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Blink and you’ll miss something new in the land of Facebook advertising: powerful targeting upgrades, hot new ad types, an acquisition that lays the seeds for something big in the months to come. And as each quarterly report shows, advertisers who aren’t on Facebook are getting farther and farther behind a very important curve. We’re […]

Increased engagement, competition highlight Facebook’s Q4 performance

Spurred by a surge of competition and device adoption on mobile and larger, more engagement-driven ad placements, the cost (and effect) of doing business on the Facebook platform continued on trend and posted huge increases this past Q4. We crunched Facebook advertising numbers over 1B total impressions in Q4 and found the following in comparing performance […]

Mobile, performance at scale highlight Facebook Q4 campaigns

Facebook advertising has positioned itself as a huge player for the 2014 holidays. Digital marketing agency 3Q Digital took a close look at the Black Friday-to-Cyber Monday performance of Facebook campaigns for two of its clients, a leading children’s educational toy subscription service and a leading online jewelry supplier. Both clients ran substantial discounts in […]

Facebook in Q3: mobile leads huge surge in CTR, spend

Thanks in large part to mobile ad advancements including the rollout of the Audience Network, Facebook’s Q3 numbers show a dramatic increase in CTR and spend when comparing both year over year and quarter over quarter results. We run results on a total of over 650M impressions on both desktop and mobile last quarter. When […]

Use Hashtags and Television to Reach your Social Audience

Today’s post is by Devan Brown, social media strategist and thought leader at Anvil Media. Hashtags are making quite the appearance on live television nowadays. Everything from Keeping Up With The Kardashians to live college football games now has a hashtag associated with it. Sometimes, every plot twist, big reveal, and exciting development gets its very own […]

9 Profitable Ways to Expand your PPC

Has a client ever looked at you and said, “the traffic’s great, the conversions are great, but we want more”? No? (Seriously?) For most of us, there comes a point when what the client’s got just isn’t enough – it’s profitable, but they want their business to grow. What do you try then? Here are […]

How friends’ Facebook recommendations affect purchasing decisions: infographic

Tons of advertisers are using Facebook’s social networking to push their products. We figured we’d give a little demographic breakdown of just how important friends’ Facebook recommendations are to folks making purchasing decisions. Enjoy!

Introducing – a dedicated Facebook advertising blog

If you read this blog regularly, you know we’re convinced that Facebook advertising is a train all  marketers should be boarding. How strongly do we feel about it? Well, how does a dedicated Facebook advertising blog grab you? This morning marks the launch of, which opens with a roster of experts including BlitzMedia’s Dennis Yu, […]

Facebook introduces “Actions” metric

A little Facebook advertising history: Facebook started driving the “engagement” message when the “People Talking about this” metric was released during Q4 of 2011. The release of Timeline for brand pages, which highlights the page’s content, pushed that message further. Acquiring fans will always be part of the equation, but Facebook’s focus has shifted from […]

Early thoughts on Timeline: it’s not so timely

A lot of people are not fans of Facebook’s new Timeline format. Some folks just can’t adjust to change, while others feel that Timeline poses a security threat. I, on the other hand, love the look of the new format – it’s well designed and allows the page owner to spotlight certain events, images, and […]