A/B Testing Over $1M Worth of Display Ads – 5 Things We Learned


The open-endedness of display ads can make testing and optimization challenging. The question “Where do I begin?” has run through the minds of account managers and designers alike for many years. At AdBasis, we analyzed display ad meta data from more than 60 eCommerce and SaaS companies, looking at the variation meta data associated with […]

3 Ways to Boost Display Conversions using Email Lists


Most demand marketers today care about two key goals: how to generate more top-of-funnel leads, and how to achieve a faster nurture cycle so they can accelerate their pipeline. Lead nurture programs today are primarily email-based. However, new demand generation tactics now make it possible for marketers to use email lists in several ways beyond […]

How-to: Completely Remove Mobile Apps from GDN Campaigns

mobile app placements

We’re all in agreement that we should periodically dive into our search queries and negative-match irrelevant queries.  We’re also in agreement that the same should be done for irrelevant websites for your GDN campaigns. Well, one thing I’ve noticed is the large number of Mobile App placements that keep appearing in my campaigns.  They don’t […]

Why should your SEM agency manage your Display campaigns?


We see it all the time: clients using one agency to manage their display campaigns and another to manage their SEM campaigns. Yes, different agencies have different strengths, but if you’re confident that one of your agencies can expertly handle both, there are a lot of advantages to be gained by consolidating accounts (and we […]

Yahoo merges premium inventory and programmatic buying – and we all win

Well, that didn’t take long.  Back in September, I wrote that Yahoo! was taking steps towards the programmatic future and would be opening up some of their premium inventory to the programmatic buying process.  Anyone with access to an RTB platform could theoretically access this premium inventory the same way they have been buying exchange […]

Tips for Running PSA (Test and Control) Campaigns

red cross

I recently did a blog post on the value of View through Conversions (VTC), in which I discussed the effectiveness of PSA tests in determining the true value of VTC attribution. For those new to PSA (test and control) testing, here’s how it works: the advertiser pays for display campaigns for selected non-profit organizations (we […]

Don’t Discount the Value of View-Through Conversions

Display Advertising

There’s been much debate about view-through conversions (VTCs), which are “conversions” where an ad was seen but not clicked and the user converted later. Are they truly conversions? What kind of value do they add to a display campaign? As a consumer, I know the value of VTCs. For me, they create awareness of products […]

Yahoo!’s Big Step Toward a Premium Programmatic Future

Steering Wheel

My first experience with Real-Time Bidding (RTB) came about 4 years ago.  I was at an ad:tech conference and heard about something called a Demand Side Platform (DSP).  Up to that point I had primarily dealt with premium direct display and ad network partners.  The concept was particularly appealing to me.  A buying platform that […]

Keys to Creating Profitable GDN Campaigns


I often hear that the GDN is the domain of brand advertisers, while search is for DR (Direct Response) advertisers. In recent years, Google has chipped away at the GDN perception by adding many sophisticated ways to target your audience and segment traffic. These improvements have allowed advertisers to save money by more driving qualified […]

6 tips for launching display campaigns


Today’s post is by Display Account Coordinator Kristin Kopp, a proud Iowa grad who took time out of her running schedule to share some insights. Are you starting a test with a new publisher? There is a lot of prep work involved in getting a new publisher or partner off of the ground. Here are […]