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Welcome FBPPC to the 3Q Digital Blog!


3Q Digital’s blog now has all of the social media marketing tips you’ve been dying for! With the successful completion of our merge with the FBPPC blog, you can now find tons of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram advertising insights on the 3Q Blog. Be sure to dive in, take a look around, and let us […]

Create Your Ideal Twitter Audience


After speaking at the Zenith Conference I knew I had to make sure everyone knew the answer to the question “why throw your hat in with Twitter advertising?” Chances are the people you want to reach are already Tweeting away! Twitter currently has: 16.3M moms 19.4M fashionistas 15.5M cost conscious shoppers 28.3M millennials According to […]

Determine Facebook campaign tactics by account type


When an account expands to social for the first time, there are a few general guidelines that I follow: 1. Set a predetermined budget. 2. Don’t oversell the return and set realistic expectations. 3. Start smart. Starting smart means you should logically start with ad types and targeting that align with your type of account. […]

Three basic (but crucial) Twitter Best Practices


If you’re using Twitter advertising, you’ve doubtless researched best practices and techniques, but you might have missed this: there are two rather counterintuitive things to keep in mind when using Twitter. Schedule your tweets for nights and weekends * ** Surprisingly, another great time to tweet is between 10pm and 11pm EST. While most sources say […]

The Key to Finding Quality Facebook Interest Targets


If you are running out of targeting ideas or just have not had much luck in your recent targeting ventures, it is time to seek some help – more specifically, it is time to check out Facebook’s Audience Insights page. The Audience Insight page is a great place to easily find common themes of people […]

Twitter advertising goals and corresponding ad types


There are many different ad types on Twitter and even more types of goals possible for your business. How do you know which type will be most effective for each goal? Let’s dive in: Goal: Get Followers Maybe you just want some more followers. There are lots of good reasons to spend some ad budget […]

6 Fatal Errors SMBs Make on Facebook Ads


A lot of large corporations hire trained experts to run their Facebook Ad campaigns, as well as pay entire departments to establish marketing strategies and determine who their target audiences are. Small- and medium-sized businesses often don’t have the same resources as large corporations, meaning that they’re learning the process as they go. Because of […]

Best Blog Posts of April 2015


May is upon us! So what did we learn in April? Our best posts of the month are below… According to guest poster Anna File of Blueye, if you’re marketing on Instagram, you’re probably doing it wrong. Her unique insights help explain what you’re doing wrong, and how to fix it. 3Q Digital’s Molly McCarty let us […]

Predictions for the future of Twitter and LinkedIn


With earnings calls this week for LinkedIn and Twitter, we thought it prudent to ask our experts for some insights about the future of both networks. Here’s what they had to say. Twitter Twitter is doing an excellent job of monetizing their users. The ad formats are richer than other social advertising, they’re iterating very […]

Facebook Multi-Product Ads: How to Maximize ROI

Over the last few years, Facebook ads have come a long way. What was once a Wild West Network with low-quality advertisers has blossomed into a mature ad platform. It’s common now that users will find ads on Facebook interesting, relevant, and useful. The mixture of combinations between demographic, interest, behavioral, and lookalike targeting has […]