Facebook advertising

Determine Facebook campaign tactics by account type


When an account expands to social for the first time, there are a few general guidelines that I follow: 1. Set a predetermined budget. 2. Don’t oversell the return and set realistic expectations. 3. Start smart. Starting smart means you should logically start with ad types and targeting that align with your type of account. […]

The Key to Finding Quality Facebook Interest Targets


If you are running out of targeting ideas or just have not had much luck in your recent targeting ventures, it is time to seek some help – more specifically, it is time to check out Facebook’s Audience Insights page. The Audience Insight page is a great place to easily find common themes of people […]

6 Fatal Errors SMBs Make on Facebook Ads


A lot of large corporations hire trained experts to run their Facebook Ad campaigns, as well as pay entire departments to establish marketing strategies and determine who their target audiences are. Small- and medium-sized businesses often don’t have the same resources as large corporations, meaning that they’re learning the process as they go. Because of […]

Facebook advertising is not a stand-alone skill

I recently spent the afternoon with Dr. Karen Freberg, professor of social media at the University of Louisville.  Unlike most educators in this space who teach “social media” basics according to an outdated curriculum approved 3 years ago, she has a capstone structure.  Working professionals come in to teach current practice, imparting real-world, relevant skills. Take […]

Is It Time to Restructure Your Account?


Facebook’s optimization capabilities are getting stronger, but as with any campaign, you need enough data to fuel your decisions. We had a client with an old structure that was overly segmented with really small daily budgets. They had a conversion goal of $30, but some of their ad sets had budgets of only $5-12… so […]

How Much Should I Budget For My Facebook Ad Campaign?


How many times have you been faced with the question of how much to budget for your ad campaigns? Or maybe you’ve had to answer this for your clients. A lot of the time we’ll just take a random shot in the dark – or, even worse, tiptoe our way into spending enough money to […]

5 Reasons Your Facebook Landing Page Gets Rejected


Problems with landing pages are the biggest reasons your Facebook ads get rejected during the approval process. A lot of users are all too familiar with Facebook’s long list of guidelines and rules, but not all of them realize that when their ads send users to a landing page, that landing page has to follow […]

3 Ways to Make Your Ad Copy Pop


When you advertise on social media, you only have seconds to catch a potential customer’s attention, so you better do it right. Images may be the most attention-grabbing aspect of a Facebook ad initially, but the ad copy is what really gets the viewer to click. So here are a few tips to get your […]

Facebook’s new multi-product ads overwhelm advertisers – and users – with options


The average adult is said to make about 612 decisions a day all before lunch (that doesn’t include what to have for lunch), and Facebook is adding a few more! As the social company moves to slowly roll out new Product Ads to the masses, this ad unit has the potential to be a game-changer for the vast majority […]

What do you really “like” on Facebook?

Look closely at the boosted post results here. 170 people liked the post. 78 clicked to read the article. This means that nearly 100 people clicked like on the post, but didn’t read it. Are they merely agreeing with the headline of the article? Or maybe they just like the person making the post or the […]