3 Keys to Transitioning from College to Agency Life


There is a substantial learning curve in making the transition from full-time student to full-time big kid. It’s a completely new environment with different responsibilities and expectations. The key to making it work? A very patient manager (shout out to my manager, Ed), lots of coffee, and being flexible with the changes that come with […]

Consistent Content: How and Why to Run a Daily Blog


Consistent content marketing helps you reap several benefits. Set readers’ expectations (a post per day), and they’ll consistently check for your content. You also get steady SEO lift. The “why” is simple; the “how” can be complicated. Though I’ve written on the topic generally in the past (see this post), I’ve not shared the specific […]

When Not to Day-Part


Day-parting and geographical bid modifiers are great ways to target spend. Targeting when your customers are most likely to buy your product, in the areas where they are most likely to buy, seems like a no-brainer; no wonder it’s become a best practice in the SEM industry. However, SEMs often rely on the tactic when […]

Persistent Familiarity


“I can hear the bull frog callin’ me…Wonder if my rope’s still hangin’ to the tree…” Credence Clearwater Revival, Green River A couple years ago, 3Q Digital had a company retreat in San Francisco and part of the itinerary consisted of having each of the employees take modified Cable Car buses around town.  The Presidio […]

The Ultimate Guide to a High-Converting 404 Page


Most 404 pages fall into one of two categories: 1. An afterthought, with a boring, bordering-on-punitive message written by a developer. It’s either full of technical jargon or blames the visitor for landing there, like this one: 2. Or a cutesy page built by a designer that’s supposed to reinforce the brand and make the […]

Use Marin to Track Keyword-Level Product Sales


If you work on an eCommerce account, chances are you have a number of different products you offer. Whether it’s five, one hundred, or thousands, the concept is the same: you bid on keywords relevant to your product and try to send users to the most relevant landing page. In many cases you will send […]

Google Display for Beginners


What happens when you’ve gotten your bearings in the game of Search and are ready to tackle another channel? Some may dread having to learn a whole new process while others may be excited to discover something new and hopefully game-changing for the business – and some may be both! Enter the Google Display Network. […]

How to Be an Effective Blog Curator


Running a successful corporate blog isn’t just about writing all the time. Not only would it be time consuming, you may not have the technical expertise to talk about all the relevant intricacies of your industry. I don’t know much about GSPs short of what the acronym stands for, but I know that digital marketers […]

Steps to launching a website in multiple countries


More and more, launching a website in multiple countries is becoming a stark reality for companies.  But how do you effectively reach customers across multiple cultures?  The following steps will help you get started as you plan, create, and market your website. -Perform keyword research for each country-targeted site, taking into account any alternatively spelled […]

6 critical tips for keyword evaluation


Building out and expanding your keywords is a lot of work; we can all agree on that. But you can’t exhale for too long without turning your focus on optimization: adjusting bids, match types, account structure, etc., based on how those keywords are performing. Evaluating keywords for optimization is no easy task, and often, it […]