Google’s Quality Score Whitepaper Attempts to Set the Record Straight


To many paid search marketers, Quality Score remains one of the most important elements of a campaign.  It is the core metric that, with minor changes on its 1-10 scale, has the power to drastically affect the cost of an ad click and the positioning of that ad, and in turn to impact overall efficiency […]

Conversion Optimization: Go Beyond the Checklist

To fully appreciate this landing page, you have to view it online and see the animation on the “Absolutely Free” badge, the “Enter Now” arrow, and the scrolling faces. 

As a conversion optimizer, it’s pretty cool to see more businesses starting to “get it” that it doesn’t matter how much traffic they drive to their sites, if those sites don’t convert.  Even big-name SEOs have jumped on the conversion bandwagon. While this mainstream acceptance of the field is awesome, it’s also resulted in oversimplification […]

How-To: Automatically Update Graphs in Excel

Imagine if you could save yourself an hour a week (or maybe more) by automating the process of updating charts and graphs. Well…yup, you know where I’m going. There’s an Excel technique for that, so put your geeking cap on, and let’s get to it. The process that we are going to cover involves the […]

Audit your AdWords Campaigns for Conversions and Profit: Clicks


Welcome to the kick-off post in a three-part series that will teach you to audit your AdWords campaigns for conversions and profit. Today we’ll focus on the Campaigns (Clicks) piece; part 2 will focus on Sales (Customers), with part 3 tackling Profit (Cashflow). We’ll go through some basic truths, strategies, and philosophies about AdWords conversions, […]

SEM Seen Through a World Cup Lens: Who Would the PPC Champion Be?

As the World Cup has been winding down, I’ve been trying to figure out how merge my love of soccer and understanding of SEM into a functional blog post. I thought about backing into success (a la Team USA losing to Germany) but lost focus when the team was knocked out by Belgium. I considered […]

Quick Tips for Making Your Blog Content Look Great


Great content needs a great layout. You could have written the most impressive, well-thought-out, precisely researched and informative blog post ever. It could be pure gold in text format, but without a layout and design that reflects its brilliance, your post might never meet its full potential. We eat with our eyes, and that includes […]

How to Bulk Upload Household Income Targeting

copy location

As you might have heard, Google released the ability to target by household income. And for those of you who have tried adding it to your campaigns, you may have realized it’s a very tedious task. Unfortunately, AdWords Editor does not have the ability to bulk upload HHI targets. Here’s a quick way to bulk-upload […]

Behavioral science 2.0: how the new practice can grow your business

Most search agencies over the past 8-10 years have built their organizations around strategies and tactics needed to drive efficiency and ROI for clients. While client needs will always be a big priority, addressing the needs of the consumers they are working so hard to connect with has become the way to meet client goals. […]

Four Reasons to ‘Just Say No’ to Low CTR

Just Say No

Pursuing a low click-through rate paid search strategy is, in my opinion, a losing bet. So is bidding to a particular position, as well as most other tactics that emphasize low click-through rates in hopes of finding higher conversion rates at lower ad positions. In this post, I’m going to show you why these paid […]

3Q Digital’s Funniest Queries, June 2014

Funniest Queries June 2014

    This month’s funniest query winner is Kate Shaughnessy! Thanks also to Nick, Gaby, and Miguel for contributing!