Social media advertising: it’s not just for brand awareness anymore.

We’ve been beating the social media drum for a long time – we even started a daily Facebook advertising blog – because we saw the potential in billions of invested users, and we’ve been at the forefront of finding optimal uses for the myriad of ad types and targeting options rolling out of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more by the week.

We line up platforms, ads, and targeting to meet your goals, whether they’re for building communities or direct-response conversions. We make sure you’re mobile-optimized for every platform. We partner with leading analytics pros to make sure your social media spend is allocated in the very smartest, most scientifically optimized way.

We also realize that social media can and should propel a narrative, a user’s experience with social media ads must be considered as part of a whole digital marketing experience.

Our social media advertising services include:

  • Constant research and feedback on ad type and targeting options vis-à-vis campaign goals
  • Image, ad text, and placement testing on all devices
  • Geographic, demographic, and interest-based segmentation
  • Direct-to-site or fan-page acquisition strategies