3 Simple Steps to Improve the E-commerce Experience for 2015

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The eCommerce industry is a big one and is expected to reach sales of 1.92 trillion dollars by 2016. If you own an online store, you are going to want to get a piece of that pie. The best way to do so is to improve your current store for 2015. The entire shopping experience […]

Brand Loyalty Plummets in Q4 – Here’s How to Capitalize


Today’s post is by Mason Garrity, Account Director at 3Q and presenter of holiday strategies at last week’s 2013 Seattle Interactive Conference. There’s a lot to be excited about if you’re a marketer during the holiday season! One important thing to take away from the trends of the season is the near-complete dissolution of brand loyalty. Data […]

Cookie Tracking and You

I always feel like somebody’s watching me I have no privacy oh o oh I always feel like somebody’s watching me tell me is it just a dream Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me I am biased and fully realize it. Being in the online marketing industry, I prefer custom messaging. My time is valuable, and […]

What’s in Your Wallet? Less Than You Think! Capital One Introduces Consumers to the Breakage Model

Capital One recently launched a bold promotional campaign for their Venture credit card, offering consumers up to 100,000 miles for signing up. It’s a compelling offer, one that I immediately signed up for. After all, 100,000 miles is worth $1,000 in airline travel! Like all things in life, however, if something’s too good to be […]