Twitter Redesign Apes Facebook

Twitter Redesign

Tuesday it was announced that social networking site, Twitter, is currently testing a new profile redesign. The news goes that Twitter’s revamp will be evocative of fellow social networking sites, Facebook and Google+. What does this mean? Twitter is kicking the vertical timeline design to the curb and adopting a design that reflects more of […]

Our Twitter Q4 performance says…

Twitter made huge strides in overall performance in 2013’s Q4, and advertisers are eagerly awaiting their earnings report. Based on the accounts managed by 3Q Digital in Q4, we expect to see some great numbers on February 5. We compared results to results from the previous quarter (3.8M impressions total). We anticipated a holiday bump, but […]

Twitter’s Tailored Audience is a Smart Copycat Move


 Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Twitter’s Tailored Audiences options sound hauntingly familiar (read: Facebook’s Custom Audiences). Regardless, the expansion to Twitter’s brand new Tailored Audiences feature is welcome. On the heels of their Tailored Audiences introduction, Twitter announced Tuesday that they are expanding their offerings to include audiences created via users’ emails […]

Twitter introduces conversion tracking

Was the Twitter Santa listening? The other day, we posted our Twitter holiday wishlist, and one of our fondest wishes — conversion tracking — just landed in our stockings! The ramifications are huge for marketers. Presumably we all had ways to marry the Twitter data to conversion data from another platform, but the disconnect was […]

Twitter Nearby – What You Should Know


Twitter is testing a new version of the timeline that shows tweets that were sent from a nearby location. This could be big news for marketers and users alike, but it might not be all good news. Users can still (at this point) opt out of the service by disabling location sharing with the Twitter […]

Our Twitter Holiday Wishlist

Twitter Ho Ho Ho

We’ve been busy making holiday wishlists at 3Q Digital (here’s our Google wishlist, in case you missed it). And while we’ve very grateful for the massive strides Twitter ads have made this year, including the new retargeting functionality we’re eager to sink our beaks into, we’ve got some pretty firm suggestions for how the platform […]

Use Hashtags and Television to Reach your Social Audience

Today’s post is by Devan Brown, social media strategist and thought leader at Anvil Media. Hashtags are making quite the appearance on live television nowadays. Everything from Keeping Up With The Kardashians to live college football games now has a hashtag associated with it. Sometimes, every plot twist, big reveal, and exciting development gets its very own […]

Twitter retargeting: what to watch for

Today’s post is by Director of Social Media Andrew Foxwell.  Today, Twitter announced (taking out the trash before a holiday? Kidding, Twitter) that they have released two types of retargeting, one based off cookie IDs and one based off email addresses. You can now load in cookie IDs and email lists directly into Twitter’s ad […]

7 Considerations Before Getting Your (Promoted) Tweet Wet

Today’s post is by Ada Pally, Account Manager and proud filler of our one-person Canadian employee quota. It’s been two years since Twitter rolled out Promoted Tweets, and in the wake of Facebook’s s rocky IPO, Twitter has been quietly working away on improving its advertising platform before it inevitably does the same. Regularly changing […]