Mobile, Tablet Growth Highlights Google’s Q1 Data


Google introduced Enhanced Campaigns in February 2013; adoption was predictably slow for the first couple of months before mandatory switch-over late in the summer. Year-over-year comparisons in Q1 data show that Google’s not-so-subtle shove in the back towards a multi-device world has worked; we compared data sets from Q1 2013 to Q1 2014, in both […]

Is Google killing third-party platforms?

After Google announced yesterday that they will no longer pass paid query data outside of the UI, Marin very quickly responded to assure advertisers that their platform and others that rely on unique keyword IDs for bidding algorithms would not be affected by the change. This covers the majority of bid platforms that I am […]

Breaking: Google to mask query data for AdWords advertisers

Today, Google announced its plan to continue tightening up privacy around search query data. SSL, or secured sessions, will be applied to paid search data. This change, according to Google, will remove the query from the referrer on ad clicks originating from SSL searches on Here are a few quick bullet points to summarize […]

Google Query Explorer Tool: Why Non-Developers Love It

Having recently moved to account management from production, I’ve recently gotten more accustomed to using Google Analytics. When I started using this I was of course quickly pleased to see the additional insight I could get into my accounts and offer my clients. In one of my accounts, however, we use two conversion goals: signups […]

Leverage RLSA for Long Multi-Stage Purchase Funnels


In June 2013, Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) came out of beta and enabled all AdWords marketers to leverage retargeting in search. In case you are still unfamiliar, RLSA allows you to build lists of users who have visited your website using AdWords remarketing pixels. Marketers are then able to use search campaigns to […]

Google Shopping ads: top position?

Amazing, the things you see in the wild:   Yup: Google Shopping ads above regular paid ads. What does this mean? There are a few things we now need to be aware of because of this change (which is not consistent but suggests a new direction from Google): 1) Having Google Shopping ads on the top […]

What Good Are Location Extensions, Anyway?


Sitelinks get a lot of love from the PPC community – and why wouldn’t they? They’re easy to add, give extra space, help to reduce ambiguity – and let’s not forget the CTR boosts that they bring. But in the midst of all the sitelink-love, it’s easy to overlook their less flashy friends. I say […]

My AdWords Feature Wish List

While I was in flight one day, my laptop died on the plane, which left me with my smartphone. With limited screen size and limited functionality, I decided to read through all of the AdWords feature wish list posts from users across the world. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the AdWords feature […]

Google Q4 performance: CPCs, CVRs on the rise across devices

Most of the hue and cry over Enhanced Campaigns, Google’s biggest release of 2013, was about bidding, specifically the inability to uncouple tablets from desktops and the lack of control on mobile bids. In an increasingly mobile world, the release was widely seen as Google forcing advertisers’ hands and shoving them headfirst into multi-device campaigns. […]

Embracing AdWords Scripts for the Non-Technical


If you’re anything like me, you heard about AdWords Scripts that allow you to automate even complex tasks and did a dance of joy…until you remembered your limited coding abilities, and the happy dance stopped. But, as with so many things in life, the Internet is your friend. While ideally learning the ins and outs […]