Three Mobile Keys to 2015: Go Deep, Go Exclusive, Go Native


Editor’s note: This is the first of many expected posts from new VP of Mobile Strategy Craig Weinberg.   With hundreds of mobile ad networks; an expected $25 billion US mobile spend in 2015; and Apple’s recent news of their best quarter ever, anchored by iPhone sales; it’s important to remember that in 2014, as […]

Coding Beginner? Get Started with VBA Macros in Excel


Note: This blog post covers basic VBA skills. An intermediate knowledge of Excel and a basic understanding of macros are both required prerequisites for getting the most out of this entry. Coding is a valuable skill that’s becoming a more prominent aspect of digital marketing. Not so long ago, the only syntax issues that a […]

Get Spring Keyword Cleaning Done Early with Excel Formulas


We’re almost out of January…what better time to make sure your accounts are full speed ahead for the rest of 2015? A few months ago when restructuring an account, we ran into the issue of building out keyword sets for our Broad/Broad Match Modified campaigns without doubling up on tokens that were out of order […]

3Q Digital Download Episode 8: YouTube!


Our host, Joseph Kerschbaum and guest Manny Rivas from aimClear have an in-depth discussion about YouTube advertising. Here are Manny’s key takeaways: 1. Set up remarketing lists in order for them to build, even if you’re not running video ads. 2. Define what you’re trying to achieve. The goal will determine which ad units you’ll […]

Beginners’ Guide to Troubleshooting in Marin


Marin Software provides a cross-channel campaign management platform that allows advertisers to easily manage multiple SEM accounts and campaigns through one (somewhat) intuitive user interface. It is a very powerful tool that allows advertisers to quickly segment data, automate recurring tasks and reports, as well as make on the fly bid adjustments and other campaign […]

Do Not Confuse Dynamic Keyword Insertion vs. Dynamic Query Insertion


If memory serves me right, at one point in search history, AdWords Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) was used to insert a user’s query into your ad copy. Whether or not that was the case in the past is now irrelevant because Google’s documentation is clear that DKI only inserts keywords from the same ad group. […]

What Publishers Can Learn From Condé Nast’s Embrace of Programmatic


Let’s face it: Condé Nast hasn’t always been a trailblazer when it comes to digital media. The magazine publishing giant, by all accounts, was slow to appreciate the need for a robust online presence. But in recent years Condé Nast has made huge progress on the digital front. The best evidence? Condé, the company that […]

Mobile, PLA growth highlight Google’s Q4 performance

Huge gains in mobile cost and engagement, including a surge of Google Shopping (PLA) traffic, highlight our look at Google’s Q4 performance, which underscores the much-discussed shift in shopping behavior. We ran Q4 2014 numbers against Q4 2013 numbers on search, display, and Google Shopping (PLAs), and we analyzed the performance on all three platforms […]

Be Prepared: Follow this Business Trip Checklist

At some point in the Digital Marketer’s career, business trips will make an occasional appearance. Life would be much simpler maintaining the status quo of communicating through email, Skype, by phone or even video conferencing. But let’s face it – there really is no comparison for meeting your client in-person for the infrequent QBR or […]

Increased engagement, competition highlight Facebook’s Q4 performance

Spurred by a surge of competition and device adoption on mobile and larger, more engagement-driven ad placements, the cost (and effect) of doing business on the Facebook platform continued on trend and posted huge increases this past Q4. We crunched Facebook advertising numbers over 1B total impressions in Q4 and found the following in comparing performance […]