3Q Digital Download Podcast Episode 15: Mobile Marketing


    This week’s episode features host Joe Kerschbaum and guest Bryant Garvin breaking down some tips for mobile marketing. Unfortunately, part of the audio of this episode was lost in a technical mishap, but there’s a ton of important info in this episode in spite of the loss.   Top Tips for PPC Ad […]

Responsive Web Design – Best Practices for Usability and Beyond


Were you a little late to the mobile party? Maybe you got away with a simple resized desktop site for a while, then took the plunge into responsive web design when Mobilegeddon hit? You’re obviously not alone in this; many companies have recently turned to RWD only to find that there are a bunch of […]

A Complete Guide to ASO (App Store Optimization)

aso screenshots

We all know apps are a huge component of digital marketing. Thanks to this post on the app store landscape, you know the app discovery options available to developers, the major players, and the issue of discovery that most apps face. So how do you put your apps in the best possible position to be […]

SEO, App Indexing, and Deep Links: Cutting Through the Confusion


Every SEO knows that Google indexes web pages. But did you know – even if you’re not an SEO professional – that Google is now indexing content pages residing inside an app? That’s right; those applications you have on your mobile devices and that are in the Apple and Android app stores? Google can now […]

Learn the Secret Benefit of Mobile Advertising


So you’re using mobile to build a retargeting base to convert on desktop, and you’re implementing some serious mid-funnel strategy to build brand loyalty. Great! If that’s all you’re doing, though, you’re missing a significant part of mobile’s capabilities: you can use it to test for directional learnings all sorts of things, and quickly. I’m […]

In 600 words, what mobile advertisers need to know about ad blocking


One look at the “Quick Facts” of PageFair’s 2015 ad blocking report should send shivers down any digital marketer’s spine. Phrases like “ad blocking estimated to cost publishers $22B in 2015” and “ad blocking grew 41% globally over the past 12 months” are awfully hard to ignore. But there’s a lot going on behind the […]

The App Store Landscape: Major Players and the Discovery Challenge


Apps are a major part of everyday life for a large portion of the population. There are billions available across multiple app stores. How do you get yours to stand out? First, let’s start with an understanding of the current App Store landscape. Discovery Challenge The rich get richer The biggest challenge to any app […]

3 Mobile App Install Creative Best Practices


The numbers on mobile app install ads are so strong (check out this revenue trend) that you might rush to run your first such ad campaign, fold your arms smugly across your chest, and wait for the installs to flood in. And if they don’t? Well, then you do what digital advertisers have been doing […]

Mobile Optimization: In-App Metrics FTW!


So now that you’ve taken some very smart advice to properly pre-plan your mobile app (brushing off shoulders), I’ve got some news for you: without pre-launch analytics configuration, that app probably isn’t going anywhere. The good news? Set yourself up to track the eight metrics below, and you’ll be well ahead of the curve. While […]

Mobilegeddon Has Arrived; Will Your Business Survive?


There has been a growing trend in the online world, ever-increasing in potency and impossible to ignore any longer, as Google enacted the “greatest change in search history” by drastically increasing the importance of mobile optimization as a ranking factor on April 21st, 2015. This massive alteration in Google’s SEO algorithm is of critical importance […]