Think Before You Bid: Three Key Considerations


You may be tempted to just dive in when you dig into a new account and start changing bids based on the data, but before you get started you’ll want to get a firm understanding in three primary areas before determining which bidding strategy to take. If you fail to make build a plan based […]

4 Tips for 5-Minute Training Sessions


You’ve probably been in a situation where someone taps you on the shoulder and asks you to teach them something on the fly. You probably have less than 5 minutes and might be running late to a meeting, but whether you planned on it or not, you’re now in a situation where you have to […]

10 Killer Productivity Tools for Neurotic Marketers (Like Me)


A dead horse could have beaten me in a race. Everyone was running triathlons. But when I was first immersed in PPC, I was still learning how to walk. Slow and steady wins the race. The tortoise obviously was referring to some outdated marketing world, not the realities of digital marketing. Things move fast here, […]

Critical QA Tips for 3rd-Party Platforms

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Love them or hate them, if you’re an SEM, you probably use a 3rd-party platform, or have at least toyed with the idea of trying one.  Oftentimes, like all forms of software, they come with some challenges.  Here’s a couple QA tips for working with a new platform. Double-Check the Settings This might sound like […]

18 Tips for Better Client-Facing Documents


Creating a beautiful client-facing document doesn’t have to be an arduous task. One of the quickest and simplest ways to impress a client – or your manager – is by creating top-notch and aesthetically pleasing deliverables. A nice-looking weekly report or competitive analysis can set your work apart from the rest in the eyes of […]

3 Keys to Transitioning from College to Agency Life


There is a substantial learning curve in making the transition from full-time student to full-time big kid. It’s a completely new environment with different responsibilities and expectations. The key to making it work? A very patient manager (shout out to my manager, Ed), lots of coffee, and being flexible with the changes that come with […]

Consistent Content: How and Why to Run a Daily Blog


Consistent content marketing helps you reap several benefits. Set readers’ expectations (a post per day), and they’ll consistently check for your content. You also get steady SEO lift. The “why” is simple; the “how” can be complicated. Though I’ve written on the topic generally in the past (see this post), I’ve not shared the specific […]

When Not to Day-Part


Day-parting and geographical bid modifiers are great ways to target spend. Targeting when your customers are most likely to buy your product, in the areas where they are most likely to buy, seems like a no-brainer; no wonder it’s become a best practice in the SEM industry. However, SEMs often rely on the tactic when […]

Persistent Familiarity


“I can hear the bull frog callin’ me…Wonder if my rope’s still hangin’ to the tree…” Credence Clearwater Revival, Green River A couple years ago, 3Q Digital had a company retreat in San Francisco and part of the itinerary consisted of having each of the employees take modified Cable Car buses around town.  The Presidio […]

The Ultimate Guide to a High-Converting 404 Page


Most 404 pages fall into one of two categories: 1. An afterthought, with a boring, bordering-on-punitive message written by a developer. It’s either full of technical jargon or blames the visitor for landing there, like this one: 2. Or a cutesy page built by a designer that’s supposed to reinforce the brand and make the […]