The marketers’ dilemma: to focus on social pages or corporate websites?


In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, companies and agencies alike are faced with a serious question that can make or break their marketing efforts. The question on many a mind in today’s digital marketing industry is: how much focus and value do we put on our social Facebook Page vs. our regular “.com” homepage? […]

ad:tech SF 2014: What We Learned

ad:tech sf

If you were at ad:tech SF this week and wandered into the Expo Hall, you probably saw our booth: it was one of the big three right inside the entrance, to the right of Marin Software. If you didn’t see it, the booth looked like this: We’re spoken at a bunch of similar shows at […]

How did car rental companies change their PPC market visibility in Q1?


The car rental business is an incredibly competitive one, especially when it comes to the search engines, where the majority of travelers begin their search for cars. The Search Monitor was curious how the major car rental companies were changing their market visibility on the search engines in the past three months. This time period […]

Going to ad:tech? #supercharge and win a GoPro

We #supercharge our clients. We #supercharge the digital marketing industry. And now we’re going to #supercharge ad:tech SF by giving away a GoPro HERO3+. Think you’ve got what it takes to win? To enter: Go to ad:tech. Stop by our booth (#2505, right near the entrance) and say hello. Follow @3QDigital and share your #supercharge experience. […]

Use the Data Validation feature for Clean, Detailed Client Reports

Data Validation

The Data Validation feature in Excel can be a very useful tool, particularly with client-facing reports. One of its features allows you to create a drop-down menu of choices that you can then have formulas use as a reference cell. This allows a client or user to view different data by selecting different choices from […]

Clicks, Customers, Cashflow, Part 3: Cashflow


See Part 1 here and Part 2 here. Cashflow: – the movement of money into and out of a business – a prediction of such movement over a given period Show Me the Money!  “Revenue is Vanity, Profit is Sanity – Cash is Reality.” Or, put another way – “Clicks are for Vanity, Customers are […]

Advanced Excel Tips for PPC Managers


My first post on this site – back when they were PPC Associates – was a round-up of Excel tips for PPC managers. I love Excel (who doesn’t?) so I figured it was worth re-visiting this topic to share even more Excel Tips for PPC Managers. Projecting PPC Account Performance in Excel by Bethany Bey We use […]

Kick-a** PPC tips recap: timing and seasonality

In case you missed it — and there’s probably no way you caught all 100 — we kicked off last year with a #100PPCtips100days series on Twitter, and we’re recapping them by category for you each week! (Note: click on each tip to read an expanded blog post.) Today’s installment: kick-a** tips on timing and seasonality! […]

How my life is like a PPC campaign


Managing PPC campaigns can be complicated; being able to manage so many different moving pieces is key to finding success! It seems that the same can be true when managing the moving parts of daily life, so let’s take a quick peek at these parallel worlds. -Setting alerts and alarms through any ad platform are […]

Google Query Explorer Tool: Why Non-Developers Love It

Having recently moved to account management from production, I’ve recently gotten more accustomed to using Google Analytics. When I started using this I was of course quickly pleased to see the additional insight I could get into my accounts and offer my clients. In one of my accounts, however, we use two conversion goals: signups […]