Looking for a digital marketing career? Learn these 7 interview tips


We’ve seen a ton of good resumes for openings at 3Q Digital (more on those careers, if you’re interested). But a good resume, sadly, doesn’t always translate to a good interview. If you’re up for a job and get the chance to strut your stuff in person, it’s a good idea to follow these tips […]

Remote Work Isn’t Remote Work


We’re definitely in hiring mode @ 3QDigital, and I’ve been promised this if my blog post leads to any new employees, my employer will purchase for me the following items: Please click this link to see our job openings. Go ahead…I’ll wait :.) Do you see where the jobs are located? Go ahead and ignore […]

Are You In or Out? Considerations for In-House or Agency SEM Roles


Catsup or ketchup? Superman or Batman? “Less filling” or “Tastes great”? Agency or in house? Do questions get more divisive or polarizing than the ones above? I certainly have strong opinions on all of those quandaries, but as someone who has spent the majority of their professional career building brand awareness and driving revenue through […]

4 Essential Pieces to an A+ Client Email

Nature's brownie points.

In the agency world, email is relationship currency. A good client email carries the reassurance of a virtual hug. You know the guy that gives half-hearted hugs with three pats on the back? Yeah, you don’t want to be that guy. When it comes to digital marketing, many clients are as insecure as I was […]

How to Stick to Deadlines – and Your Sanity – While Managing Creative Projects

We’ve all been there: “Can you just give us one more concept?”; “Can you try another image?”; “We need to do another round of revisions”; and my favorite, “I know it was approved, but we just have some last-minute changes…”. I would like to believe that these requests are not being made for the sole […]

My Spin on Weekly Client Calls


At 3Q Digital, we do weekly client calls with all our clients.  If one were to look down the entire 3Q Digital roster of Account Managers, I might be the biggest introvert of the whole group (irrespective of the character I play in social media).  However, my verbal succinctness doesn’t stop me from having very […]

How-to: Manage PPC Accounts for Franchise Business Models

Managing clients with franchise business models can be a challenge. A single franchise client can range from having a dozen locations to as many as hundreds of locations! When there are simply not enough hours in the day to manage hundreds of campaigns for each individual location, efficiently setting up your account-management flow is key […]

Marin Pain-point: Auto-tagging Issues

todd mintz marin

I just got burnt by something in Marin that I didn’t know about until just now…and I sense that probably most of the folks working on Marin accounts don’t know about this either:   Notice the advanced options at the bottom.  If you want Marin to auto-tag for you (and I assume you do and […]

The Efficiency Frontier and How to Reconcile Conflicting PPC Metrics


In PPC advertising, a client will often set two or more diametrically opposed goals. “We are going to double-spend this month, but try to keep CPA the same.” The role of the search marketer is to acquiesce to these demands and wage war against mathematical relationships with account optimizations. The ultimate goal being to increase […]

4 Common Manual Bidding Mistakes – and How to Fix Them

While we’d all love to rely on a killer bidding algorithm that’s flexible enough to meet our needs, the fact is we often have to rely on manual bidding. The problem with manual bidding done correctly is that it’s complicated and time-consuming. Here are some top mistakes to avoid and alternative methods to get the […]