Using the Time Range feature for AdWords remarketing lists allows you to create highly targeted remarketing lists over specific date ranges. This is particularly useful for holidays and other high-traffic periods on your site.

This feature allows you to create custom audiences of users who interacted at some level with your site during defined date ranges; you can use these audiences as needed in the future.

A few examples of how the Time Range feature could be valuable:

  • Site visitors from Black Friday through Cyber Monday
  • Converters over Valentine’s Day
  • Cart abandoners on Easter

How to set up this type of list:

  1. Create a new Remarketing List
  2. In the drop-down, choose “Visitors of a page during specific dates”
  3. Select what URL (or URL combination) you would like to target
  4. In the On Dates drop-down, choose “Between” and set the date range you would like to collect data for

Here is an example of an audience set up to target site visitors over Labor Day Weekend:

This audience could be applied with a modifier over Labor Day weekend in 2018. This would be the most obvious usage of this tool, but it is certainly not the only valuable piece of it. If you knew that traffic from Labor Day performed similarly to other holidays (like Memorial Day), you could use Time Range audiences in much more creative ways.

This is not a new feature of Google, but it should serve as a useful reminder of a quick and easy way to improve the granularity of your remarketing.

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