How Twitter’s targeting has an advantage over Facebook


Marketers are always trying to get a leg up on their competition. Sometimes, this comes in the form of one channel having an advantage over another – in one case, a powerful advantage Twitter targeting/reporting has over Facebook allowed us to reduce the CPA by 75%. We’ll explain.   Handle/Keyword optimizations When you use handle/keyword […]

Create Your Ideal Twitter Audience


After speaking at the Zenith Conference I knew I had to make sure everyone knew the answer to the question “why throw your hat in with Twitter advertising?” Chances are the people you want to reach are already Tweeting away! Twitter currently has: 16.3M moms 19.4M fashionistas 15.5M cost conscious shoppers 28.3M millennials According to […]

Three basic (but crucial) Twitter Best Practices


If you’re using Twitter advertising, you’ve doubtless researched best practices and techniques, but you might have missed this: there are two rather counterintuitive things to keep in mind when using Twitter. Schedule your tweets for nights and weekends * ** Surprisingly, another great time to tweet is between 10pm and 11pm EST. While most sources say […]

Twitter advertising goals and corresponding ad types


There are many different ad types on Twitter and even more types of goals possible for your business. How do you know which type will be most effective for each goal? Let’s dive in: Goal: Get Followers Maybe you just want some more followers. There are lots of good reasons to spend some ad budget […]

What Twitter and Google’s fire hose reopening means for both parties


The Twitter fire hose is coming back! This is big news for Google and Twitter alike. But what happened after the first agreement between the two lapsed in 2011, and what are both sides looking to gain now? Let’s take a look. What both parties lost In 2009, the first “firehose” agreement for Twitter to […]

Experts agree: Twitter advertising poised to boom


Regular readers of this blog, assuming they’re digital marketing aficionados, are no doubt familiar with Melissa Mackey, #ppcchat stalwart and frequent nominee on “most influential” lists. Well, Melissa was a recent guest on a soon-to-debut podcast series with our own Joe Kerschbaum, and she had some verrrrrrrrrrry interesting things to say about Twitter advertising. The short version: […]

App, website cards drive Q2 leap for Twitter ad performance

The dust has barely settled from Facebook’s Q2 earnings call, but based on some extraordinary advertising numbers for one of our biggest clients (nearly 17M impressions in Q2), we’re predicting Twitter’s Q2 call will make some waves as well. One big driver: the introduction of advertising cards including website cards and image app cards, an in-feed ad […]

How to run your first Twitter ad


So you want to run some Twitter ads, eh? We’ll leave the whys and goals to other blog posts, but this will walk you through the mechanics of starting your campaign. The first time you go to, you’ll be asked to set your country and time zone. Next, you’ll be presented with a menu […]

Just what are SEMs doing on Twitter? Learn from us

Who do SEMs follow most on Twitter? How do SEMs describe themselves on Twitter? What are SEMs’ favorite social media hashtags? The good folks at Leadtail analyzed the Twitter activity of 521 search marketers, including 105,121 tweets and 55,615 shared links, during a 90-day period from March 1 to May 31, 2014. And we’ll air the findings […]

Brands on Twitter: 9 Tweets to Spur Conversation


Are you at the helm of your brand’s Twitter account but not sure you’re tweeting the “right” things? How do you strike a mix of material that promotes the brand and keeps followers engaged? There’s a lot to consider in just 140 characters. Here are 9 types of tweets that brands can share to create […]

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