Bing PLAs: Are you sure you want to do this?

bing campaign

Before you dive into the process of setting up Bing PLAs, make yourself a cup of coffee. Seriously, this might take a few attempts to get right, but if you’ve worked with Bing in the past then you already know what to expect. In this blog, I’ll show you how to get your Bing PLAs […]

Bing Knows: Tablets Do Not Equal Desktops

“Thank you, Bing!” – Search Marketers On Wednesday, Microsoft made one of the biggest announcements about its Bing search engine that it has in quite some time. This fall, Bing plans to roll out its own version of “enhanced campaigns,” taking away advertisers’ ability to target devices separately as they had in the past and […]

Bing Ads Crawler causing extra visits in GA


Just wanted to pass along an issue I’ve now seen on 2 clients who track visits in GA on Bing because it has given me some headaches! We began noticing a really large discrepancy between clicks and visits – visits being way larger than the amount of clicks reported. After a ton of investigating, I […]

Bing Introduces Excel Add-In

excel bing

Today’s post is by Ping Jen, Product Manager with the Microsoft Bing Ads Product Team.  Many PPC managers use Excel to carry out daily PPC tasks. They have to go the extra mile for this practice because it’s not supported by search engines. The exhibit below illustrates one of the processes to manage campaigns from […]

Big Bing Ads Editor News (and Other Morsels From Ping Jen)

Our Marketing Morsels series continues with a big twist from Ping Jen, a Product Manager in the Microsoft Bing Ads Product Team who has been known to slip big Bing announcements into casual blog posts (read to the end)! He has a passion for driving improvements into Bing Ads that help advertisers optimize their campaigns that […]

9 Profitable Ways to Expand your PPC

Has a client ever looked at you and said, “the traffic’s great, the conversions are great, but we want more”? No? (Seriously?) For most of us, there comes a point when what the client’s got just isn’t enough – it’s profitable, but they want their business to grow. What do you try then? Here are […]

AdCenter WTF

This is certainly not the most important PPC blog post you’ll read this week. It might be the most trivial. However, there is something that’s been bothering me for some time that I need to vent about…especially since I experienced it three times in the past month. I’ve begun working for some new clients, and […]

Stay on top of new Bing Ads features

Today’s post is by Account Manager Jason Bruggemann, a sports nut who could write Yelp reviews for just about any basketball court in Chicago.  Over the last seven months or so, Bing has made a huge effort to revamp their paid ad services. The updates came in all forms, from UI redesign to complete name changes. […]

Bing’s syncing issues – big improvements, but more needed

Today’s post is by Account Associate Aaron Woolway, sports fan and scratch golfer and one of the office’s first Bing-certified experts. In the current world of SEM, two major networks — Google and Bing — drive most of the traffic. Google dominates with its AdWords platform and search partners (AOL and Ask), and Bing’s adCenter takes […]

Is a non-AdWords PPC account right for you?

Today’s post is by Shawn Livengood, Director of Search Marketing at CalFinder. Let’s face facts: if you’re running a PPC account, chances are it’s Google AdWords. It’s the advertising platform with the most traffic and the most features, so it just makes sense. But, as great as AdWords is, there’s always going to be a point where […]