Power Editor Glitch Alert: Editing Parameters in Multiple Ad Sets with Varying Audiences


Power Editor is a great tool for duplicating campaigns, ad sets, and ads. It also offers the functionality of editing multiple line items – but beware when trying to make a bulk edit to ad sets with different audience targeting. When the new parameters are entered, the tool actually overrides existing targeting. In this example, […]

A Guide to Using Facebook’s Reports Tool

      Facebook does a great job of making ads and ad units easy to understand and purchase for small business owners. The Ads Manager takes what could be complicated processes to understand and simplifies them into a question-and-answer format. This, of course, also leads to oversimplification, which means a lot of powerful features […]

4 Simple Requests for Facebook’s Power Editor

      Nisho Cherison is the Senior Manger of Online Advertising at One Kings Lane, where he manages Facebook and other social and emerging media advertising efforts. When he’s not neck-deep in thinking up innovative marketing strategies, you can find him playing his guitar and dreaming about opening his own recording studio one day. […]

Facebook Ads Manager: It Ain’t Great, But It Ain’t Twitter

      The Facebook Ads manager can be a pain at times. Something as simple as updating campaign budgets sometimes won’t save if you edit 16 rows at once, but will work fine if you edit them 15 at a time. Ever work with Facebook Power Editor? It can be very buggy when it […]