Six Big SEO What-Ifs for 2015


As each year wraps up, predictions for the following year seem to be presented in opinionated waves highly mirroring each other. (“THIS IS THE YEAR FOR MOBILE!”) These can get pretty bland and boring. Rather than comprising a post based off of other posts (duh, that’s how all these duplicated opinion posts happen), why not […]

Holistic SEO: a Guide to the Future of Organic Online Marketing


If you’re new to Search Engine Optimization, your head may be spinning a bit as you try to sort out truth from myth, fact from fiction, speculation from reality. And you may be wondering who to trust when even recognized experienced experts don’t all agree on various SEO-related topics. All of this is a natural […]

SEO Checklist – Are you ready for the holidays?


The holidays bring an influx of traffic to web properties, especially ecommerce-based web properties. Ensuring you’re putting your best foot forward prior to the traffic influx will allow both you and your customers to achieve the desired site experience. Even if your brand doesn’t host any holiday promotions, the sheer fact that users flock to […]

Is Google Really Downplaying Google+ Results in the SERPS?


Is Google serious about removing Google+ clutter from SERPs? It seems so some days…and not so much on others. There’s been chatter about Google downplaying Google+ results in the SERPs, and I’ve been studying my own searches lately to show how Publisher Markup for brands in the SERPs has been changing. The results? They’re mixed, […]

10 Steps to Hire the Right Outsourcing for Your SEO Campaign


Many people make mistakes in hiring the right person or company to outsource their SEO, so I’ve put together a guide to help you choose better resources. There are different activities that you can outsource like content creation, SEO, graphic design, web development, etc. Since I am a SEO person, I’d like to demonstrate the […]

How to Build on the Foundation of SEO

As an agency performing SEO services for clients, we execute a significant number of SEO sales audits looking at SEO best-practice implementation. What we find is that most businesses need a fair amount of foundational website cleanup: anything from ensuring all of their content is visible to spiders, to planning a well-defined keyword map, to […]

Google Announcement Signals Beginning Of A Mass HTTPS Migration


Earlier this year many internet users begrudgingly changed their passwords because of Heartbleed, a security bug that exposed sensitive information from over half a million servers. Just last week, the Internet was abuzz with an anxiety attack caused by the disclosure that 1.2 billion login credentials have been amassed by Russian hackers because web search […]

14 2014 SEO Myths and the Truths Behind Them


Because of the relatively vague nature of SEO – relative to paid channels, that is – the field is more open than others to opinions…which can start off informed but, without checks and balances, can morph into myths over time. But the field evolves like crazy, so yesterday’s myths aren’t the same as today’s myths. […]

Airtight SEO Audits, Part 5: Avoid Spam and Black-Hat Techniques


We’re at the finish line of our 5-part series on SEO Audits! Today’s post wraps it up with a look at avoiding spam and black-hat techniques. Here are parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 in case you need a refresher. (Aside: make sure you read our previous posts on site infrastructure, design and coding, web template, and link building.) There are many […]

Top 5 PR Techniques to Improve SEO


If you’re looking for fresh ideas to improve your SEO, you may want to look into some tried-and-tested PR strategies. We’re not talking about the usual press release, which has long been abused and rarely works in SEO, anyway. What we’re talking about are some strategies that can be effectively tailored to have a positive, […]