Setting Up YouTube Ads in AdWords for Video: A Basic Tutorial


Setting up a YouTube account is a fairly simple process. Click on the +Campaign button in your AdWords account UI and click on “online video”. This should create an “All Video Campaigns” tab at the very bottom-left of the UI, right under “Labels”. Once you click on this, you’ll be taken to “AdWords For Video”. […]

YouTube Metrics: What They Really Mean


I’ve written a fair number of blogs regarding YouTube in all its glory since joining 3Q, but I’ve realized these blogs leave something to be desired when it comes to understanding the outcome of all this work that goes into building a well-oiled YouTube account. So, I’ve decided to outline some of the basic and […]

YouTube Search: Use Negatives & the Search Query Function


YouTube advertising is fast becoming a popular channel amongst digital marketers. It can be great for brand exposure and CPV’s are generally under $.50 (typically much lower). While In-Display and In-Stream avenues are a great option for garnering an audience similar to how image ads in the GDN function, YouTube Search can offer up a […]

3Q Digital Download Episode 8: YouTube!


Our host, Joseph Kerschbaum and guest Manny Rivas from aimClear have an in-depth discussion about YouTube advertising. Here are Manny’s key takeaways: 1. Set up remarketing lists in order for them to build, even if you’re not running video ads. 2. Define what you’re trying to achieve. The goal will determine which ad units you’ll […]

How-To: Bulk Uploads for YouTube Ads

In a recent blog, I wrote about the various ad types in YouTube. While setting these ads up is all well and good and will certainly help drive traffic, the process of uploading these ads to multiple campaigns can quickly turn into a time-intensive, laborious task. With no AdWords Editor functionality, manually setting up ads […]

A Nod’s As Good As a Wink for YouTube Video Remarketing


I’m heavily invested in YouTube Remarketing for one of my clients, and when I look at my stats in the AdWords Video UI, I see something along the lines of: So, in order to calculate my Professional Upgrade CPA, which is my targeted metric, I divide $402.48 by 5 Conversions to get $80.49. Well…not so […]

Set Up YouTube Ads in AdWords for Video: A Basic Tutorial


A few months back, I wrote a blog regarding YouTube text overlays. It’s been a while, and I’ve had time to realize that I may have jumped ahead of a few basics regarding ads for YouTube (e.g. promoting video ads within the YouTube channel).  So, the first thing you’ll need to know before attempting to […]

AdWords for Video Workaround – How to Analyze Targeting

Video Performance

In AdWords for Video campaigns, there is a lot of data to look through: impressions, clicks, video played-through rates, etc.  There are also a few ways to segment: format, network, targeting, etc. It’s fine looking at all this data in the UI, but it doesn’t really do much good until you can make sense of […]

How To: Create YouTube Text Overlays for Clickable Calls to Action


Every day, advertising is becoming more and more interactive. People want to feel that the product or service they’re interested in is speaking to them on a personal level. Marketers are not blind to this phenomenon, and in the last few years we have seen a tremendous push towards YouTube as a viable ad platform. […]

From Brand to Demand: Video Ads That Drive New Leads

Video Lead Form Flow

Today’s post is by Mani Iyer, CEO and Founder of Kwanzoo. Video is one of the fastest-growing segments of the market, with 33% of online advertising growth projected to come from video in 2014. With all the growth in the use of video, studies show that only 10-15% of video ads today are interactive, allowing […]

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