Our Philosophy

Emotional Quotient

What is EQ?

EQ (Emotional Quotient) is the care and commitment behind the data. It’s the passion for client service that means we trade high-fives when clients get good press, take pictures of our clients’ products when we see them out of the office, and occasionally check the numbers at midnight “just in case.” It’s a personal, partner-oriented approach that has helped grow some of today’s hottest companies.

Intelligence Quotient

What is IQ?

In digital marketing terms, IQ (Intelligence Quotient) refers to the scientific, data-driven processes on which we build our campaigns. It’s the application of scalable, systematic, proprietary techniques, the optimization formulas that come to life on whiteboards and fine-tune our clients’ KPIs. It’s working smarter across every channel and making sure those channels feed into each other – and into the bottom line.

eXecution Quotient

What is XQ?

XQ (eXecution Quotient) is, simply, the rigor behind the brains and passion. It’s accountability, timeliness, execution. It’s quick turnarounds and a double layer of QA. It’s best-in-class training. It’s not easy, but that’s where the passion comes in.

It’s in Our DNA

We believe clients deserve three things from an agency: passionate service and complete transparency (EQ); channel-specific intelligence and knowledge (IQ) to develop new strategies as digital marketing evolves; and rock-solid execution (XQ) to ensure optimization of every campaign.

We developed these beliefs as PPC Associates (2008-2013), where we made our mark as the most pioneering, results-oriented SEMs around. But we've expanded to offer our clients new ways to grow, covering every part of the funnel — all with the same ROI-focused, intent-governed fundamentals that have helped drive growth for some of today’s fastest growing brands.

Executive Leadership

  • David Rodnitzky Portrait

    David Rodnitzky

    David Rodnitzky CEO

    David Rodnitzky is founder and CEO of 3Q Digital, a position he has held since the Company’s inception in 2008. Prior to 3Q Digital, he held senior marketing roles at several Internet companies, including Rentals.com (2000-2001), FindLaw (2001-2004), Adteractive (2004-2006), and Mercantila (2007-2008). David currently serves on advisory boards for several companies, including Marin Software, MediaBoost, Mediacause, and a stealth travel start-up.

    David is a regular speaker at major SEM conferences and has contributed to numerous influential publications, including Venture Capital Journal, CNN Radio, Newsweek, Advertising Age, and Search Engine Land, Media Post, and Search Marketing Standard.

    David has a B.A. with honors from the University of Chicago and a J.D. with honors from the University of Iowa. In his spare time, David enjoys salmon fishing, hiking, spending time with his family, and watching the Iowa Hawkeyes, not necessarily in that order.

    Read posts by David on our blog

  • scott-rayden-headshot

    Scott Rayden
    Chief Revenue Officer

    Scott Rayden CRO

    Scott is the Chief Revenue Officer for 3Q Digital and is responsible for leading marketing, sales, and the overall revenue growth of 3Q Digital nationwide. Scott spent the past 7.5 years as the Founder and President of iSearch Media, a leading digital marketing agency focused on consumer behavior, search marketing, analytics, and data visualization. iSearch Media was acquired by 3Q Digital in 2014.

    Scott brings 14 years of experience in digital marketing, management, M&A, and business development to 3Q Digital. Prior to founding iSearch Media in 2006, Scott worked at Quinstreet and LeadClick Media (acquired by First Advantage for $150MM), two of the largest digital marketing agencies in the country, where he built, deployed, and managed search campaigns for leading brands across North America. In 2003, Scott also co-founded iPlayMusic, an angel-funded music education software company sold in Apple retail stores nationwide.

  • maury-domengeaux-headshot

    Maury Domengeaux
    SVP Operations

    Maury Domengeaux SVP of Operations

    Maury is SVP of Operations and is responsible for 3Q Digital’s
 overall financial management, leading the finance, HR, legal, and corporate development teams. Maury brings more than 20 years’ experience in digital
 marketing, venture capital, executive management, software development,
 product management, and marketing.

    Maury came to 3Q via the acquisition of iSearchMedia, where he was Chief 
Executive Officer, leading the executive team and daily operations. Prior 
to iSearchMedia, he co-founded and served as Managing Director of
 Quicksilver Ventures, a $200m+ primary and secondary venture capital fund 
that incubated numerous start-ups resulting in the M&A & IPO transactions 
of 3Ware by AMCC, Aperto Networks by Tranzio, Aristos Logic by Adaptec,
 Sierra Logic by Emulex, Nishan Systems by McData, Rhapsody Networks by 
Brocade, Cavium NASDAQ (CAVM), and Voltaire NASDAQ (VOLT).

