Beginners’ Guide to Troubleshooting in Marin


Marin Software provides a cross-channel campaign management platform that allows advertisers to easily manage multiple SEM accounts and campaigns through one (somewhat) intuitive user interface. It is a very powerful tool that allows advertisers to quickly segment data, automate recurring tasks and reports, as well as make on the fly bid adjustments and other campaign […]

5 Clues That Something Is Wrong with Your Data


Just because you’re looking at data in a spreadsheet, pivot table, or even an engine UI, does not mean it’s correct or should be taken at face value. Here are some clear hints that something is wrong with your numbers and requires a deeper dive: 1.   Any metric declined more than 100% Pulling data without […]

Beat the Bots in Advertising


I was on the edge of my seat with two browsers open and my pointer hovering over the button that would put me into the virtual waiting room. Foo Fighter tickets in Chicago were as good as mine. Flip of the clock, click of the mouse, and I was waiting …. waiting … frozen … […]

How to Communicate Your Opinion


A few months ago, I reviewed the framework I use to have an opinion and use that in my work day to be an effective PPC manager. In this post, I’d like to focus more on the communication portion of that framework. It’s easy to forget, but the language used when communicating an opinion can […]

3 Great Paid Promotion Channels to Boost Your Content


When it comes to content, uploading your latest article or infographic to the blog isn’t enough; people don’t, and won’t, find your content by accident. Unless you’re a big brand or a well-known blogger, it’s unlikely that anyone will be visiting your blog regularly just to see what you’ve posted about recently. In order to […]

How to “date” a new client


Most of my time in Q3 and Q4 was spent transitioning onto new client accounts. This can be a bit overwhelming at first, depending on the amount of history the account has. Some have more baggage than others as far as past testing and account structure. I’m still trying to figure out the best way […]

5 Steps to Better Work-Life Balance


When I sat down to write about work-life balance, what really came to mind was less about balance and more about ‘taking control of your life’. While they aren’t the same thing, they are related. I think the hardest part of the work-life balance conundrum is finding your own balance. The struggle to maintain a […]

Maximize PPC Productivity: 2 Killer Tips


Whether you work at an agency or you’re in-house, there’s always something keeping you busy all day. There will always be a task that could be completed to the extreme where some people end up working 12-hour days. Hopefully the tips below can help you prioritize your day and your week to make a bigger […]

The Effects of Google’s New “Exact” Match – and How to Counter Them


We all heard about the “close variant” changes Google rolled out for their exact match targeted keywords in AdWords toward the end of September this year. If you didn’t well, now you have! The bottom line is, Google removed or reduced (depending on how you look at it) their “true” exact match keyword targeting option. […]

Zen and the Art of Account Management

Don't panic-300x252

You’re under siege. Barely 10 minutes into the workday, and four clients have emailed or called you with mission critical tasks to execute. There are only so many hours in the day….how will it all get done? What if you can’t do it? What if you rush and make a mistake? What if, what if…. […]