Clicks, Customers, and Cashflow, Part Three: Profit


(Part 3 of a 3-part series; read parts 1 and 2.) We’re passionate about profit. It may sound obvious, but your business exists to earn profit. Many AdWords managers obsess over clicks, CTR, Quality Score, Impression Share, Cost per Click, Ad Position, Cost per Acquisition, and so on. While these are “noble pursuits,” for my […]

To Master Conversion Optimization, Remember These Resources


My partner, Richard Farr, came up with a framework for dividing our time, which I love. It’s to spend equal resources and energy on these four areas: earning, learning, health, and happiness. I’m going to let you find your own resources for earning, health and happiness, and focus this post on learning. Specifically, the best […]

How to Harness the Awesomeness of Google Tag Manager

how tag manager works

Let it be known that Google Tag Manager is, in my not-so-humble opinion, one of the best free tools to come about in quite a while. The platform allow marketers to seize control of tag management and become less dependent on developers, and the (not so recent) introduction of auto-event tracking makes the platform truly […]

How to bring keywords back from the right-rail grave

High Impression Queries

Today I want to share some tips that are a good way to push for extra volume, using the keywords you’re already bidding on.  Sounds easy, right?  Well, it is! Let me give you a good scenario for this push:  Let’s say your client (or your own personal  account, for that matter) has had really […]

The Future of Digital Marketing: Q&A with Google’s Ryan Gibson

3Q Digital and Google are co-presenting The Future of Digital Marketing, a day-long summit in Google’s PartnerPlex, tomorrow. In advance of the event, we sat down with Google 10-year veteran Ryan Gibson, who has spent the majority of his career working directly with brand and performance agencies. Currently, Ryan manages the West Coast Performance Media Agency Team […]

Beginner’s Guide to PPC Automated Rules


When you’ve worked in PPC for a few years, it’s easy to forget that not everyone knows about all the awesome things you can do right within Google AdWords. Sure, that feature may seem basic to you, but to a beginner it could be mind-blowing. Automated rules is one such feature that can seem mundane, […]

Looking for a digital marketing career? Learn these 7 interview tips


We’ve seen a ton of good resumes for openings at 3Q Digital (more on those careers, if you’re interested). But a good resume, sadly, doesn’t always translate to a good interview. If you’re up for a job and get the chance to strut your stuff in person, it’s a good idea to follow these tips […]

How-to: Reconcile Google Analytics and AdWords Data


While Google Analytics and AdWords can and do report on the same campaigns, it’s important to recognize that comparing data between the two platforms will never be apples-to-apples. The different terminology, tracking settings, and attribution are important to recognize when diving into any problem and marrying data between the platforms. In this post, we’ll examine […]

Remote Work Isn’t Remote Work


We’re definitely in hiring mode @ 3QDigital, and I’ve been promised this if my blog post leads to any new employees, my employer will purchase for me the following items: Please click this link to see our job openings. Go ahead…I’ll wait :.) Do you see where the jobs are located? Go ahead and ignore […]

Getting Started with Pivot Tables: Avoid the Easy Mistakes


Pivot tables provide fast access to data that can dramatically shorten the amount of time that you spend analyzing anything from account structure to campaign performance. Unfortunately for those who are just getting started with them, they can create problems and frustrations just as easily as they can eliminate them. This blog post will help […]