Facebook advertising

Power Editor Glitch Alert: Editing Parameters in Multiple Ad Sets with Varying Audiences


Power Editor is a great tool for duplicating campaigns, ad sets, and ads. It also offers the functionality of editing multiple line items – but beware when trying to make a bulk edit to ad sets with different audience targeting. When the new parameters are entered, the tool actually overrides existing targeting. In this example, […]

Facebook’s Buy Button Has a Huge Advantage over Buyable Pins


It’s very well known that often, the fewer steps in a conversion funnel, the more likely a user is to convert. More social platforms are adding functionality to address this; Pinterest’s Buyable Pin feature is the splashiest recent example despite its limited scope. But Facebook, never one to be overshadowed easily, is making quieter yet […]

This is an ad, but not really


Imagine if in the first 3 seconds of a YouTube ad we run, we say “hey, this isn’t an ad- don’t hit skip- maybe someone wildly waving for attention or a giant red warning of “if you hit skip, you lose.” Anything to get them not to skip. Then we explain how just because we paid […]

Use Facebook ads to preserve readers from a beloved former blog


I’ve written on social media cutover before, but the process we’re going through now with the merging of our two blogs is a bit different. The first time, we were changing the name of our business, so it was safe to assume that everyone following our then current accounts would continue to want to do […]

The Different Facebook Bid Types and When to Use Them


There are three bidding options within Facebook, and multiple options within each of those, so how do you decide which one to use? This is a question I deal with on a weekly basis.  The truth is, everyone has a different bidding method, but some targeting types perform better with CPC while others really have […]

Facebook wants to make Dennis Yu more successful


Do you notice Facebook sending you more and more tidbits like this? They realize that education, not pushy salespeople, is the key to getting advertisers to spend more. In this case, we’re looking at the page insights for my public figure page (there are no insights on profiles, of course, so don’t call your profile […]

Determine Facebook campaign tactics by account type


When an account expands to social for the first time, there are a few general guidelines that I follow: 1. Set a predetermined budget. 2. Don’t oversell the return and set realistic expectations. 3. Start smart. Starting smart means you should logically start with ad types and targeting that align with your type of account. […]

The Key to Finding Quality Facebook Interest Targets


If you are running out of targeting ideas or just have not had much luck in your recent targeting ventures, it is time to seek some help – more specifically, it is time to check out Facebook’s Audience Insights page. The Audience Insight page is a great place to easily find common themes of people […]

6 Fatal Errors SMBs Make on Facebook Ads


A lot of large corporations hire trained experts to run their Facebook Ad campaigns, as well as pay entire departments to establish marketing strategies and determine who their target audiences are. Small- and medium-sized businesses often don’t have the same resources as large corporations, meaning that they’re learning the process as they go. Because of […]

Facebook advertising is not a stand-alone skill

I recently spent the afternoon with Dr. Karen Freberg, professor of social media at the University of Louisville.  Unlike most educators in this space who teach “social media” basics according to an outdated curriculum approved 3 years ago, she has a capstone structure.  Working professionals come in to teach current practice, imparting real-world, relevant skills. Take […]