The Efficiency Frontier and How to Reconcile Conflicting PPC Metrics


In PPC advertising, a client will often set two or more diametrically opposed goals. “We are going to double-spend this month, but try to keep CPA the same.” The role of the search marketer is to acquiesce to these demands and wage war against mathematical relationships with account optimizations. The ultimate goal being to increase […]

4 Common Manual Bidding Mistakes – and How to Fix Them

While we’d all love to rely on a killer bidding algorithm that’s flexible enough to meet our needs, the fact is we often have to rely on manual bidding. The problem with manual bidding done correctly is that it’s complicated and time-consuming. Here are some top mistakes to avoid and alternative methods to get the […]

3 Great Exercises for PPC Team Training


It’s easy to forget about ourselves during a busy season. We’re inevitably putting tremendous amounts of time and energy into analyzing and optimizing our accounts, but we may or may not be able to invest the same level attention to our own development and maintenance. The exercises described below offer an opportunity to focus on and […]

7 Ways to Fool-Proof Your Campaign Launch


Campaign launches can be a disaster. If your settings are not correct, you could end up spending way more than you planned. Here are some QA tips on how to prevent overspending in your first few days of a new campaign (in no particular order)! Set your budget: when you start a new campaign, you […]

How to manage a great PPC team


So, you’re an awesome digital marketing professional, eh? This probably means that you effortlessly combine the mathematical rigor of a statistician, the QA skills of an engineer, and the relationship-management chops of a salesperson. Inevitably, the next challenge you’ll be given is to manage some other digital marketing people. It’s a whole additional skill set […]

Ch-ch-ch-changes: Why We Continually Run Ad Tests

times change

I spend a lot of time training other people how to do PPC. The other day someone asked me, while I was in the midst of explaining how the ad testing process works, why we continually test new ads. “Surely” he said, “there’s a point at which you’ve written the best ad it’s possible to […]

PPC Tip: Don’t Be A Robot


I have a love/hate relationship with process, but ultimately I recognize that sound process is the foundation of PPC success. Repeatable, tried-and-true methods that drive tangible results should feature prominently in the day-to-day activities of all search managers. That said, don’t be a robot. Organization is key in search. Calendars are a great way to […]

Make a Deal: How and Why to Get Into the Private Display Marketplace


Everyone is talking about programmatic buying in the display world.  Buzzwords like RTB, programmatic premium, real-time marketing, private marketplace, deal id, etc., are thrown around daily.  It can be a lot to take in and understand, so I’ll focus on one portion today.  Let’s talk about one of these elements that is continuing to be […]

Forecasting by monthly run rate: do it the right way


Monthly spend forecasting can often be a thorn in the side of a search marketer, as it is not always an easy question.  For today’s article we will be focusing on calculating monthly run rates, and two relatively simple ways to do so. The first, and least accurate, method involves just looking at a certain […]

How do you set up a next-level creative department?


Sure, having great designs and being cutting edge are keys to a successful creative department. However, if my years in the industry have taught me anything, it’s to be a good listener. It’s probably the single most important skill needed when starting somewhere new. I was recently charged with leading a small but growing creative […]