Three Mobile Keys to 2015: Go Deep, Go Exclusive, Go Native


Editor’s note: This is the first of many expected posts from new VP of Mobile Strategy Craig Weinberg.   With hundreds of mobile ad networks; an expected $25 billion US mobile spend in 2015; and Apple’s recent news of their best quarter ever, anchored by iPhone sales; it’s important to remember that in 2014, as […]

Understand the shopping behaviors of mobile searchers


Mobile devices now account for 60% of total digital media time spent, according to comScore, so it’s no wonder that mobile search is taking over too. Yahoo’s recent study, “The Point of Influence: Understanding Mobile Shopping Search Habits,” offers a wealth of actionable insights that can help search marketers connect with this rapidly growing audience, […]

How to Solve for Mobile Sessions/Clicks Discrepancy


A common issue with mobile is a big sessions-to-clicks discrepancy, which can be a big deal when your client’s goals revolve around visits. We recently had an issue with an account showing an increasingly large discrepancy for GDN ads – in some cases mobile had an 80% variance between Google Analytics sessions and AdWords clicks, […]

5 Mobile Mistakes You Need to Stop Making in AdWords

Mobile now! Mobile yesterday! Mobile mobile mobile! Well, yes. That’s a good place to focus more of your marketing energy these days, especially with recent studies showing that up to 60% of online adults in the U.S. and U.K. use at least two devices per day. In the rush to get mobile campaigns going on […]

Mobile Interactions: a Guide to Optimization


Mobile, mobile, mobile. You may already be sick of hearing about it, but the mobile movement has only just begun. By the end of 2013, nearly a quarter of web traffic was coming from mobile devices, and market research firm IDC has projected that, by 2015, over half of users accessing the internet will do […]

Mobile: the real reason to be ticked off by Enhanced Campaigns

Today’s post is by Jeff Ferguson, CEO of Fang Digital Marketing. Back in February, Google AdWords introduced Enhanced Campaigns, calling it, “marketing for a constantly connected world…designed to help you succeed in this world of constant connectivity.” At the time, I authored a post on the official Fang Digital Marketing blog cautioning everyone to calm down and […]

Learn AdWords techniques for local and ecommerce campaigns

Today’s post is by Andrew Lolk of White Shark Media. Finding a successful AdWords strategy can be difficult if you’re a beginner in the PPC space. Many experts slightly differ in their strategies, so you might end up reading conflicting pieces of advice. Even though almost every industry (lead gen, B2B) can have an individually […]

Enhanced Campaigns Mobile Bid Adjustments – Get Keyword-Level Control

Today’s post is by Joey Muller of Sum Digital. Earlier this year, Google introduced enhanced campaigns as a simpler way to manage AdWords. With enhanced campaigns, all devices roll up into one consolidated campaign, and any bids set at the keyword level have to work for all devices, with the aid of a bid multiplier in […]

Tips for Optimizing for Local Search

Today’s post is by Account Coordinator Frank Zhang, an ex-Googler who helped launch Google Places and knows every ramen restaurant in the Bay Area. Both PPC and SEO practitioners have more and more reason – and tools – to tackle local search these days. Whether it’s using geo-targeting as an important targeting technique for PPC ads […]

No time like the present to optimize for mobile paid search

Today’s post is by Christy Belden, VP of Media + Marketing at LeapFrog Interactive. Your business might be advertising on mobile, but have you optimized your mobile campaigns? With the upcoming release of AdWords Enhanced Campaigns – the biggest change to AdWords in almost a decade, and one clearly designed to shift more focus to […]