AdWords for Video Workaround – How to Analyze Targeting

Video Performance

In AdWords for Video campaigns, there is a lot of data to look through: impressions, clicks, video played-through rates, etc.  There are also a few ways to segment: format, network, targeting, etc. It’s fine looking at all this data in the UI, but it doesn’t really do much good until you can make sense of […]

How To: Create YouTube Text Overlays for Clickable Calls to Action


Every day, advertising is becoming more and more interactive. People want to feel that the product or service they’re interested in is speaking to them on a personal level. Marketers are not blind to this phenomenon, and in the last few years we have seen a tremendous push towards YouTube as a viable ad platform. […]

From Brand to Demand: Video Ads That Drive New Leads

Video Lead Form Flow

Today’s post is by Mani Iyer, CEO and Founder of Kwanzoo. Video is one of the fastest-growing segments of the market, with 33% of online advertising growth projected to come from video in 2014. With all the growth in the use of video, studies show that only 10-15% of video ads today are interactive, allowing […]

Hallelujah! AdWords for Video Gets a Great New Editing Tool


For those who promote videos through the AdWords for Video UI, you are well aware of its cumbersome functionality when uploading new videos, adjusting bids, or just navigating through different campaigns or tabs. We’ve been told for many months that there was an editing tool in the works – and it finally debuted (at least […]

Content Arbitration and the Frictionless Margin

Today’s post is by Michael Yates, Account Coordinator and Renaissance thinker. The last time I wrote, I opened with the line, “First there was print, then there was Google.” That post dealt mostly with how Google plans to deliver its voice to people in the coming decades. Before reflecting upon consumption as the end point […]

TrueView’s Growing Pains – What the Platform Needs to Fix

If you’ve spent any time in the TrueView (AdWords for Video) UI, you know that its navigation abilities were not modeled after the standard UI. When working with a smaller volume of campaigns, you can look past the cumbersome setup or even the limitation of data (there’s both an ad limit and data export limit); […]

The Marketer’s Guide to YouTube, Part 4: Targeting

Welcome back to the fourth and final post of our Marketers’ Guide to YouTube series! If you’ve read the first three posts, you should know: why to use it; which of the two platforms to use and when; and which ad types will work best for your campaigns. Today’s topic: targeting! Before we break down […]

The Marketer’s Guide to YouTube, Part 3: Ad Types

Welcome back to our Marketers’ Guide to YouTube series! If you’ve read the first two posts, you should know why to use YouTube and which of the two platforms to use and when. Today’s topic: ad types! There are five types of YouTube ads: in-search, in-stream, in-slate, in-display, and preroll. We’ll break down how they appear, which platforms offer them, […]

The Marketer’s Guide to YouTube, Part 2: Platforms

In part 1 of the Marketer’s Guide to YouTube advertising, we explained why you should be using YouTube, who should be using it, and who shouldn’t be using it. (If you missed it, go back and read it. We’ll wait.) Now that you’ve been persuaded to advertise on this (very powerful) channel, we’ll break down […]

The Marketer’s Guide to YouTube, Part I: Why to Use It

Even if you’ve never advertised on it, you know YouTube. You’ve watched videos of kittens or football highlights or biting Charlies on it. Chances are you’ve been served ads on it. And if your company has any kind of brand/product content, you should be figuring out how to put YouTube to work for you. In […]