Google Shopping Campaigns – 4 Underused Tactics

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If you’re a retailer, and you have a website that sells any kind of products, and you’re not running PLA or Google Shopping campaigns, well…it’s being kind to say you’re behind the curve. But even seasoned digital marketers who have been running shopping campaigns for years aren’t reliably making the best of the platform’s capabilities — and […]

4 Quick Fixes to Get Your Google Shopping Campaigns on Track


Google Shopping (formerly known as PLAs) provides a great opportunity for clients with appealing photos of their products. The trouble is, they’re often seen as a black box because of the detailed product feeds required, and there are several fundamental errors I’ve seen advertisers make in the feed that can quickly derail their results.   […]

Google in Q3: Mobile and Shopping Traffic Up, Desktop CPCs Flat


With Google’s earnings coming up, it always gives us an excuse to look back at how the industry has changed year over year. The last time I did this, roughly six months ago, there were some huge swings in mobile. Was that the case again when we compared Q3 2013 to Q3 2014? Not as […]

Is Google Stealing Your Brand Search Queries?


On 5 September, the Google Webmaster blog announced that we would “see a new and improved sitelinks search box” in organic search results. It sounds brilliant – an easy way to help customers with brand awareness straight to where they need to go. However, just a few weeks later Dan Barker put up this post, […]

How to set up your Google Shopping Campaign(s)


As you all know, Google made the switch from their old Product Listing Ads campaign structure to their new Shopping campaigns last month. This post will show you how to make the most of your new Shopping campaigns and make the transition if you haven’t done so already. Update your feed with proper attributes The […]

Is Google Really Downplaying Google+ Results in the SERPS?


Is Google serious about removing Google+ clutter from SERPs? It seems so some days…and not so much on others. There’s been chatter about Google downplaying Google+ results in the SERPs, and I’ve been studying my own searches lately to show how Publisher Markup for brands in the SERPs has been changing. The results? They’re mixed, […]

New Demographics on the Google Display Network – and How to Use Them


A couple of weeks ago I clicked into a remarketing audience and…behold! Google has released a new demographic visual on audiences with sufficient data. Aside from being a handy visual, there are several tactical reasons this is nifty. The most useful demographic info to check out is that in your converted users audience – this […]

How to Harness the Awesomeness of Google Tag Manager

how tag manager works

Let it be known that Google Tag Manager is, in my not-so-humble opinion, one of the best free tools to come about in quite a while. The platform allow marketers to seize control of tag management and become less dependent on developers, and the (not so recent) introduction of auto-event tracking makes the platform truly […]

The Future of Digital Marketing: Q&A with Google’s Ryan Gibson

3Q Digital and Google are co-presenting The Future of Digital Marketing, a day-long summit in Google’s PartnerPlex, tomorrow. In advance of the event, we sat down with Google 10-year veteran Ryan Gibson, who has spent the majority of his career working directly with brand and performance agencies. Currently, Ryan manages the West Coast Performance Media Agency Team […]

Beginner’s Guide to PPC Automated Rules


When you’ve worked in PPC for a few years, it’s easy to forget that not everyone knows about all the awesome things you can do right within Google AdWords. Sure, that feature may seem basic to you, but to a beginner it could be mind-blowing. Automated rules is one such feature that can seem mundane, […]