New client? Follow this checklist to start with a bang


I recently onboarded a new client here at 3Q (#excitingtimes), and during the onboard process, I jotted down some tips and tricks to remember when getting started. Enjoy! 1.    Google your client and C-level executives. This will not only give you a sense of the who, what, and when; it will also provide you with […]

3Q Digital Download Episode 5: Crafting Personas


    Welcome to the 5th episode of the 3Q Digital Download Podcast. Join our host, Joseph Kershbaum and guest Aaron Levy as they discuss how to create compelling Marketing Personas to ensure your ads are reaching the right audience. Here are the 5 key takeaways according to Aaron: 1. Use the information you already […]

Zen and the Art of Account Management

Don't panic-300x252

You’re under siege. Barely 10 minutes into the workday, and four clients have emailed or called you with mission critical tasks to execute. There are only so many hours in the day….how will it all get done? What if you can’t do it? What if you rush and make a mistake? What if, what if…. […]

eCommerce Success Isn’t Always about Price


These days, it seems like internet retailers feel more pressure than ever to beat the competition on price. Store owners have been conditioned to drop prices just to get the business. But being the lowest price isn’t always necessary. In fact, BigCommerce pulled together a range of Ecommerce studies and found that 80% of consumers […]

15 quick tips for better client – and internal – communication


I looooove using email. I work with clients and colleagues in three time zones and five offices (not to mention a few remote offices), and it’s very easy to get in the habit of dropping an email rather than find a common time to pick up the phone with a busy colleague. But as we […]

How Companies Are Using Big Data to Recruit


Recruitment strategies have evolved rapidly over the last few decades. Not long ago, recruiters had little choice but to sort through reams of paper in over-stuffed filing cabinets to zero in on the most promising prospects. Job board sites such as Monster and Indeed revolutionized that process. Now, recruiters – including digital marketing agencies – […]

Google Shopping Campaigns – 4 Underused Tactics

google shopping promo

If you’re a retailer, and you have a website that sells any kind of products, and you’re not running PLA or Google Shopping campaigns, well…it’s being kind to say you’re behind the curve. But even seasoned digital marketers who have been running shopping campaigns for years aren’t reliably making the best of the platform’s capabilities — and […]

Eliminate Conversion Bottlenecks In Your PPC Campaigns


A search marketer always has one thing on his or her mind (no, not that): how to efficiently drive more conversions for their business. But simply dumping money into your search campaigns is not enough to reach more customers and maintain profitability. Similar to an assembly line, your paid search advertising effort has many potential […]

What to Do When the Best Landing Page Isn’t Good Enough


If you have dedicated landing pages for your PPC traffic, you’re among the more sophisticated tier of marketers. According to Bryan Eisenberg, companies spend $92 driving traffic to their sites and only $1 converting it. Ouch. But not you, right? You understand the one-two punch of getting the right people to click on an ad, […]

“Sewing” the Seeds of Suck


A while back, former 3Q colleague Susan Waldes wrote a SearchEngineLand post that called out for arbitrage. In a very circuitous fashion, she put forth the proposition that she doesn’t approve of what Google is allowing Ask to do. On that point, I don’t agree with her. Bad user experiences should be removed algorithmically, […]