    He has a record of success in executive positions in public and private 
companies, including Iomega and Hewlett Packard.  Maury was a key
 contributor to the turnaround and success of Iomega Corporation, resulting 
in sales increasing from $100 million in 1994 to more than $1.7 billion by 1997.   Maury established the Professional Products Division as P/L manager 
for the jaz 1GB drive and cartridge system, which generated over $480m in 
annualized revenue and has sold more than 3 million drives and 10 million
 cartridges to date.

  • Brian Grabowski

    Brian Grabowski
    Sr. VP of Client Services

    Brian Grabowski Sr. VP of Client Services

    As the Senior Vice President of Client Services, Brian provides strategic direction and thought leadership for 3Q Digital’s client roster. He brings 15 years of experience working in client services and business development for search- and social-focused marketing organizations.

    Brian spent 3+ years at iSearchMedia running the client services organization before that agency was acquired by 3Q Digital. Previous to that, he was the Sr. Director of Business Development at Involver (Acquired by Oracle), a leader in the social communication software space. He also served as the Sr. Account Director at Relevant Searches, a digital agency specializing on the Yahoo! Search Submit Pro product. Brian has a BA in Economics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

    Read posts by Brian on our blog

Senior Management

  • Laura, Cropped

    Laura Rodnitzky
    VP of People

    Laura Rodnitzky VP of People

    Laura Rodnitzky has been with 3Q Digital since August 2009, having previously worked in marketing and editorial roles for internet and finance companies. Laura also spent several years living abroad as an English teacher, translator, writer, and student. Laura speaks fluent Spanish and decent Chinese and French, and she has been known to fake her way through German, Dutch, Italian, and Portuguese. Laura has a degree in Linguistics from the University of Chicago.

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  • IMG_6239

    Craig Weinberg
    VP of Mobile Strategy

    Craig Weinberg joined 3Q after serving as Mobile Practice Lead at Mindshare, where he led mobile marketing across Mindshare’s North American client portfolio. With experience in mobile marketing, media, content, strategy and business development, Craig provided mobile marketing, media planning, and buying for American Express, ampm, Land Rover, and CVS.

    Prior to Mindshare, Craig was Mobile Strategy Manager at MediaVest, where he oversaw the mobile communications strategy within Proctor and Gamble’s lead communications team. He also spent four years at Sony Music Entertainment, where he was responsible for mobile sales, distribution and marketing of Sony’s Music’s mobile content catalog.

    Craig owns a strategic mobile consultancy, Savoy Mobile Inc., for which he advises mobile and ad-tech startups in product, growth, branding and partnership strategies. He is a frequent speaker on mobile topics at industry events. He lives on the Upper West Side with his wife, Ilana, and his baby girl, Mara. And he happens to be an unapologetic lifelong Philadelphia sports fan.

    Read posts by Craig on our blog

  • sana ansari

    Sana Ansari
    General Manager, 3Q Accelerate

    Sana Ansari VP of Media Operations

    Sana Ansari has worked in the internet marketing industry since 2009, building elite expertise in a wide variety of marketing channels. Prior to joining 3Q Digital in October of 2011, Sana was a PPC Marketing Manager for Quinstreet, leading the insurance vertical. Before entering internet marketing, she worked as a consultant at Accenture. Sana received a degree in Electrical Engineering from UC Davis. She loves the 2 Bs: baking and badminton.

  • Mason Garrity

    Mason Garrity
    VP of Strategy

    Mason Garrity has been in digital marketing since 2006, originally getting hooked on start-ups and growth marketing while doing Search Engine Marketing at Kayak.com in college. Mason now serves as Vice President of Strategy at 3Q Digital in San Francisco, one of the largest and fastest growing independent digital agencies in the country. Leading the firm’s consulting and strategy practices, he gets to work with the Bay Area’s most innovative companies on achieving growth goals through leveraging performance marketing.
    Prior to 3Q, Mason co-founded Noosphere Marketing, an online marketing firm in New York City. He first came to California for school, attending Pomona College in Claremont, CA where he received a degree in Economics, captained the Claremont Colleges Rugby Football Club, and lettered in football.

  • Marc Taubman

    Marc Taubman
    VP of Sales

  • Aaron-1

    Aaron Bart
    VP of Creative Services

    Aaron comes to 3Q after 8 years in digital brand advertising, then 6 years as head of Creative & CRO for Covario/iProspect. With a background in Information Design, Aaron was an early adopter of A/B and multivariate testing platforms for agencies, and a trailblazer in developing methodologies for successful creative testing. Aaron lives in Oakland, is an avid mountain and road cyclist, plays guitar, and loves Italian wine.


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