Use SEM Strategy to Tune Up Programmatic Display


I began my foray into online digital marketing by diving into the world of SEM.  Working in search engine marketing, I quickly learned the ins and outs of Excel as well as various tasks used to keep your account efficiently driving new business. A year and a half ago, I made a turn in my […]

6 Tips for Excel Etiquette for Client-Facing Reports


We’ve all opened an Excel doc that makes our eyes hurt, and it’s not necessarily from the reams of data within. If you’re spending a ton of time – aren’t we all? – putting together insightful, actionable reports for clients or colleagues, you want to make sure they don’t get headaches perusing them. Here are […]

Web Queries for Mac: Yes, You Can, and Here’s How


I am a huge proponent of using 3rd-party tools to manage SEM campaigns. Aside from being able to manage accounts from multiple publishers in one place, 3rd-party tools offer plenty of features not available from AdWords or Bing. One of these features has become near and dear to my heart: web queries. Web queries give […]

How to Have an Opinion


Whether you’re transitioning into a strategic role or you want to better manage your client relationships, it’s important to develop an opinion and effectively communicate that opinion to the client. I’ve summarized three key steps to getting back in the driver’s seat of conversations with your client. Learn SEM Knowledge First and foremost, you should […]

A Guide to Presenting at Digital Marketing Conferences


A few weeks back, I presented advanced PPC bidding strategies at SMX East. Today, I’m thrilled to share my favorite tips on presenting at digital marketing and search marketing conferences. Presentation opportunities are accessible to hard-working digital marketing professionals who have something truly valuable to share. Learn why you should present, how to secure opportunities, […]

Why Replacing All Copy with Promotional Copy Isn’t a Good Idea


Recently our team met with a client that had a pretty daunting request: they wanted us to completely change all of their high-performing, evergreen ad copy to promote a gift card with purchase offer. In addition, they wanted to do this twice, to create a sense of urgency. So, the first set of ad copy […]

Considering a 3rd-Party Platform? Answer These Questions Before Signing


Armed with interesting features, pretty reports, extensive customer service, and solid sales pitches, 3rd-party platforms might look to be the solution to all your SEM problems, but that may not be the case. Engaging with a 3rd-party tool can be extremely beneficial for the right account when leveraged properly. However, the impacts you’re looking for […]

Looking for a digital marketing career? Learn these 7 interview tips


We’ve seen a ton of good resumes for openings at 3Q Digital (more on those careers, if you’re interested). But a good resume, sadly, doesn’t always translate to a good interview. If you’re up for a job and get the chance to strut your stuff in person, it’s a good idea to follow these tips […]

Remote Work Isn’t Remote Work


We’re definitely in hiring mode @ 3QDigital, and I’ve been promised this if my blog post leads to any new employees, my employer will purchase for me the following items: Please click this link to see our job openings. Go ahead…I’ll wait :.) Do you see where the jobs are located? Go ahead and ignore […]

Are You In or Out? Considerations for In-House or Agency SEM Roles


Catsup or ketchup? Superman or Batman? “Less filling” or “Tastes great”? Agency or in house? Do questions get more divisive or polarizing than the ones above? I certainly have strong opinions on all of those quandaries, but as someone who has spent the majority of their professional career building brand awareness and driving revenue through […]