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Best Blogs of November 2014

Now that we’ve taken our fill of turkey, optimized our ad campaigns, and bought a little something for ourselves on Cyber Monday, let’s take a look back at our best blog posts of November! The Pros and Cons of Facebook’s Custom Audiences Ana Gotter has the distinction of writing our most viewed post in November! There are […]

Best Blog Posts of August 2014


Better late than never: the best FBPPC posts of August! Enjoy, and have a great weekend. Looking for a comprehensive guide to Website Custom Audiences? Or Fialkov covers all bases in his post.   So you’ve got some likes on your Facebook page, and now you’re ready to get some leads. Here’s how to run […]

Website Custom Audiences – Remarketing via Facebook Advertising


Facebook’s introduction of Custom Audiences of website visitors has helped advertisers generate remarketing lists to be used in the Facebook advertising system. Over the past year remarketing via third-party friendships (Facebook Exchange) has been the only remarketing option available on Facebook. But now the network allows you to create the remarketing via its advertising system, […]

Performance Test: Facebook’s New Lookalike Audiences


At adMixt, we’re always eager to test out new Facebook products designed to improve our clients’ campaign performance. This week, Facebook gave us a long-awaited feature: the ability to create Lookalike Audiences from dynamic sources. We got to work setting up some tests and can share some early results. But first, let’s understand how the […]

The Status Update Organic Reach Cut-Off and What It Means

Content Type Reach

Facebook consistently changes and adapts the News Feed algorithm (unofficially called EdgeRank). Recently, many Page Admins were leveraging Status Updates because of their unusually high Organic Reach (as compared to other content types). On Jan 21st, Facebook significantly reduced this exposure as they cut down Organic Reach of Status Updates by ~40%. The change was […]

Use Custom Audiences to Create Highly Targeted AdWords Remarketing Campaigns

Create Facebook Ad

Remarketing is the ability to show specific ads to users based on their previous visits and actions on your site. This can be extremely effective as far as conversions and cost since you can use those previous visits and actions on your site to identify highly interested individuals.  But one way of identifying interested individuals, […]

How to Survive Facebook Advertising As Best Practices Evolve


Facebook has made several huge changes in the last six months (check out these posts: 1 and 2). In October, objective-based ad buying was made available to the public, ad sets are being steamrolled out this month, and the ability to create ads from old ad types is going to be removed by April. While most […]

The Definitive Guide to EdgeRank

Where likes came from

This is a post/study on what EdgeRank means and how to analyze Facebook Insights for growth on Facebook. This is the blog-format of the original whitepaper. You can download the original whitepaper/PDF here. Part I: What in the world is EdgeRank? You have probably heard the term “EdgeRank” before in relation to the Facebook News […]

Top 3 Things You Should Be Doing on FBX (and 3 Things to Stop Doing!)

As an alpha partner on FBX, we’ve built our business around learning the ins and outs of this incredibly efficient DR channel. We’ve helped clients across the globe drive record-breaking ROI from their FBX campaigns, and we’ve learned a lot along the way. Today, we’d like to share the top three things you should be […]

What does Facebook’s new campaign structure mean for advertisers?


As many of you may know, Facebook will be rolling out a new campaign structure on March 4. This is not a voluntary opt-in; all current Facebook ads will be fitted in to this new model, but it does not appear that there will be an interruption to service. Here is a quick breakdown of […]