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Best Blog Posts of April 2015


May is upon us! So what did we learn in April? Our best posts of the month are below… According to guest poster Anna File of Blueye, if you’re marketing on Instagram, you’re probably doing it wrong. Her unique insights help explain what you’re doing wrong, and how to fix it. 3Q Digital’s Molly McCarty let us […]

Facebook Multi-Product Ads: How to Maximize ROI

Over the last few years, Facebook ads have come a long way. What was once a Wild West Network with low-quality advertisers has blossomed into a mature ad platform. It’s common now that users will find ads on Facebook interesting, relevant, and useful. The mixture of combinations between demographic, interest, behavioral, and lookalike targeting has […]

What Headlines Tell Us About Facebook’s Earnings Call


I’m not a financial guru, nor am I an industry expert. I do dabble in all forms of digital marketing, but I’m not working on accounts on a daily basis. What can I take away from the Facebook earnings call? Let’s check out some headlines. Facebook didn’t make as much as they hoped to last year […]

Relevance Score: what is it, and how does it work?

ad performance

First, what it is: a metric in the ads reporting tool that takes into account positive and negative feedback from the target audience. Facebook scores the  ads between 1 and 10, 10 being the highest and in this case most relevant. Facebook states that Relevance Score should not be used as the primary indicator of an […]

Dead Page Likes, Begone – Courtesy of Facebook


Do you manage a Facebook Page? If so, you are probably going to see your Page likes start to drop in the near future. Facebook is purging Pages of likes that come from memorialized or deactivated accounts. This means that if someone was actively using their Facebook account and liked your Page, and has since […]

Happy Presidents’ Day!


We’re taking a break from the blog today, but we’ll be back to our regular schedule Wednesday. Have a great holiday!

Best Blogs of January 2015


January brought some great strategic posts to FBPPC. Here are the most popular ones you don’t want to miss. Multi-Product Ads allow advertisers to show 5 different links for 5 different products. Juliana Nicholson  shows us how. Are boosted posts making a comeback? Or Fialkov makes the argument that they’re back! Have you had any […]

The 10 Top Social Advertising Updates of 2014

To misquote everyone’s favorite 1980s school-skipper, “Social media moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” And in all honesty, with hundreds of updates to keep track of in 2014, odds are good that you overlooked some. Hey, even the mightiest marketer is only human. […]

Social experts weigh in on ways to dominate Cyber Monday


Cyber Monday is a big deal for digital marketers. It’s arguably the most important day of the year! Our FBPPC experts have arrived to give you some last-minute tips, advice for next year, and some adjustments you should make before the end of the year. First up is a fantastic regular contributor to the FBPPC […]

Affiliate Advertising on Facebook: A thing of the past?


Take a look at the right-hand-side ad column on Facebook these days, and you’re likely going to see far less of those “Lose weight – Click here” and “Earn Thousands from Home” ads. In the past, that area of Real Estate was prime soil for affiliate marketers – advertisers running offers for third parties, without […]