Play Ball! The Search Marketing Field for Baseball Merchandise

baseball keywords

With baseball season underway earlier this month, we wanted to dive into our ad monitoring platform to analyze keywords surrounding baseball merchandise. It’s a fun time of year to be a baseball fan, so we were looking for interesting trends in baseball merchandise searches and how advertisers were taking advantage of them. Our Ad Monitoring […]

Are Digital Marketers Becoming “Growth Hackers”?

tech talk

These past few years, it seems the only thing being introduced at a faster rate than new technology for us adopt are the buzzwords that come with it. Anyone looking to enter the tech sector should be prepared to adopt an entirely new lexicon, seriously. The term computer science itself was at one point a […]

Great Ways For Digital Marketers To Give Back


There’s no doubt about it: digital marketing is a fast-paced, rewarding career path, especially for those who work the hardest. In an economy that’s challenging overall, those of us in digital marketing are truly lucky. As someone who’s always looking for ways to give back, I wanted to share today some thoughts on how you […]

How to Make Dynamic Search Ads Work


Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) are not new, and you’ve probably heard of them before. But are you using them, or have you been scared off by the idea of letting Google control when to show your ads? First, if you haven’t heard of DSA, here’s a quick breakdown: Dynamic Search Ads will show your ads […]

AdWords Labelling – It’s Good for You


Once upon a time, I didn’t believe in AdWords labels. I had heard of people updating and using these things, but I never really saw a practical use – especially when AdWords Editor makes bulk adjustments to bids, budgets, etc. so easily. I mean with labels, really we’re just bucketing these ad groups/keywords so it’s […]

Funniest Queries of March 2014

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Thanks to all the 3Qers who participated in this month’s contest, including our winner Todd Mintz!

Multi-Lingual PPC Advice Told Mostly In Pictures: Great Cheap Traffic


Hey y’all, For one of my clients, I manage a Worldwide PPC Effort that contains campaigns in English plus 17 other languages.  One of my primary management objectives is to get my client worldwide ad exposure targeting users who speak every language in which they have a website. So, taking Japanese as my example for […]

The marketers’ dilemma: to focus on social pages or corporate websites?


In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, companies and agencies alike are faced with a serious question that can make or break their marketing efforts. The question on many a mind in today’s digital marketing industry is: how much focus and value do we put on our social Facebook Page vs. our regular “.com” homepage? […]

How did car rental companies change their PPC market visibility in Q1?


The car rental business is an incredibly competitive one, especially when it comes to the search engines, where the majority of travelers begin their search for cars. The Search Monitor was curious how the major car rental companies were changing their market visibility on the search engines in the past three months. This time period […]

Use the Data Validation feature for Clean, Detailed Client Reports

Data Validation

The Data Validation feature in Excel can be a very useful tool, particularly with client-facing reports. One of its features allows you to create a drop-down menu of choices that you can then have formulas use as a reference cell. This allows a client or user to view different data by selecting different choices from […]