Best posts of April 2015


May is here! That means it’s time to reflect on what we learned on the marketing front lines in April. Check out our favorite posts of the month: Account Lead Sean McEntee tipped us off to a fantastic and simple mobile ad copy trick that boosts CTR. Sr. VP of SEO Yung Trang took some […]

Auditing Sitelinks? Here’s a Quick Checklist to Make the Process Painless


Sitelinks are a great, free way to get more real estate, get exposure for more landing pages, and prompt users to take more actions on AdWords ads. (For a list of Sitelinks options, check out the AdWords help page.) But there are a bunch of criteria to meet and considerations to take to ensure that […]

The Art and Science of the Upsell through Behavioral Targeting


Ecommerce has been gaining momentum, with the experience of virtual consumerism now emerging as the standard for people who have come of shopping age in the digital era. But as competition among online retailers continues to rise, more businesses are being forced to change the way they look at their sales processes. In an environment […]

Digital Advertising Lags in Era of User-Empowered Opt-In Content

Device pile

In many ways, we live in an unprecedented era when it comes to access of the media content we consume daily. Hidden beneath the perception that our options have steadily evolved over the decades, something far more fundamental shifted for the first time in the very recent past. Yes, our content-delivery mechanisms have steadily evolved, […]

The Top 3 Lessons SEOs Can Learn from Game of Thrones


Season 5 of Game of Thrones, one of world’s favorite shows and mine, premiered on Sunday.  A lot has happened on the show in the past 4 seasons, and it reminds me of how many changes have occurred in the SEO world over the past 5 years.  So I can justify watching the show is […]

3Q Digital Donates Laptops to Computers 2 SD Kids


When the team at 3Q Digital needs new laptops, we don’t just throw the old ones on a shelf and forget about them (or worse: throw them away). We like to donate them to a worthy cause! 3Q Digital is proud to be able to support Computers 2 SD Kids with a donation of several […]

Should you bid on your own brand name in AdWords?


Does it pay off to bid on one’s brand name in Google AdWords? The question has been addressed many times, but in this article I will explain in depth why it can be a great idea to bid on your brand name in AdWords. Is it a waste of money? New advertisers are often convinced […]

Best Blog Posts of March 2015


March is almost over, so that means it’s time to revisit our best and most popular blog posts of the month! The top post this month (it comes with little surprise) is the announcement that we were acquired by Harte Hanks! While the acquisition announcement post was written by our CEO, David Rodnitzky, our second-most popular […]

The Non-Linear Narrative of Paid Search


If I were to examine the principal thread that runs through many of my all-time favorite films…it would be that that a large number of them contain non-linear narratives.  In other words, the story doesn’t follow a logical chronology where time advances forward throughout the film (allowing for the occasional well-marked flashback). While most conventional […]

Acquiring context on our big announcement


Shortly after dinner Sunday night, I received a text from my agency saying: “We need all 3Q employees to be in the office for a special All-Hands on Monday, 3/16 [note the use of “special” rather than emergency], at 10 AM PDT. A dial-in will be provided for our remote employees.” Now, being at the agency […]