5 Ways to Immediately Improve CTR


Is your Quality Score too high? Are you and your client satisfied with the amount of qualified traffic coming through? These are exactly the type of questions NO one should be asking – especially if your strategy is to help a business continue to grow. Here are 5 ways to quickly give your CTR a […]

How to set up your Google Shopping Campaign(s)


As you all know, Google made the switch from their old Product Listing Ads campaign structure to their new Shopping campaigns last month. This post will show you how to make the most of your new Shopping campaigns and make the transition if you haven’t done so already. Update your feed with proper attributes The […]

Is Google Really Downplaying Google+ Results in the SERPS?


Is Google serious about removing Google+ clutter from SERPs? It seems so some days…and not so much on others. There’s been chatter about Google downplaying Google+ results in the SERPs, and I’ve been studying my own searches lately to show how Publisher Markup for brands in the SERPs has been changing. The results? They’re mixed, […]

The Top 12 Ways to Grow A Stale PPC Account

It happens all too often that right at the end of the quarter, your client suddenly comes up with incremental budget that they expect you to spend in PPC while still maintaining your KPI goals. Or perhaps you have a client with an unlimited budget, but their campaigns are at 100% impression share with nowhere […]

A/B Testing? Use Statistics to Stay on Course


You just launched an AdWords Campaign Experiment to test two ad variations in your top-volume campaign. Great job! But now what? Actual A/B test implementation is only part of the battle to make data-based improvements in your account. The most important part of the testing is often forgotten: test evaluation. Here are a few steps […]

10 Steps to Hire the Right Outsourcing for Your SEO Campaign


Many people make mistakes in hiring the right person or company to outsource their SEO, so I’ve put together a guide to help you choose better resources. There are different activities that you can outsource like content creation, SEO, graphic design, web development, etc. Since I am a SEO person, I’d like to demonstrate the […]

3Q Digital Download Episode 1: Social PPC


Subscribe on iTunes here!    Welcome to the inaugural episode of the 3Q Digital Download Podcast, your place for informative discussions about the latest trends in digital marketing. The podcast series features our charismatic host, Joseph Kerschbaum. Episode 1 is all about social PPC! Our first guest is the esteemed Melissa Mackey, who has been doing PPC […]

New Demographics on the Google Display Network – and How to Use Them


A couple of weeks ago I clicked into a remarketing audience and…behold! Google has released a new demographic visual on audiences with sufficient data. Aside from being a handy visual, there are several tactical reasons this is nifty. The most useful demographic info to check out is that in your converted users audience – this […]

4 Ways to Build Certainty for Persuasive Marketing

We Agree

Recently, we had the pleasure of welcoming Stanford Professor Zakary Tormala to our office in San Francisco for a Lunch and Learn event. Using experiments and surveys, Zak and his colleagues were able to gather the data to show that certainty and uncertainty can both be used effectively to build and maintain trust with a […]

Clicks, Customers, and Cashflow, Part Three: Profit


(Part 3 of a 3-part series; read parts 1 and 2.) We’re passionate about profit. It may sound obvious, but your business exists to earn profit. Many AdWords managers obsess over clicks, CTR, Quality Score, Impression Share, Cost per Click, Ad Position, Cost per Acquisition, and so on. While these are “noble pursuits,” for my […]