The ins and outs of PLAs in 41 minutes

PLA spend is growing on a hockey-stick curve, and for good reason: done right, PLAs are driving extraordinary levels of ROI and growth. Trouble is, there are plenty of ways to run sub-optimal PLA campaigns, a fact that’s becoming even more true with the impending transition to Google Shopping. So, you know, we put together […]

3 Significant Ways Google Plus Can Help Your SEM Campaigns


We’ve all heard that Google Plus can “help your SEO” but do you really know what that means? There are studies and statements from Google saying that social activity does not directly impact search results, even from Google Plus, so how on earth can anybody claim that our search marketing efforts are enhanced by getting active on […]

Google in Q2: mobile, PLAs, competition on the rise

At 3Q Digital, we ran numbers for both standard search campaigns and PLA campaigns, totaling almost 280M impressions, to compare Google’s quarter-over-quarter numbers (Q1 and Q2 2014) in advance of Thursdays’s earnings call. What we found in both standard and PLA campaigns: seasonality and increased competition served to raise CPCs and costs, but conversions aren’t keeping […]

Google review ad extensions: why you need to use them

ad extensions

Running paid search campaigns in Google? Let’s easily increase your overall CTR on all of your ads! This can be accomplished with the implementing of Google review ad extensions. Most advertisers include some form of ad extensions within their ads; the most commonly used are sitelinks. Sitelinks are a great way to include additional links […]

The Geo-Specific Ads Problem: How to Beat Google’s New Policy


I have a paid search client who has services in several geos with some geo-specific ad copy (same with their competitors). Recently, when my client located in San Francisco was searching on queries containing Chicago & their core terms, she was served their San Francisco ad. Why might this be?  Wasn’t Google’s practice to serve […]

The New Google Shopping: Great for Managing, Poor for Performing

Bad report card

The next great migration target for AdWords features is product listing ads (PLAs). By late August of this year, SEMs will be forced to adopt Google Shopping campaigns over the old PLA campaigns. So…is this a good thing? Those of you who already upgraded have probably noticed how much nicer it is to manage all […]

Keep an eye on the forest (not just the trees) in SEM


“You can’t see the forest for the trees.” I never heard this expression before until I got into SEM. Now I think about it all the time because it describes all too well something with which I constantly struggle. It’s hard to work on accounts day after day and not get caught up in all […]

Why Enhanced Campaigns Might Have Actually Improved Mobile Advertising


When Google launched Enhanced Campaigns last year, advertisers whose campaigns weren’t mobile-ready were dragged into the world of mobile advertising kicking and screaming. While there were hacks to prevent impressions from going to mobile devices, we were all suddenly in mobile auctions whether we wanted to be or not. As a result, advertisers feared a […]

5 Enhanced Campaigns Tools You Should be Using


It’s been approximately a year since Enhanced Campaigns launched. There are definite long-term implications for the directional changes signified by Enhanced Campaigns (hello, social and contextual and retargeting!), and SEMs are still analyzing mobile/tablet/desktop CPCs with a whole lot of scrutiny…but in all of this noise, there are a few features still underutilized after all […]

AdWords Announces Slew of Upgrades with an Emphasis on Mobile


Google announced a series of AdWords product updates this morning at the AdWords Product Forum in Half Moon Bay, CA. The theme of the changes is further enhancements to allow advertisers to get their message in front of the right user regardless of what device they are using (note the proportion of mobile-based enhancements in […]