Free Excel webinar will put more hours in your day

Excel has swallowed many an SEM’s day whole. We’ve lost colleagues amongst all those rows and columns and formulas. And we can’t count the days when we’ve looked up at the clock and found that it’s 5:30 p.m., and lots of spreadsheet work lies ahead. Sound familiar? This might be the most important webinar you’ll […]

Thriving after Maternity Leave: 4 Moms Dish Advice for Agencies and Parents


Agency life is demanding. Newborns are demanding. Re-entry into any kind of workplace after a break has all kinds of challenges. So what are the keys to success – at both job and motherhood – when you come back to an agency after maternity leave? We asked four new moms at 3Q Digital – all […]

Earned Media and Its Role in Your Marketing Strategy


So my last two blog posts have covered owned media and paid promotion, which must mean that it’s time to talk about the final strand of the trifecta: earned media. As I’ve said before (and you’re probably sick of hearing now), a combination of owned, paid, and earned media is essential for any marketing strategy. […]

5 Common E-Commerce Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

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It’s a big day when a brand’s e-commerce website goes live. This could be followed by intense disappointment when sales don’t meet expectations. Many e-commerce business owners become frustrated when they can’t understand what went wrong. It’s possible there is no problem with the marketing plan, products or the sales market. It could be the […]

7 Ways to Use Big Data to Increase ROI


  Companies are solving major problems with big data. They are refining processes, improving productivity, and increasing their bottom line by relying on powerful software solutions. The solutions enable decision makers to better understand behaviors, trends, processes, and other factors that may be potentially affecting the company’s productivity. Big data can be used to increase ROI for […]

Best Blogs of January 2015


January kicked off with a bang for digital marketers. GSPs went live, and a lot of Bing news made headlines at the 3Q blog: GSPs were officially launched out of beta. Since we had access to the beta, you have access to the knowledge Ada gained through months of testing right off the bat. Bing’s […]

Do Not Confuse Dynamic Keyword Insertion vs. Dynamic Query Insertion


If memory serves me right, at one point in search history, AdWords Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) was used to insert a user’s query into your ad copy. Whether or not that was the case in the past is now irrelevant because Google’s documentation is clear that DKI only inserts keywords from the same ad group. […]

What Publishers Can Learn From Condé Nast’s Embrace of Programmatic


Let’s face it: Condé Nast hasn’t always been a trailblazer when it comes to digital media. The magazine publishing giant, by all accounts, was slow to appreciate the need for a robust online presence. But in recent years Condé Nast has made huge progress on the digital front. The best evidence? Condé, the company that […]

Marin vs. AdWords UI vs. AdWords Editor: Who Wins Super SEMash Brothers?


In the spirit of the newest release of Nintendo’s legendary fighting game “Super Smash Brothers”, I thought it would be fun to pit SEM tools against each other in an epic battle of their own. A common argument within SEM teams is which platform they should use when making changes to their accounts. Purists prefer […]

Owned Media: An Overview


In my last post, I briefly touched on one of three points in the promotion trifecta: paid. Looking back, I should have probably started with the linchpin of all media: owned! Today I’m going to take you on a quick stroll through owned media including what it is, why you need it, and how to […]