The Final Countdown: Use Ad Customizers to Create Limited-Time Offers


“Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value.” – Jim Rohn One of the best ways to create urgency and drive results is to use a Limited Time Offer. Limited Time Offers work because they create a sense of a ticking clock; by adding a Countdown, we can make this phenomenon literal. Naturally, I […]

Use These 5 Free Competitive Advantages in SEM


There are so many ways to leverage SEM, regardless of the industry you’re in! One of my personal favorites is utilizing the free ad extensions in Google and Bing (in this post, we’ll focus on Google). Applying ad extensions will make any AdWords beginner look like a pro amongst the competition. Let’s take a minute […]

When to Opt Out of Google Dynamic Sitelinks


In case you missed the memo, Google launched dynamic sitelinks in July. Here’s how they appear and work. Google is not charging for clicks on these yet, which is good since it is not possible to find anything about them in the AdWords interface. Even though extra real estate and free clicks are typically welcome, it […]

3 Chrome Extensions You Should Be Using


Marketing can be a complicated business, but these extension help bridge the gap between your browser and your work. Let’s get started: 1.   Google Tag Assistant An essential tool for both SEO and SEM, Google Tag Assistant allows you to quickly scan a webpage for various Google tags. It allows you to locate and troubleshoot […]

GSP Hack: How to Get Real (and Cheap) Clicks to Your Site


If you are a Gmail user, you are no doubt aware that last year Google released tabbed Gmail. It was mostly received positively as it gives us a great way to keep our inbox organized without actually having to do any work (thanks Google). We are also now one step closer to tabbed everything. For […]

What Twitter and Google’s fire hose reopening means for both parties


The Twitter fire hose is coming back! This is big news for Google and Twitter alike. But what happened after the first agreement between the two lapsed in 2011, and what are both sides looking to gain now? Let’s take a look. What both parties lost In 2009, the first “firehose” agreement for Twitter to […]

How-to: Set Up Call Tracking for AdWords in Under 10 Minutes


A recent study commissioned by Google showed us that 70% of mobile searchers use click to call, and that calls are an important channel for consumers. A lot of SMB owners have businesses with a large portion of their revenue based on orders and consultations, all stemming from a phone call. If you use Google […]

Mobile, PLA growth highlight Google’s Q4 performance

Huge gains in mobile cost and engagement, including a surge of Google Shopping (PLA) traffic, highlight our look at Google’s Q4 performance, which underscores the much-discussed shift in shopping behavior. We ran Q4 2014 numbers against Q4 2013 numbers on search, display, and Google Shopping (PLAs), and we analyzed the performance on all three platforms […]

The Magic 10-Second Fix for AdWords Scripts Parsing Errors


At 3Q Digital, we use AdWords scripts for a variety of admin and monitoring tasks, such as changing ad group names in bulk, discovering broken destination URLs, and alerting us to campaigns that are consuming their budget faster than planned.  We’ve built scripts from scratch as well as made use of the amazing libraries of […]

AdWords Editor 11.0: Pros, Cons, and Takeaways


AdWords Editor 11.0 dropped Wednesday as Google’s holiday present to SEMs. According to Google, 11.0 represents “the biggest update to the application” since they released in 2006. So are they overstating things, or is this really the best possible response to all those holiday wishlists floating around? Let’s start with some features we immediately noticed […]