Shatter Silicon Valley’s Glass Ceiling with Neustar CMO Lisa Joy Rosner

On April 13, in one of our most anticipated 3Q View events, we're holding a lunch and a Q&A in our San Francisco office with Neustar CMO Lisa Joy Rosner, who will address the obstacles facing women looking to advance in Silicon Valley. For all women in the digital/tech industry, and for anyone who manages them, this event provides a free and safe way to tackle persistent issues and limitations. Reserve your spot today.

Silicon Valley’s glass ceiling has gotten a lot of (well deserved) attention over the last couple of years. And we get to hear how to overcome those challenges from a woman who has shattered it.

Lisa Joy Rosner NeustarIn her two-plus decades working in the Valley, Neustar CMO Lisa Joy Rosner has successfully re-branded four companies and launched three companies creating $1.5 billion in market cap. She’s won awards and created patents in the technology and analytics space. On April 13 in our San Francisco office, she’s holding court over free lunch to address questions from all 3Qers, partners, clients, and friends about the unique obstacles women face in the industry — and how they and their managers can work to transcend them.

Space in the office is limited, but we will be providing 3Qers a way to view/listen to the event from remote locations. We encourage 3Qers and our associates in the San Francisco area to save a spot by filling out the form to the right. And come with questions!

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