Beginner’s guide to Facebook app ads

Today’s post is by Ryan Pitylak, CEO of Unique Influence. Recently I wrote about the immediate opportunity for savvy mobile app advertisers to generate serious ROI by advertising on Facebook. By following these steps, you’ll be able to replicate the success we have for our mobile app clients. Get set up on Facebook: – Integrate the Facebook SDK […]

10 Ways to Get More From Mobile App Install Ads

A recent post by Todd Herrold laid out a nice guide for getting started with Facebook’s mobile app install ads. In today’s post, we will look at 10 ways to get more performance from these hot little ad units. Many of these tips speak to the creative itself, specifically the image you pair with your […]

Turn Facebook Likes into App Installs

Today’s post is by Andy Wells, Client Strategist for Ampush.  Facebook has become a virtual stomping ground for consumers eager to interact with their favorite brands and businesses. A traditional fan acquisition campaign on Facebook will attract the attention of users and generate new Likes, but often the engagement stalls there. Fortunately, Facebook has extended its means of […]

Facebook Mobile App Install Ads – Good Gets Better

Last month, Facebook made significant upgrades to their “Mobile App Install Ads.” The improvements included creative customization, inline app installs, and improved developer app insights. These changes lead to a far more appealing ad unit for app developers seeking to increase downloads. Here are some early observations: 1.    CTRs are highest of all Facebook ad […]

What the Open Graph Apps Quality Change Could Mean for Ads

Open Graph Apps Update Details Last week, Facebook revamped the custom verb approval process for its Open Graph apps. In an effort to drive more engagement to apps, Open Graph stories will be better presented in news feed and on timeline. Custom actions that represent content consumption (such as “view”) will no longer be approved. […]

A different take on action-spec targeting

      Much of the excitement surrounding action-spec targeting of Facebook ads has been focused on the fact that advertisers are now able to target recent user actions, rather than just passive likes and interests. While I support that thesis, I’d like to discuss another facet of action-spec targeting that eventually may be even […]

User Identity and Preference Management: Facebook & Google Quo Vadis?

      This is my first post on FBPPC. I run Optimal, Inc., and our software powers Facebook ad buying for many agencies and brands – I promise I’ll mostly talk about advertising on this site, but I want to start with something slightly different first and I hope you will indulge me. Imagine […]