Kitchen Sink Remarketing


I have a long-term B2B client that works on the Fremium business model. For the longest time, the only upsell GDN marketing strategy we employed consisted of an appropriate message with a link to the pricing page, which showed the additional benefits of becoming a paid member. It worked fantastically because the offering was wonderful. […]

Free Excel webinar will put more hours in your day

Excel has swallowed many an SEM’s day whole. We’ve lost colleagues amongst all those rows and columns and formulas. And we can’t count the days when we’ve looked up at the clock and found that it’s 5:30 p.m., and lots of spreadsheet work lies ahead. Sound familiar? This might be the most important webinar you’ll […]

Thriving after Maternity Leave: 4 Moms Dish Advice for Agencies and Parents


Agency life is demanding. Newborns are demanding. Re-entry into any kind of workplace after a break has all kinds of challenges. So what are the keys to success – at both job and motherhood – when you come back to an agency after maternity leave? We asked four new moms at 3Q Digital – all […]

Does SEM add value to existing SEO efforts? Here’s how to tell


On March 3, I’ll be speaking at SMX West on the panel “Better Together: SEO & SEM.” I wanted to give you all a quick preview of my presentation as we get prepared for a great conference. Following SMX, we’ll have two more posts diving into how SEO & SEM already work together and exploring […]

Announcing our 2015 Most Influential SEM Tournament


3Q Digital is pleased to announce the start of our annual SEM Tournament! The first round has some exciting match-ups, including: James Svoboda vs. Ian Lopuch Joesph Kerschbaum vs. Larry Page Matt Umbro vs. Susan Waldes …and a ton more! Get ready to vote for who you think is the most influential SEM in our […]

The data says: Bing paid clicks rising after Firefox deal

Yahoo’s November deal to become the default Firefox search engine cut off Google’s 10-year run as the presiding default. The deal made headlines, sparked a lot of “why advertisers should pay more attention to Yahoo/Bing” posts, and seemed destined to bolster Yahoo’s 2015 efforts to claw away at Google’s market share. But how is it […]

YouTube Search: Use Negatives & the Search Query Function


YouTube advertising is fast becoming a popular channel amongst digital marketers. It can be great for brand exposure and CPV’s are generally under $.50 (typically much lower). While In-Display and In-Stream avenues are a great option for garnering an audience similar to how image ads in the GDN function, YouTube Search can offer up a […]

Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Work For 3Q


It’s easy for an employer to tout all the reasons you should want to work for them, so I thought I’d turn things around and give you five reasons you absolutely should not work for 3Q. 1. You hate being challenged. We seek out savvy clients – this means clients who aren’t content with the […]

3Q Digital Download Episode 9: Ad Testing and Ad Copy

3Q_DigitalPodcast_v2 Podcast episode 10 is all about ad testing and copy! Featuring industry giants Joe Kerschbaum and Brad Geddes, this episode will get your ad tests on the level. Here are Brad’s top 5 tips: 1. Define why you want to test: what are your success metrics? 2. What are you going to learn […]

Earned Media and Its Role in Your Marketing Strategy


So my last two blog posts have covered owned media and paid promotion, which must mean that it’s time to talk about the final strand of the trifecta: earned media. As I’ve said before (and you’re probably sick of hearing now), a combination of owned, paid, and earned media is essential for any marketing strategy. […]