What Facebook’s New Ad Changes Mean for You

newsroom facebookYou may have seen the announcement today.

But if you’re a pro Facebook advertiser (and if you read FBPPC, you likely are), in short, it won’t affect you.

Facebook’s move to simplify the ad buying process is great for small business and those with simple goals. It’s not going to affect big brands and direct marketers, who need and use all the targeting and placement options available.

But rather than focus on the ad BUYING process, Facebook will be able to really drive ROI for brands and e-commerce players by improving and automating how they create lookalike audiences and bid to conversions. Guys like us can certainly select thousands of interest and demo targets to find what converts at what price. But Facebook has the data to do it with further optimizations to optimized CPM on action specs and custom audience enhancements.

The fact that they’re automatically creating sponsored stories to tag along most ad units is good for most advertisers. But if you’re using the Power Editor or API, you likely want more control.

We fully believe Facebook will be successful here. Expect that the current batch of 3rd-party Facebook ad software providers will feel some heartache, as customers will wonder whether Facebook’s native product is better than theirs. Agencies will increasingly be taking a role in ad buying, especially in the mid-range market. So expect them to be more effective in using Facebook’s own tools, as opposed to 3rd-party tools.

Readers, how do you feel about this?


  1. Ryan Pitylak June 6th, 2013

    Dennis –

    Great review of the proposed changes. While “out of the box” ad types won’t make sense for a firm or agency that really knows how to advertise on Facebook, it sounds like a good move for many smaller companies.

    – Ryan Pitylak

  2. Dennis Yu June 6th, 2013

    Ryan– pros like you will demand increasingly more options, while the masses want simplicity! You want to drive stick or automatic?

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