Bing’s Universal Event Tracking: the story behind inflated conversions


A lot of my colleagues and I have seen suspiciously inflated numbers for conversions, conversion rate, and revenue since implementing Bing’s new Universal Event Tracking (UET). Some of the increases can be explained away by the new pixel’s inability to dedupe conversions…but not all of them. Three reasons for this: 1. The increases are big, doubling […]

3Q Digital Download Episode 12: Bing Shopping


  Steering clear of Bing? Big mistake. The underdog is coming on strong with Bing Shopping campaigns. Join host Joe Kerschbaum and guest John Lee of Clix Marketing as they discuss the effectiveness of the platform. Here are John’s steps for setting up Bing Shopping: 1. Set up Bing Merchant Center 2. Create a store 3. Download feed template from […]

How to synergize audience insights from your Facebook and Bing Ads campaigns


When a company pursues the same audience, whether through social media or a search engine, chances are there’s a different manager in each channel. If this is the case, the company may miss the opportunity to synergize the audience insights from both channels to achieve greater success across the board. To illustrate, I teamed up […]

UET DOT what? An easy set-up guide to track Bing and Yahoo ads


We must upgrade to Universal Event Tracking for Bing Ads by April 15th. The good news is that this new tag can be linked to your Yahoo Gemini account, meaning you can track Bing Ads, Yahoo Stream, and Yahoo Search with one pixel. There has been a lot of chatter about the setup for this […]

Everything You Need to Know About Upcoming Changes to Bing


Bing may take a back seat to Google in spend volume, but there are two changes on the horizon you can’t afford to ignore. Read on for the breakdown of new Universal Events Tracking and Device Tracking Changes. Universal Events Tracking   If you’ve been using Campaign Analytics to track conversions and other site activity, […]

The data says: Bing paid clicks rising after Firefox deal

Yahoo’s November deal to become the default Firefox search engine cut off Google’s 10-year run as the presiding default. The deal made headlines, sparked a lot of “why advertisers should pay more attention to Yahoo/Bing” posts, and seemed destined to bolster Yahoo’s 2015 efforts to claw away at Google’s market share. But how is it […]

Bing’s SEM Fighter Cockpit Overview, Part II


In Part I of this series, we went over several key Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tools to help you effectively launch campaigns and quickly reach cruising altitude. In this post, we will review additional tools you need to win the competition, by referencing some century-old dogfight tactics mastered by most flying aces. 1. Try to […]

3Q Digital Download Episode 7: Bing!


Our host, Joseph Kerschbaum, and guest John Gagnon talk Bing (which is great because John is a Bing Evangelist)! Here are John’s key Bing takeaways: 1. Take advantage of the new Universal Event Tracking in Bing 2. Utilize your negative keywords to optimize your campaigns. 3. Don’t neglect mobile. Bing has seen awesome growth on […]

Bing’s SEM Fighter Cockpit Overview


As more businesses are competing in search engine marketing (SEM), and search engines are advancing at an accelerated speed, driving a performing SEM campaign is more like flying a modern fighter jet. It demands targeting instincts and the mastering of tactical and technical skills through advanced instruments. Although the SEM fighter cockpit is getting more […]

Beware: Bing Adds New Annotation to Search Ads

Relax the back

Bing has added some nifty annotations to its search ads lately, but we found one last week that bears reviewing: auto-appending title tags from the site to ad copy. Check out the Relax the Back ad, below: In the ad, you can see that “Best Ergonomic Pillows…,” which was automatically pulled from the page, isn’t […]

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