Use Marin to Track Keyword-Level Product Sales


If you work on an eCommerce account, chances are you have a number of different products you offer. Whether it’s five, one hundred, or thousands, the concept is the same: you bid on keywords relevant to your product and try to send users to the most relevant landing page. In many cases you will send […]

Google Display for Beginners


What happens when you’ve gotten your bearings in the game of Search and are ready to tackle another channel? Some may dread having to learn a whole new process while others may be excited to discover something new and hopefully game-changing for the business – and some may be both! Enter the Google Display Network. […]

How to Be an Effective Blog Curator


Running a successful corporate blog isn’t just about writing all the time. Not only would it be time consuming, you may not have the technical expertise to talk about all the relevant intricacies of your industry. I don’t know much about GSPs short of what the acronym stands for, but I know that digital marketers […]

Steps to launching a website in multiple countries


More and more, launching a website in multiple countries is becoming a stark reality for companies.  But how do you effectively reach customers across multiple cultures?  The following steps will help you get started as you plan, create, and market your website. -Perform keyword research for each country-targeted site, taking into account any alternatively spelled […]

6 critical tips for keyword evaluation


Building out and expanding your keywords is a lot of work; we can all agree on that. But you can’t exhale for too long without turning your focus on optimization: adjusting bids, match types, account structure, etc., based on how those keywords are performing. Evaluating keywords for optimization is no easy task, and often, it […]

The Dilemma of the Mature SEM Account


There comes a point in an SEM account when you feel like you’re in a great place, the performance is stable, and you feel like you’ve tested every campaign type and Google Beta out there.  You say to yourself, “Could it really be that there’s not much else to do here? Do I sit back […]

The Importance of Data Density & Account Changes


I often get asked by new employees and potential clients, “How often do you make bid changes?” My answer is, “There never has been, and there never will be, a schedule.” The reason? All account change frequency inherently depends on data density. First we must have sufficient volume of data on the whole, but more […]

Poor Man’s Guide to “Persona-lized” Testing


Your site’s visitors don’t all think, behave, and most importantly, convert, the same. Different segments of visitors respond better to different triggers. So if you’re lumping all of your visitors together in your A/B tests, you’re getting the average conversion results. But averages lie. Even if you don’t have the budget for personalization testing software, […]

QA: What is it, and why do we do it?


One of the most important parts of our jobs as SEMs is a little thing we call QA, or Quality Assurance. It’s so important, yet it’s so often brushed off or done half-heartedly because I don’t think it’s something that any of us would classify as fun. But it’s something I’m going to talk about […]

Credit Cards: the Key to Larger Digital Marketing Margins


I’m a tremendous fan of paid digital marketing. I’m talking about channels like pay per click (PPC), display advertising, retargeting, paid social media, and others. In these times of fierce competition, I wanted to share tips that will give you a margin advantage vs. your competitors and help you get the most from your ad […]