Lingo Every Digital Marketer Should Know – And Put into Action


It’s hard to keep up with the latest digital marketing buzzwords. Although some are common knowledge – such as clickability, second-screen and infographic – some are unfamiliar to even the most experienced digital marketers. Here are four buzzwords that you should know – and put into practice. Adding these terms to your list of expertise […]

Radio Advertising for Digital Marketers, a Primer


As a digital marketer, you spend most of your life analyzing data, optimizing accounts, and keeping up with the ever-changing digital world. On top of that you have client relationships to manage and maintain 24/7. At 3Q Digital, we have a diverse portfolio of clients looking to grow and grow FAST! With growth comes higher […]

Hit an ad copy wall? Try these tips


I have a love/hate relationship with writing new ad copy. I love when I’m able to think of a couple of great ideas that really represent the brand and what they’re trying to sell. I hate feeling that I’ve written so many ad copy ideas in the past that all of my ideas and creativity […]

Why You Want Demanding Clients


There’s a prevailing notion that smaller clients are more challenging and more demanding. Whether it’s a small business owner sweating every decision, a new program trying to figure out the channel, or someone with too much time on their hands, the assumption is that small = pain in the butt. I say, GOOD! Whether you’re […]

So your SEM budget increased – what now?

 Recently, one of my clients wanted to experiment and see what could be done if they pushed their spend. Seeing that we were well-covered on our search keywords and had tried most of the basics on the GDN, it took a little digging to come up with some potential ideas. When your client is open […]

ad:tech SF 2014: What We Learned

ad:tech sf

If you were at ad:tech SF this week and wandered into the Expo Hall, you probably saw our booth: it was one of the big three right inside the entrance, to the right of Marin Software. If you didn’t see it, the booth looked like this: We’re spoken at a bunch of similar shows at […]

How my life is like a PPC campaign


Managing PPC campaigns can be complicated; being able to manage so many different moving pieces is key to finding success! It seems that the same can be true when managing the moving parts of daily life, so let’s take a quick peek at these parallel worlds. -Setting alerts and alarms through any ad platform are […]

Three Outcomes of New Search Programs


I’ve been spending a lot of time working on brand-new search programs. Like any form of start-up, it’s a gamble – but a gamble worth taking. When evaluating which programs to gamble on, my first question often is: are people searching for what you sell? Ultimately, I wouldn’t want to be the guy trying to […]

20 Questions that Uncover a New Client’s Brand Voice

Brand Voice

Great content marketing strategy necessitates that everyone writing on behalf of a brand has a firm understanding of the brand voice. It is essential that content marketers and community managers can confidently channel an established brand voice. Before blog posts, web pages, tweets, Facebook posts, or any other public facing content is created, content marketers […]

5 Simple Ways to Improve Landing Page Readability


You often have only a few seconds to convince a visitor to convert, and a poorly executed design can leave visitors with a bad first impression. A pleasing design can provide visitors a good first impression and prime the customer for conversion. Type is a big part of design, and we all know that people […]