How to Optimize Without Goals

We’ve all been there, or will be there at some point: manage an account without any goals provided by the client.  The job many PPC marketers have is to optimize the account and make the client happy.  So how do we do this without goals? #1 – Understand the Metrics There are a bunch of […]

Happy Presidents’ Day!


We’re taking a day off to enjoy the holiday, and we hope you are too! See you Tuesday!

Funniest Queries of January 2014

Thanks to our entrants – Susan Waldes, Jonathan Oei, Joseph Hall, Ryan Larkin, Spencer Fair – and our winner, Nick Avram, for their contributions! Tune in for next month’s Funniest Queries Contest!

Happy New Year!

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We’re taking a break for New Years! See you all on the 2nd!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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In light of the upcoming holiday, there will be no new blogs Thursday or Friday. Enjoy some football, tryptophan, and family fun! We’ll be back Monday with our regularly scheduled posting!  

Bottom-Line Advice for Clueless Brands on Social Media Marketing


Today’s post is by Ben Oren, marketing specialist and Director of SEO at WhiteWeb. One thing we will never be is an advice column, so if you want to know anything about casseroles, how to get stains out of your carpet with ice and peanut butter, or what to do the next time your mother-in-law […]

The Foundations of Process Optimization

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I’m a process and efficiency fiend.  I like words like “optimization,” “automation,” and “execution.”  I hate things that are too manual, too time-consuming, and too tedious.  Bill Gates once said, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job, because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”  I’m lazy. Our […]

PPC Associates is now 3Q Digital – read how we got here

3Q Digital logo

Today I’m very excited to announce the rebranding of PPC Associates to 3Q Digital. I’m very proud of the reputation we’ve built up around PPC Associates, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t going to miss the name. That said, the services we offer today are much more than just PPC, so a […]

Cut the Stress From Managing Multi-Channel Accounts


Today’s post is by Jessica Carr, Client Services Manager at PPC Associates. If you’ve worked in Online Marketing as an Account Manager or Client Services Manager, you’ve probably been here – it’s Monday at 9am, you haven’t had your coffee yet, and Client A’s tracking is down, Client B wants a report on their new Facebook […]