Enhanced campaigns

Why Enhanced Campaigns Might Have Actually Improved Mobile Advertising


When Google launched Enhanced Campaigns last year, advertisers whose campaigns weren’t mobile-ready were dragged into the world of mobile advertising kicking and screaming. While there were hacks to prevent impressions from going to mobile devices, we were all suddenly in mobile auctions whether we wanted to be or not. As a result, advertisers feared a […]

5 Enhanced Campaigns Tools You Should be Using


It’s been approximately a year since Enhanced Campaigns launched. There are definite long-term implications for the directional changes signified by Enhanced Campaigns (hello, social and contextual and retargeting!), and SEMs are still analyzing mobile/tablet/desktop CPCs with a whole lot of scrutiny…but in all of this noise, there are a few features still underutilized after all […]

What Good Are Location Extensions, Anyway?


Sitelinks get a lot of love from the PPC community – and why wouldn’t they? They’re easy to add, give extra space, help to reduce ambiguity – and let’s not forget the CTR boosts that they bring. But in the midst of all the sitelink-love, it’s easy to overlook their less flashy friends. I say […]

Google Q4 performance: CPCs, CVRs on the rise across devices

Most of the hue and cry over Enhanced Campaigns, Google’s biggest release of 2013, was about bidding, specifically the inability to uncouple tablets from desktops and the lack of control on mobile bids. In an increasingly mobile world, the release was widely seen as Google forcing advertisers’ hands and shoving them headfirst into multi-device campaigns. […]

Q4 AdWords Data by Device: How Do Desktops and Tablets Compare?

Desktop WIns

Perhaps the most frequent complaint of SEMs when Google unleashed Enhanced Campaigns last year was the inability to split bidding for desktops and tablets. Google’s pitch was basically that behavior on the devices is indistinguishable; we rolled our eyes but had no choice but to go with it (and all the goodies that came along […]

Let’s Talk About Bid Modifiers


When Enhanced Campaigns launched earlier this year, as well as a slew of much-maligned changes, they introduced us all to bid modifiers. This feature allows advertisers to keep account structures (relatively) simple by applying modifiers to increase or decrease bids for location, device and time. But the wonderful world of bid multipliers didn’t stop there. […]

Enhanced Sitelinks: What You Need to Know

Legacy vs enhanced

Sitelinks have been a staple in many online campaigns for years. They have traditionally allowed for online marketers to gain premium, high-ranking real estate on Google’s SERPs at the same cost as it would take for a regular ad. Many studies found Sitelinks to be a great way to boost CTRs and improve overall performance […]

Why Is Opting Out of Tablet App Placement Ads Such a Labyrinth?

I took some time away from search at the start of the summer, conveniently missing the mass migration to enhanced campaigns. Prior to that time, I worked on a single account that we had largely opted out of tablets, especially in display campaigns. After launching the first ever display campaigns for a new client, imagine […]

@toddmintz Enhanced Campaigns Bid Modification Trick


OK…do you want to harness the power of Enhanced Campaign Bid Modifications without spending a ton of time and effort?  Have I got a trick for you :.) First, you need to have a large data sample…you don’t want to make such important changes based on minimal data. In your campaigns, you’re going to have […]

Enhanced Campaigns Launch Day: Quick Optimization Tips

Enhanced Campaigns are the law in AdWords starting today. They’ve got plenty of well covered quirks, but ultimately they give advertisers more flexibility over how they bid in their AdWords auctions and how their ads appear to the user. Here are some quick optimization tips for the launch (if you need some handy migration tips, […]

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