Use Facebook ads to preserve readers from a beloved former blog


I’ve written on social media cutover before, but the process we’re going through now with the merging of our two blogs is a bit different. The first time, we were changing the name of our business, so it was safe to assume that everyone following our then current accounts would continue to want to do […]

How Multi-Product Ads Can Work for One Product


Have you tried Facebook’s multi-product ad unit? It allows you to showcase 3-5 images and links within a single ad unit. The uses for this unit are pretty obvious for some brands; I have seen on my personal News Feed that Target is taking advantage of these ad units. Even if you’re not a brand […]

How Messaging Apps Can Be Used by Businesses


The need for one-to-one interactions and privacy has led to interesting innovations in the field of online communication. From Yahoo Messenger to Google Talk, from Facebook Messenger to Whatsapp, new ideas are consistently changing the game. Some of them have been forgotten and replaced by newer ideas with time. When the social networks most use […]

Add Personality to your Customer Engagement Campaign


In 2010, Gap launched a new expensive logo that was aimed at capturing the hearts of a younger, hipper crowd. However, just days after launch, the new logo set off an online backlash from consumers who criticized the decision to ditch the well-known logo. 2 days later, the shiny new logo was put back into […]

How to structure Facebook accounts for products of differing value


Trying to put together an effective Facebook account structure is hard enough. Throw a ton of different products with various pricing into the mix, and you’ve got a nightmare on your hands. Luckily, we’ve figured out a strategy that works great! We took products from a client’s website and ran them to their retargeting group. If performance […]

Facebook’s Conversion Tracking Pixel FAQ


There are few topics concerning Facebook Ads that evoke as many questions as Facebook’s conversion tracking pixel. There is often a lot of confusion and uncertainty centering around the conversion pixel for both new and experienced Facebook advertisers alike. Especially for those technologically un-savvy folk out there like myself, the pixel can seem like particularly […]

The Return of the Boost Post


One of the most infamous tools in Facebook advertising is the Boost Post. This tool, which allows every page manager to promote his page in a few clicks, has, so far, brought bad results and a high amount of exposure, rather than quality and proper segmentation – (this explains why it is better to use […]

Use Facebook’s New Reporting Features for Quick Optimizations


I was recently speaking with a friend in the industry and he asked, “Have you played around with Facebook’s new reporting features?” I am in the Facebook reports tab almost daily. There is no way that I would not notice changes or new features, right? But I had missed them, and I’m going to make […]

How to Seamlessly Combine Campaigns Across Platforms


How many social platforms have you advertised on? Advertisers have broken ground on nearly every major social network – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and soon Snapchat. While more ad-friendly social networks offer us a chance to reach larger and more diverse user-bases, we have to remember that with greater platform choice, comes greater responsibility. While […]

How to Reel in Mobile Viewers With Facebook Video Ads


Online video, once primarily consumed on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, is quickly becoming one of the most engaging types of content on Facebook. From May through July of this year, there has been a 50% increase in video views on Facebook, which makes perfect sense considering they now serve up over 1 billion video […]