We work with programmatic (RTB) buying, the Google Display Network (GDN), and the Facebook Exchange (FBX) to grow brand awareness and/or direct response according to your goals.

Coming in 2014: our own retargeting service, which will give you access to the full breadth and power of retargeting at a fraction of the price of the industry leaders.

The highlights of our standard display services:

  • We have relationships with premium publishers and DSPs, and we’ll analyze a client’s needs and choose the right mix accordingly – and get the best possible pricing. We’ll also get access to inventory other agencies can’t offer.
  • Clients get 100% transparency into our vendor relationship, ad serving, and media buying processes.
  • Our best-in-class partnerships, which include top buying platforms and cross-channel media optimization, ensure that you’re getting maximum value for your dollar – low costs on impressions and attribution tracking that provides an accurate ROI picture for your display spend.
  • We perform constant incrementality testing with a focus on attribution.

Coming soon: Retargeting with 3Q

Interested in 3Q’s retargeting solution? Drop a line on our Contact Us page.