What Do 3Q and the NBA Have in Common?


Here at 3Q Digital, we set up our campaigns using the tried and true Alpha-Beta structure. Alpha-Beta allows us the most control in optimizing ads and landing pages for top performing keywords while giving us the tools to identify other high- and low-performing keywords. I’m a big fan of the NBA, and it occurs to […]

Sr. Director of Client Services Jay Stampfl Receives iMedia Rising Star Award

Jay Stampfl

Sr. Director of Client Services Jay Stampfl is one of three honorees for iMedia’s “Rising Agency Stars” award, announced yesterday. Jay was hand-selected as one of three honorees by iMedia’s Agency Awards Advisory Board members. Per iMedia, the Rising Agency Stars award criteria awards: Honor those who are making a contribution to their agencies and clients that’s […]

3Q Digital announces Rob Garner as new Head of Growth

You’re going to hear a lot about 3Q Digital’s big, industry-shaking plans in the next few weeks. One of the people who will be driving those plans just joined our team, and it’s a name that will be familiar to many in digital marketing: Rob Garner, who will be 3Q’s new Head of Growth. Garner, […]

How to Get the Most out of Your Team


I’ve been on maternity leave for most of the past year (don’t hate me, stateside readers) and have had a lot of catching up to do now that I’m back at work. I could’ve written a post about the billion and one updates that have happened while I’ve been gone – but I figure you […]

Ad Blocking is on the Rise … Now What?


Consumers have trust issues from years of bad practice and misunderstanding. In the beginning there were banners with dancing shadows and blinking lights that didn’t present any relevant content. It was all novel and accepted just as part of this wonderful new thing called the Internet. Eventually, the publishers and general tech-savvy enthusiasts with dollar […]

Marin Masters Q & A


I recently spoke on the Marin Masters Panel.  The folks at Marin were gracious enough to share with me the questions they were going to ask, and I thought that if I prepped my answers for publications and released them as a blog post, they would be of value to the readers.  It’s possible that […]

Has Apple cracked TV – and will advertisers benefit?


I excitedly ordered my new Apple TV as soon as it was available for pre-order. I’ve never owned one before, even though I’ve given them as gifts to family members and used the device while visiting them. I anxiously waited for the pay off of Jobs’ exclamation that he’d finally “cracked TV,” as cited in on page 555 […]

How to Add Multiple Campaigns to Negative Keyword List

campaign add list

If you’re like me, you face this task frequently: you’ve got a bunch of negative keywords to add to your AdWords account, and you want to apply them across multiple campaigns. It seems like you can only add one at a time, but I ‘ll be going over a nifty trick to add as many […]

A/B Testing Over $1M Worth of Display Ads – 5 Things We Learned


The open-endedness of display ads can make testing and optimization challenging. The question “Where do I begin?” has run through the minds of account managers and designers alike for many years. At AdBasis, we analyzed display ad meta data from more than 60 eCommerce and SaaS companies, looking at the variation meta data associated with […]

Targeting 101 for Yahoo Gemini


If you haven’t heard, Yahoo is getting back into the PPC game with Yahoo Gemini. You can read a great summary by John Lee, but know that Marissa Mayer is serious about this so you should be thinking about how Yahoo Gemini fits into your future plans as well. The upshot of Yahoo Gemini: it’s […]