Happy Thanksgiving!


We’re taking a brief break on Thursday and Friday, but we’ll be back with more advertising news on Monday! Have a happy holiday!

3Q teams with Breakthrough SF, GRIP Outreach for Thanksgiving smiles

Most folks in the digital marketing world know about the need for the newest and fastest computers…which means most of the people reading this have also given up on useful laptops when newer models became available. But a few inspiring folks showed us just how valuable those laptops can be in the right hands — and gave […]

7 Tools to Create Visual Content on a Budget


As cliché as it sounds, we eat with our eyes. I’m not just talking about how a plate of food is, or isn’t, presented to us in a restaurant, but also how content is presented to us. With the evolution of Panda, webmasters and content marketers alike are upping their production game. Whilst churning out […]

New client? Follow this checklist to start with a bang


I recently onboarded a new client here at 3Q (#excitingtimes), and during the onboard process, I jotted down some tips and tricks to remember when getting started. Enjoy! 1.    Google your client and C-level executives. This will not only give you a sense of the who, what, and when; it will also provide you with […]

Eliminate Conversion Bottlenecks In Your PPC Campaigns


A search marketer always has one thing on his or her mind (no, not that): how to efficiently drive more conversions for their business. But simply dumping money into your search campaigns is not enough to reach more customers and maintain profitability. Similar to an assembly line, your paid search advertising effort has many potential […]

What to Do When the Best Landing Page Isn’t Good Enough


If you have dedicated landing pages for your PPC traffic, you’re among the more sophisticated tier of marketers. According to Bryan Eisenberg, companies spend $92 driving traffic to their sites and only $1 converting it. Ouch. But not you, right? You understand the one-two punch of getting the right people to click on an ad, […]

“Sewing” the Seeds of Suck


A while back, former 3Q colleague Susan Waldes wrote a SearchEngineLand post that called out for arbitrage. In a very circuitous fashion, she put forth the proposition that she doesn’t approve of what Google is allowing Ask to do. On that point, I don’t agree with her. Bad user experiences should be removed algorithmically, […]

3 Ways Uncertainty Can be Used for Persuasive Marketing

achievement vs potential

We’ve already talked about using certainty for marketing persuasion, but the other side of our informative session with Stanford Professor Zakary Tormala can be just as useful. Here are some effective ways to harness the power of uncertainty.   Interruption Effects Interestingly, most of the data around uncertainty supports counterintuitive claims. Most people would like their […]

Make Powerful Data Visualization Work For You


Now that we’ve covered what data you should avoid and how to curate your data, we’ll get into data visualization, which is an equally crucial piece of the presentation pie. Data visualization is by no means rocket science, but it can easily be done incorrectly. Anyone can build graphs, but it takes a little more effort […]

Dominate the SERPs by Adding PPC to SEO


Search engine results pages (SERPs) are a combination of organic listings and paid advertising vying for your attention. A user is only going to click on one or the other, so it’s natural for SEO and PPC to seem at odds. However, when put together, they become much greater than the sum of the individual […]