Social context in an ad: what is it actually worth?


There are many advantages to running ads on Facebook, and one of the more obvious ones is the social context that is displayed on ads. When someone sees an ad from a brand that their friend on Facebook has liked, the ad will have social content, like the example below: I have always wondered how […]

What Boston’s Epic Blizzards Taught Me about Social Marketing


As someone who was born and raised in upstate NY, I always thought I knew what it meant to endure a snowy winter. But this year in Boston has put my previous street cred to shame. This February alone, the city has accumulated over 60 inches of snow—that’s more than the total seasonal snowfall we […]

Facebook vs. LinkedIn B2B Smackdown


The other day I was listening to a webinar being presented by LinkedIn Marketing Solutions where they were making the case for utilizing LinkedIn. Just in case you haven’t read them yet, there is a great series of posts on LinkedIn on the FBPPC blog here. They shared some impressive statistics and insights around LinkedIn […]

Understanding Social Data Puts You Leagues Ahead of Competition


Facebook is constantly innovating their advertising offering by leaning on both internal resources and external marketing partners to build innovative solutions. The mission of their products for the most part has remained and will remain the same: the right message to the right person at the right time. In comparison to Google and Twitter, Facebook […]

Build a Facebook page the smart way: from scratch


You’ll read many, many blogs on running a successful Facebook page written by those who’ve been there and done it. But how many people fail to get past the first hurdle when creating a new page? Every great Facebook page needs a great start, and often those who cannot get off to the right start […]

What’s ahead for social media’s great divide in 2015?


It is undeniable that the social landscape is evolving at an incredibly high rate, and each platform is after the same goal: user attention. Without active users, it’s hard to call the platforms social, and even though they have huge amounts of user data, the best data will be the most recent. Interests change. People […]

10 Ways Social Media Helps Your SEO


There’s been some debate as to whether social media contributes to an SEO strategy or not. Some argue that social media has no effect while others argue that there is an effect, however indirect it may be. What seems to be clear, though, is that social media rarely discredits or devalues SEO. That being said, […]

Experts offer rebuttal to Snapchat CEO’s Facebook-is-doomed prediction

Recently, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel made headlines when the Sony hack dug up his emailed assertion (from over a year ago) that Facebook advertising revenues will shrivel up and die if start-up funding wanes. We asked a few Facebook advertising experts what they thought of this theory. You can guess that they all disagreed, and you’d […]

Social Advertising Holiday Wishlist


The holidays are here, and we’ve got a habit of asking for (and maybe getting one or two) new ad features at the end of the year. Here are our social advertising wishes for the new year — so listen up Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; we’ve got wishes courtesy of Dayna Moon and the social team […]

Why the growth of programmatic is more rapid than you think


It might not come as a surprise that more and more marketers are embracing programmatic marketing. Programmatic advertising has been growing for years now, and there’s no sign of a slowdown. Indeed, recent forecasts from eMarketer,Forrester, and BI Intelligence all point to significant growth for the industry in the years ahead. What’s far more surprising is just how […]