts giving presentations, panels, and various roundtables for deep dives into a range of audience-focused topics, including some of the industry’s newest ways to reach them (read: the newest AdWords products). We’ll also have a case study showing the rather incredible effects of smart audience segmentation. The day’s events include breakfast, lunch, and a free happy hour at the end. And there’s a huge bonus: we’re holding a raffle (for 10 winners – only attendees are eligible) to get hour-long post-event consultations with either VP of Creative Services Aaron Bart, VP of Mobile Strategy Craig Weinberg, VP of Strategy Mason Garrity, or VP of Analytics Feliks Malts. For those who don’t win, take heart: those gentlemen will be holding court on roundtables in one of the day’s breakout sessions.

We’ll also set aside ample time for Q&A throughout the day, so be sure to come armed with audience-focused questions – on products, segmentation, technologies, you name it. We’ll have experts on hand to answer.

If you’d like to join us (free of charge, of course), simply fill out the registration form. If you have any questions, please contact our Events Manager, Kristen Mingus, at kristen.mingus@3QDigital.com.

See you in Mountain View!

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