The world leader in SEM includes platforms like the Google Display Network, DoubleClick, and Google Search Partners.

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The Bing/Yahoo network represents more than 29% of available search traffic. Yahoo’s premium display advertising space is some of the industry’s most valuable; the U.S. home page, for example, gets 38M unique visitors per day.


Marin Software provides the leading digital ad management platform used by advertisers and agencies to manage more than $5 billion in annualized ad investments. Offering an integrated platform for search, social, display, and mobile marketing, Marin helps advertisers and agencies improve financial performance, save time, and make better decisions.


Convertro provides clients with actionable spend recommendations that empower them to confidently reallocate marketing from unprofitable sources to more profitable ones. Convertro accomplishes this by means of its algorithmic attribution models that meld marketing cost and conversion data, including in-store, with customer marketing exposures captu

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MediaMath invented the demand side platform (DSP). The MediaMath Marketing Operating System, TerminalOne, allows agencies and advertisers to plan, execute, optimize, and analyze marketing programs across the digital landscape. One easy-to-use platform brings together digital media, data management and analytics to drive better results for branding, direct response, and full-funnel marketing. MediaMath’s algo-driven optimization for direct-response and branding campaigns has been proven to deliver superior performance at near-limitless scale.


Nanigans offers the only SaaS platform that optimizes to predictive lifetime value. The brand’s technology empowers in-house performance marketers to find, acquire, and retarget their most profitable customers at scale across social and mobile. Nanigans boasts over $350 million running through their platform annually and provides cost savings for customers due to direct publisher relationships.