Cut through the Clutter, Part 3: Segmentation as a Superpower!


Let’s quickly recap from what we learned in Part 1 and Part 2: -There are limits to standard reporting – while it’s helpful for getting a 10,000ft. view of performance, it lacks the granularity for proper diagnostics -Custom reporting is the best way to curate data that matters to you, your clients or your business. […]

Cut through the Clutter, Part 2: The Art of Creating a Custom Report


When we were last together, I dissected standard reporting and introduced the idea of asking yourself a key question before we start reporting. And it is with this question that we begin today’s conversation: what metrics & dimensions do my client or my business care about most? Metric selection is the first, arguably the most […]

Cut through the Analytics Clutter, Part 1: Why Standard Reporting Isn’t Built for Diagnostics


Reporting shouldn’t be just some semi-regular venture where we look into analytics platforms, find performance numbers, dump them into our visualization tool of choice, and then simply hand it over to our bosses or clients. Passively talking about performance and not doing anything about what we see can quickly lead to a stale SEO engagement, […]

Find Hidden Profit with Google’s New Cohort Analysis Tool


E-commerce users have a powerful new tool to add to their tool box. In early February 2015, Google released the Google Cohort Analysis, a deep-analysis tool added to the Google Analytics suite. Businesses are able to look at their customers in a way that is more meaningful to long-term profits. Rather than presenting analysts with […]

3Q’s SEO Team Takes the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a way to understand how people perceive their world, find motivation, and make decisions.  It categorizes people’s tendencies across 4 preferences: Introverted (I) / Extraverted (E): Does someone feel energized by being around others, or by being alone? Intuitive (N) / Observant (S): When taking in new information, does […]

21 Reasons to Grant GA Access to Your Paid Search Agency


Having Google Analytics access is absolutely critical to running paid search campaigns to their full potential. Read-only access is okay, but it falls far short of helping us truly optimize a client’s campaigns (I’ll explain, using several of the examples below, why Edit access is necessary). Here’s a selection of key use-cases for GA access […]

A/B Testing? Use Statistics to Stay on Course


You just launched an AdWords Campaign Experiment to test two ad variations in your top-volume campaign. Great job! But now what? Actual A/B test implementation is only part of the battle to make data-based improvements in your account. The most important part of the testing is often forgotten: test evaluation. Here are a few steps […]

How-to: Reconcile Google Analytics and AdWords Data


While Google Analytics and AdWords can and do report on the same campaigns, it’s important to recognize that comparing data between the two platforms will never be apples-to-apples. The different terminology, tracking settings, and attribution are important to recognize when diving into any problem and marrying data between the platforms. In this post, we’ll examine […]

Top 8 Google Analytics Reports for PPC


So you work in PPC. You’re most likely using Google Analytics. You’re also most likely completely overwhelmed by the volume of data and reports available to you. Let’s break it down to a manageable – and actionable! – number. In this post, we’ll break down 8 essential GA reports for PPC professionals. For each, we’ll […]

Google Analytics for Paid Search: Basic Setup

Ah, Google Analytics. The interface changes regularly, the terminology can be obtuse, and there’s SO MUCH data that it’s hard to know what’s truly useful and what might just be a rabbit hole. Is it even worth learning? In a word, yes. But we’ve got a lot more space than that, so buckle up. In […]