How to Use Ad Customizers to Localize Ad Copy


Since ad customizers’ roll-out early this year, most of the discussion around the feature is around how it’s helped improve ads especially for ecommerce clients.  This is because of the feature that allow parts of the ad to dynamically insert different information, usually details on inventory, into an ad. Well, I have found another use for […]

Cut through the Clutter, Part 3: Segmentation as a Superpower!


Let’s quickly recap from what we learned in Part 1 and Part 2: -There are limits to standard reporting – while it’s helpful for getting a 10,000ft. view of performance, it lacks the granularity for proper diagnostics -Custom reporting is the best way to curate data that matters to you, your clients or your business. […]

Cut through the Clutter, Part 2: The Art of Creating a Custom Report


When we were last together, I dissected standard reporting and introduced the idea of asking yourself a key question before we start reporting. And it is with this question that we begin today’s conversation: what metrics & dimensions do my client or my business care about most? Metric selection is the first, arguably the most […]

Cut through the Analytics Clutter, Part 1: Why Standard Reporting Isn’t Built for Diagnostics


Reporting shouldn’t be just some semi-regular venture where we look into analytics platforms, find performance numbers, dump them into our visualization tool of choice, and then simply hand it over to our bosses or clients. Passively talking about performance and not doing anything about what we see can quickly lead to a stale SEO engagement, […]

Google in Q3 ’15 earnings report: Google Surges on the Back of Mobile


Q3 2015 was another big quarter for all things Google.  After several months of trading in the mid $500s, the Google stock jumped by over 100 points in late July, with July 17th marking the biggest single-day increase in market capitalization in history.  On August 10, Google announced Alphabet Inc., the new conglomerate under which […]

Use Auction Insights to Master the Competitive Landscape


Understanding the competitive landscape and how its changes impact your results is an important piece of paid search account management. Reviewing AdWords Auction Insights at regular intervals – and whenever you’re seeing shifts in CPC or impression share – will help you stay on top of the auction dynamics in your space. Where to Find […]

Google’s Customer Match: What Marketers Need to Know


Google announced an exciting new feature today: Customer Match, which allows marketers to craft campaigns from their CRM data and seems like a clear response to Facebook’s highly successful Custom Audiences and Lookalike modeling. The quick and dirty description from the AdWords blog is: “Customer Match is a new product designed to help you reach […]

Alphabet: What the New Google Means for the Future of Digital Marketing


As many of you have heard, Google is undergoing some big organizational changes, which it announced on its official blog on Monday. In summary, Google will be a subsidiary of the newly founded Alphabet, Inc., which will also include Calico, Google Ventures, Google Capital, Google X, and other subsidiaries that will be segmented mainly based […]

Google Merchant Center upload glitch: how to avoid leaving phantom products


Currently there are three main ways of managing your products in Google Merchant Center.  The three options are: Google Spreadsheets, Automatic Upload (scheduled pull), and Direct uploads.  All of these options are effective at powering a feed. Of these, the most common is direct uploads through FTP, Google Cloud Storage, or manual uploads. I’ve discovered […]

Want Cost Efficient Remarketing? Don’t Sleep On RLSA


  Remarketing is a key part of most (if not all) successful digital marketing strategies. It’s a best practice to include some variation of retargeting when managing SEM accounts. Typically, these audiences consists of people who clicked on your ad, visited your site, but did not convert (or meet whatever requirement you have set as […]