Do Not Confuse Dynamic Keyword Insertion vs. Dynamic Query Insertion


If memory serves me right, at one point in search history, AdWords Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) was used to insert a user’s query into your ad copy. Whether or not that was the case in the past is now irrelevant because Google’s documentation is clear that DKI only inserts keywords from the same ad group. […]

What Publishers Can Learn From Condé Nast’s Embrace of Programmatic


Let’s face it: Condé Nast hasn’t always been a trailblazer when it comes to digital media. The magazine publishing giant, by all accounts, was slow to appreciate the need for a robust online presence. But in recent years Condé Nast has made huge progress on the digital front. The best evidence? Condé, the company that […]

Marin vs. AdWords UI vs. AdWords Editor: Who Wins Super SEMash Brothers?


In the spirit of the newest release of Nintendo’s legendary fighting game “Super Smash Brothers”, I thought it would be fun to pit SEM tools against each other in an epic battle of their own. A common argument within SEM teams is which platform they should use when making changes to their accounts. Purists prefer […]

Owned Media: An Overview


In my last post, I briefly touched on one of three points in the promotion trifecta: paid. Looking back, I should have probably started with the linchpin of all media: owned! Today I’m going to take you on a quick stroll through owned media including what it is, why you need it, and how to […]

A Starter’s Guide for Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP)


Google GSP ad formats have been around for some time and have been tested by a large variety of advertisers. Inventory types have varied throughout the beta, and changed along with the roll-out of Gmail’s tabbed format. If you haven’t yet tested GSP, or you tested early in the beta and are considering it again, […]

4 Examples of Thinking Outside the Box with Content Marketing


Creative content marketing techniques are one of the most effective ways for companies to raise awareness and expand their target audience in an effort to increase sales revenue. The competition is fierce, and most online marketing experts start their campaigns by saturating the most relevant social media networking sites. For the purpose of data analysis, […]

How to Use Marin to Most Efficiently Allocate Spend Based Upon Quality Score


More than a year ago, former 3Qer Susan Waldes and my friend Larry Kim offered up a series of dueling blog posts about the importance of considering Quality Score in PPC account management. Although I didn’t want to air a view that contrasted with a colleague’s, I found Larry’s argument and data much more compelling […]

How-to: use paid search for branding


Paid search was not ideally built with branding in mind. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for branding; many large-scale brands choose to use paid search simply for branding needs. However, choosing key performance indicators can be tricky when CPA, conversions, and ROAS are off the table. Here are some key points when […]

7 Ways to Learn From Your Digital Marketing Agency


Do you work with an amazing agency? Are you newer to digital marketing? Perhaps you’re a longtime digital marketer but are not in the details quite as much anymore? Whatever the case may be, it is critical to stay up with the latest trends and learn. Digital marketing is always changing, and you must actively […]

Introducing 3Q Digital’s Official Digital Consigliere


I was 5 years old when the first Godfather movie hit the theaters, and though I didn’t see Parts 1 and 2 until I was a teenager, I was acutely aware of their cultural impact that extended far beyond its cinematic brilliance. When Hollywood romanticized the Sicilian Mob, they de-emphasized their criminal business enterprises in […]