Marin Pain-point: Auto-tagging Issues

todd mintz marin

I just got burnt by something in Marin that I didn’t know about until just now…and I sense that probably most of the folks working on Marin accounts don’t know about this either:   Notice the advanced options at the bottom.  If you want Marin to auto-tag for you (and I assume you do and […]

Google’s Quality Score Whitepaper Attempts to Set the Record Straight


To many paid search marketers, Quality Score remains one of the most important elements of a campaign.  It is the core metric that, with minor changes on its 1-10 scale, has the power to drastically affect the cost of an ad click and the positioning of that ad, and in turn to impact overall efficiency […]

Adventure Photo Contest

Ben, edit2

The votes are in, and our Adventure Photo Contest was a great success! Our runners up were Caitlin Halpert and Jason Bruggemann, who enjoyed boat booze in Vermont and a night out in Chicago, respectively:   In 3rd place we have Andrew Underwood, showing off at the top of Mount Tam.   Alex Beals (who came […]

App, website cards drive Q2 leap for Twitter ad performance

The dust has barely settled from Facebook’s Q2 earnings call, but based on some extraordinary advertising numbers for one of our biggest clients (nearly 17M impressions in Q2), we’re predicting Twitter’s Q2 call will make some waves as well. One big driver: the introduction of advertising cards including website cards and image app cards, an in-feed ad […]

Strange New World: How Developing Marketers Meet Daily SEO Challenges


SEO knowledge is a work in progress for everyone in the field, whether they’ve been working in it for 10 days or 10 years. The industry morphs daily, with countless blogs (hey, like this one!) weighing in on what’s important, what’s less important, what’s about to be penalized, and so on. 3Q Digital’s SEO team […]

Conversion Optimization: Go Beyond the Checklist

To fully appreciate this landing page, you have to view it online and see the animation on the “Absolutely Free” badge, the “Enter Now” arrow, and the scrolling faces. 

As a conversion optimizer, it’s pretty cool to see more businesses starting to “get it” that it doesn’t matter how much traffic they drive to their sites, if those sites don’t convert.  Even big-name SEOs have jumped on the conversion bandwagon. While this mainstream acceptance of the field is awesome, it’s also resulted in oversimplification […]

The ins and outs of PLAs in 41 minutes

PLA spend is growing on a hockey-stick curve, and for good reason: done right, PLAs are driving extraordinary levels of ROI and growth. Trouble is, there are plenty of ways to run sub-optimal PLA campaigns, a fact that’s becoming even more true with the impending transition to Google Shopping. So, you know, we put together […]

3 Significant Ways Google Plus Can Help Your SEM Campaigns


We’ve all heard that Google Plus can “help your SEO” but do you really know what that means? There are studies and statements from Google saying that social activity does not directly impact search results, even from Google Plus, so how on earth can anybody claim that our search marketing efforts are enhanced by getting active on […]

3 Ways to Boost Display Conversions using Email Lists


Most demand marketers today care about two key goals: how to generate more top-of-funnel leads, and how to achieve a faster nurture cycle so they can accelerate their pipeline. Lead nurture programs today are primarily email-based. However, new demand generation tactics now make it possible for marketers to use email lists in several ways beyond […]

How to run your first Twitter ad


So you want to run some Twitter ads, eh? We’ll leave the whys and goals to other blog posts, but this will walk you through the mechanics of starting your campaign. The first time you go to, you’ll be asked to set your country and time zone. Next, you’ll be presented with a menu […]