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  • 3 Data Types CMOs Need to Leverage
  • Optimize Content for Panda 4.0
  • 5 Trends Today's CMOs Must Master
  • How to Solve Retail's Digital Marketing Dilemma
  • Mobile Lead Gen Campaigns on AdWords: A Quick-Start Guide
  • A Beginner's Guide to Attribution
  • Google Shopping Campaigns: A Complete Guide
  • LinkedIn Advertising: A Start-to-Finish Guide
  • Should One Agency Manage Your Multi-Channel Campaigns?
  • Twitter Advertising: A Quick-Start Guide to Success
  • The Complete Guide to AdWords Retargeting
  • The 2013 Guide to Facebook Advertising
  • The Hows and Whys of Display Advertising
  • A Guide to Optimizing Enhanced Campaigns
  • Marketers' Guide to YouTube Ads
  • The Definitive Guide to SEO Site Audits
  • Guide to the Google Display Network: Strategies and Best Practices
  • Best Practices for Landing Page Design
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective SEM
  • Alpha Beta Account Structure Guide
  • Introducing the Wide Tail
  • The Lin-Rodnitzky Ratio for Measuring Account Health
  • A Guide to Removing Toxic Links

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  • SES Denver, 2014 – Joe Kerschbaum, "PPC Tools to Increase Performance and Productivity"
  • SMX East, 2014 – Jay Stampfl, "A Deep Dive into Bidding Strategies"
  • Feed NY, 2014 – Will Aronson, PLA Optimization
  • SMX Advanced, 2014 – Andrew Mera, "Next-Gen Ad Creative and Testing Techniques"
  • LeadsCon, 2014 – David Rodnitzky, "Maximize Lead Conversion: Best Practices for Measuring, Qualifying and Attributing Leads"
  • SMX Advanced, 2014 – Jay Stampfl, "Maximizing Profits with Product Listing Ads"
  • SMX Advanced, 2014 – Andrew Mera, "Next-Gen Ad Creative and Testing Techniques"
  • MediaPost Search Insider Summit, 2014 – David Rodnitzky, "Social Media's Evolution to Search Teams"
  • HeroConf, 2014 – David Rodnitzky, "Live: PPC Account Audit"
  • HeroConf, 2014 – Joe Kerschbaum, "The Fundamentals of PPC Strategy"
  • Digital Summit Phoenix, 2014 – Liam Mbuthia, "Marketing Automation: The Best New Tools and Tactics"
  • LeadsCon, 2014 – Susan Waldes, "Google's Enhanced Campaigns and Your Profits: How to Manage the Complexities of Real-Time, Geo-Targeted, Device-Specific PPC Optimization"
  • LeadsCon, 2014 – David Rodnitzky, "Where Online Education and Placement Cross Paths"
  • SMX West, 2014 – Jay Stampfl, "Pro-Level Tips for Succeeding at Retargeting"
  • SMX West, 2014 – Joe Kerschbaum, "Capturing the Mobile PPC Lead"
  • SEMpdx, 2014 – David Rodnitzky, "Beyond Thunderdome - When You Run out of PPC Fuel"
  • SEMpdx, 2014 – Todd Mintz, "Fail-Free PPC"
  • MediaPost Search Insider Summit, 2013 – David Rodnitzky, "Solving the False Marketing Dilemma Between Art and Science"
  • SES Chicago, 2013 – Joe Kerschbaum, "PPC Campaign Management: Audit Strategies"
  • Seattle Interactive, 2013 – Mason Garrity, "Win the Holidays – the Super Bowl of Digital Marketing"
  • Digital East, 2013 – Susan Waldes, "Advanced Search and Display Strategies"
  • SMX East, 2013 – Joe Kerschbaum, "Where is Paid Search Going in 2014?"
  • SMX East, 2013 – Susan Waldes, "Enhanced Campaigns – What We Know So Far"
  • SES San Francisco, 2013 – Kent Yunk, "Schema: The Silver Bullet"
  • SMX Advanced, 2013 - Susan Waldes, "Pro-Level Retargeting Tips"
  • SMX West, 2013 - Ron Fusco, "Tying YouTube to PPC Campaigns"
  • SMX West, 2013 - Susan Waldes, "Ready, Aim, Fire...Then Retarget!"
  • SMX West, 2013 - Hillary Read, "Blow Me Away Blogging"
  • SearchFest, 2013 - David Rodnitzky, "Paid Search"