Ten Impartial Tips on Choosing an Online Marketing Agency (from a Partial Observer)

You’re probably reading this post with a high degree of skepticism, and I don’t blame you; getting advice on choosing an online marketing agency from the head of an online marketing agency is like asking the IRS to file your taxes for you. But wait! Before you discount everything I’m about to say, know that […]

Tips for Showing You Understand Your Client’s Business

We SEMs know all too well how many hours we pour into our accounts. How we chew on ROI and breathe client performance, how we go blind from testing things to keep the metrics moving in the right direction. Do we care about our clients‘ businesses? Does a bear…well, you know. The answer is yes […]

The Life of a B2B Lead, Part 3: Qualification

Click? Check.  Conversion? Check. Qualification? Oh, boy… While acquiring a click and conversion are the marketer’s responsibility, it’s very rare for the same person to pick up the phone and try to qualify the prospect. For SEMs, letting go is both a blessing and a curse. While it’s nice to know one’s work is done, […]

Search Retargeting: Branding for the Modern Marketer

Today’s post is a guest entry from Caroline Watts. Watts is a Marketing Associate at ReTargeter, a full-service display ad platform specializing in retargeting. In the word of online advertising, clicks and conversions drive decision-making. Many a seasoned digital marketer scoffs at branding plays as relics of the Mad Man era. Why would performance-driven online marketers launch something […]