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Why recent attempts to model Facebook’s News Feed algorithms are bogus

Are you tired of seeing the stories of people spending money on Facebook, but not seeing a return? Or of the supposed fake like armies?  Or maybe it’s the whining on decreased News Feed reach. Some opportunists have seized upon market frustration to peddle their own snake oil, whether it be how they “cracked the […]

A Deeper Look at News Feed Burnout

Recently, Facebook said that at any point in time there are 1,500 items competing to show up in your News Feed. And according to “Zuckerberg’s Law,” the amount of sharing by people is doubling every year, leading to an overload of content. On one hand, some advertisers are burning out the News Feed with the […]

6 Takeaways from Facebook’s News Feed Update

When I post on Facebook, what actually happens? Do all my fans see it? Do I need a certain amount of engagement first? I mean – there have be some rules to this thing, right? Well, in the past, these questions have been governed by what was known as Facebook’s EdgeRank. This is just a […]

The updated News Feed – and why it matters for advertisers

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It’s been said on the FBPPC blog numerous times, but let me say it again: the Facebook News Feed is arguably the most popular page on the internet. Face it, the News Feed is where you want to be! Constantly striving to improve their product, Facebook has once again made a fundamental change to the […]

Facebook newsfeed ads make people think; here’s proof

Today’s post is by CitizenNet Founder Dan Benyamin. Imagine the following experiment:  Let’s say there is a friend you have lunch with every day at a favorite restaurant. You talk about a pretty broad range of topics, and you are used to your friend recommending things to you: places to go, people to connect with, […]

News Feed Retargeting Could Be Facebook’s AdWords

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Today’s post is by Christina Park, Director of Marketing at Triggit. I’m planning my nuptials in a few weeks, so I sort of have Wedding Brain. One of the millions of things that I’m searching for online are shoes. Shiny, glittery, shoes of only the heeled variety. Unfortunately I kept getting retargeted for Converse sneakers on Facebook, […]

How to Optimize for the News Feed: Facebook’s Oceanfront Property

I know it’s hard. You’re seeing great performance from right-hand side ads on Facebook. The ads are simple and effective, so why is everyone telling you to switch to the News Feed? In short, because even though change is disruptive, it’s also the way to improve and scale performance. The News Feed is the oceanfront […]