Best Blog Posts Of June 2014


June brought with it a lot of great blog posts! Here’s a round up of the content you can’t miss from this month: HOW TO MARKET TO A SEARCH ENGINE: A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE Good SEO is best thought of as marketing your site to a search engine. This two-part simple SEO guide provides a simple […]

4 Common Manual Bidding Mistakes – and How to Fix Them

While we’d all love to rely on a killer bidding algorithm that’s flexible enough to meet our needs, the fact is we often have to rely on manual bidding. The problem with manual bidding done correctly is that it’s complicated and time-consuming. Here are some top mistakes to avoid and alternative methods to get the […]

No diapers, no problem: Parental Status targeting for every advertiser


Last week Google released a new GDN targeting feature: Parental Status. It’s obviously very useful to businesses that exclusively want to target parents – baby goods, kids’ clothing, toys, early education. That doesn’t apply to a huge portion of advertisers, though. Here are 6 ways to use the parental status targeting if you don’t sell […]

Six under-recognized ways in which the Search game has changed


Black-hat SEO, white-hat SEO, the Wild West of SEO, linkbait, to guest-blog or not to guest-blog…these topics all reliably grab conversation in the SEO world. But today we’re going to talk about six less flashy – but equally significant – trends that today’s SEOs need to know. These break down into two buckets: the nature […]

3 Great Exercises for PPC Team Training


It’s easy to forget about ourselves during a busy season. We’re inevitably putting tremendous amounts of time and energy into analyzing and optimizing our accounts, but we may or may not be able to invest the same level attention to our own development and maintenance. The exercises described below offer an opportunity to focus on and […]

What we talk about when we talk about blogs


In the 3Q Digital marketing department, it’s a particular point of pride that over half of our team of awesome digital marketers, including those who spend far more time on Excel formulas than in prose, have contributed to one of our two blogs. That said, blogging can be intimidating for some folks. We hear these […]

Content Marketing 101: Contributing to the Company Blog


3Q Digital has been committed to putting out a daily blog post for the last two-and-a-half years.  Many other digital agencies proudly put out an occasional blog post as well.  In order for any company to have an effective blog, it needs contributors. So who makes for a good contributor?  Honestly – YOU!  Anyone and […]

How-To: Bulk Uploads for YouTube Ads

In a recent blog, I wrote about the various ad types in YouTube. While setting these ads up is all well and good and will certainly help drive traffic, the process of uploading these ads to multiple campaigns can quickly turn into a time-intensive, laborious task. With no AdWords Editor functionality, manually setting up ads […]

7 Ways to Fool-Proof Your Campaign Launch


Campaign launches can be a disaster. If your settings are not correct, you could end up spending way more than you planned. Here are some QA tips on how to prevent overspending in your first few days of a new campaign (in no particular order)! Set your budget: when you start a new campaign, you […]

How to manage a great PPC team


So, you’re an awesome digital marketing professional, eh? This probably means that you effortlessly combine the mathematical rigor of a statistician, the QA skills of an engineer, and the relationship-management chops of a salesperson. Inevitably, the next challenge you’ll be given is to manage some other digital marketing people. It’s a whole additional skill set […]