Alphabet: What the New Google Means for the Future of Digital Marketing


As many of you have heard, Google is undergoing some big organizational changes, which it announced on its official blog on Monday. In summary, Google will be a subsidiary of the newly founded Alphabet, Inc., which will also include Calico, Google Ventures, Google Capital, Google X, and other subsidiaries that will be segmented mainly based […]

Google Merchant Center upload glitch: how to avoid leaving phantom products


Currently there are three main ways of managing your products in Google Merchant Center.  The three options are: Google Spreadsheets, Automatic Upload (scheduled pull), and Direct uploads.  All of these options are effective at powering a feed. Of these, the most common is direct uploads through FTP, Google Cloud Storage, or manual uploads. I’ve discovered […]

Want Cost Efficient Remarketing? Don’t Sleep On RLSA


  Remarketing is a key part of most (if not all) successful digital marketing strategies. It’s a best practice to include some variation of retargeting when managing SEM accounts. Typically, these audiences consists of people who clicked on your ad, visited your site, but did not convert (or meet whatever requirement you have set as […]

Google Q2: mobile surge raises CPCs, not retail performance

2015 q2

Google’s mobile surge continued unabated in Q2 2015, with volume, conversions, and cost per click on the rise but conversion rate — particularly for eCommerce — failing to rise proportionately, our data shows. We compared year-over-year data in overall search (including Google Shopping) and display across desktop, mobile, and tablets. The rise in mobile’s share of […]

Setting Up YouTube Ads in AdWords for Video: A Basic Tutorial


Setting up a YouTube account is a fairly simple process. Click on the +Campaign button in your AdWords account UI and click on “online video”. This should create an “All Video Campaigns” tab at the very bottom-left of the UI, right under “Labels”. Once you click on this, you’ll be taken to “AdWords For Video”. […]

AdWords Won’t Accept Changes? Here’s a Fix

adwords changes

Does the above image look familiar to you? You’re not alone. I (and many of my 3Q colleagues) have spent hours recently waiting for the new AdWords Editor to review and accept campaign changes. We’re not that patient — and we haven’t had much support from Google — so we went ahead and found a […]

3 reasons you shouldn’t always bid on your own brand


I have previously explained why I believe you should bid on your own brand in AdWords. I did, however, mention that it does not always pay off. In this article, I will describe three cases where you could consider not bidding on your own brand name. 1. You have many users who visit your site […]

Find Your Target Audience Using Google Analytics


At 3Q, we work with a lot of startup companies. In most cases, they have a general idea of who their target audience is before taking their product to market, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes they are incorrect about their assumptions or they just plain don’t know yet. In these cases, digital marketing […]

4 tips to optimize your Gmail Sponsored Promotion (GSP) campaigns


If you’ve been lucky enough to tread the murky waters of a Gmail Sponsored Promotion (GSP) advertising campaign, you’re likely looking for ways to cut your CPA.  GSP budgets are often large and contain a very important marketing initiative, which increases the stress level for an advertiser. GSPs are like a rollercoaster of emotions and […]

Should you jump on Google’s Upgraded URLs early? YES!


The deadline for adopting Google’s Upgraded URLs is quickly approaching. (For those of you who don’t know, the deadline is July 1.) But what are you waiting for? The benefits of upgrading are many; we’ve seen success with them already. Per Google, upgrading the URLs makes the experience better for everyone, with the following benefits: -Google […]