4 Ways to Build Certainty for Persuasive Marketing

We Agree

Recently, we had the pleasure of welcoming Stanford Professor Zakary Tormala to our office in San Francisco for a Lunch and Learn event. Using experiments and surveys, Zak and his colleagues were able to gather the data to show that certainty and uncertainty can both be used effectively to build and maintain trust with a […]

Clicks, Customers, and Cashflow, Part Three: Profit


(Part 3 of a 3-part series; read parts 1 and 2.) We’re passionate about profit. It may sound obvious, but your business exists to earn profit. Many AdWords managers obsess over clicks, CTR, Quality Score, Impression Share, Cost per Click, Ad Position, Cost per Acquisition, and so on. While these are “noble pursuits,” for my […]

To Master Conversion Optimization, Remember These Resources


My partner, Richard Farr, came up with a framework for dividing our time, which I love. It’s to spend equal resources and energy on these four areas: earning, learning, health, and happiness. I’m going to let you find your own resources for earning, health and happiness, and focus this post on learning. Specifically, the best […]

How to bring keywords back from the right-rail grave

High Impression Queries

Today I want to share some tips that are a good way to push for extra volume, using the keywords you’re already bidding on.  Sounds easy, right?  Well, it is! Let me give you a good scenario for this push:  Let’s say your client (or your own personal  account, for that matter) has had really […]

Getting Started with Pivot Tables: Avoid the Easy Mistakes


Pivot tables provide fast access to data that can dramatically shorten the amount of time that you spend analyzing anything from account structure to campaign performance. Unfortunately for those who are just getting started with them, they can create problems and frustrations just as easily as they can eliminate them. This blog post will help […]

How-to: Bulk-Update Sitelinks (and More) in the AdWords UI


For strong paid search campaigns, sitelinks are an absolute no-brainer. The lift they give already strong ads is proven, and they boast many other benefits: they take up more space, making your ad stand out over your competitors; the searcher can go directly to a more specific page if that was their intent; and you […]

Best Blog Posts of August 2014

google close variant

  Jay Stampfl broke the news of Google’s removal of the close variants option. Now everyone’s campaigns are automatically required to bid on close variants.     Susan Waldes helps you break the ice with a potential job candidate. If you’re looking for a job in SEM, be ready to field these questions!     Facebook […]

How-To: Do Bulk Ad Scheduling Across Campaigns


After doing a day-of-week test, we discovered that some ad scheduling was needed on a rather large account.  This overarching account is made up of many accounts in an MCC.  Nearly all of these accounts have several campaigns within them.  Contemplating on how an ad schedule will be implemented was the order of the day. […]

3Q Digital debuts on the Inc. 5000

It’s been a great three years at 3Q Digital — and that was confirmed with yesterday’s release of the Inc 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S.! Thanks to a three-year growth rate of 671%, we debuted at #677, amidst some pretty esteemed company (here’s the full list). Cheers and congrats to the […]

How to Make Sure You Associate With Great Digital Marketers


Those of us in the digital marketing field are truly lucky. We work with the best and brightest around. Many of us have dedicated client services teams at huge search engines like Google who hire amazing employees from universities such as Stanford and Berkeley. As a Stanford grad, I must say it doesn’t get better […]