7 Ways to Learn From Your Digital Marketing Agency


Do you work with an amazing agency? Are you newer to digital marketing? Perhaps you’re a longtime digital marketer but are not in the details quite as much anymore? Whatever the case may be, it is critical to stay up with the latest trends and learn. Digital marketing is always changing, and you must actively […]

Six Big SEO What-Ifs for 2015


As each year wraps up, predictions for the following year seem to be presented in opinionated waves highly mirroring each other. (“THIS IS THE YEAR FOR MOBILE!”) These can get pretty bland and boring. Rather than comprising a post based off of other posts (duh, that’s how all these duplicated opinion posts happen), why not […]

Happy holidays from 3Q!


Howdy, readers! We’re taking the rest of the week off to tune up our caroling and cookie-eating techniques. We’ll see you on Monday, but until then, we wish you the warmest and happiest of holidays!

Introducing 3Q Digital’s Official Digital Consigliere


I was 5 years old when the first Godfather movie hit the theaters, and though I didn’t see Parts 1 and 2 until I was a teenager, I was acutely aware of their cultural impact that extended far beyond its cinematic brilliance. When Hollywood romanticized the Sicilian Mob, they de-emphasized their criminal business enterprises in […]

5 Steps to Better Work-Life Balance


When I sat down to write about work-life balance, what really came to mind was less about balance and more about ‘taking control of your life’. While they aren’t the same thing, they are related. I think the hardest part of the work-life balance conundrum is finding your own balance. The struggle to maintain a […]

Your Voice, Heard: State of SEM Infographic

3Q_SEM_Infographic Teaser

After an exhaustive polling process, the results are finally in! Our comprehensive infographic (available here) details what SEM practitioners value most, how many clients they tend to work with, spend, and tons more. We asked some of our poll-ees to dish a little extra dirt on which SEM features and tools they especially thought useful […]

Maximize PPC Productivity: 2 Killer Tips


Whether you work at an agency or you’re in-house, there’s always something keeping you busy all day. There will always be a task that could be completed to the extreme where some people end up working 12-hour days. Hopefully the tips below can help you prioritize your day and your week to make a bigger […]

Understand the shopping behaviors of mobile searchers


Mobile devices now account for 60% of total digital media time spent, according to comScore, so it’s no wonder that mobile search is taking over too. Yahoo’s recent study, “The Point of Influence: Understanding Mobile Shopping Search Habits,” offers a wealth of actionable insights that can help search marketers connect with this rapidly growing audience, […]

Boxing With Clients


“Mission is important to culture because it helps us all understand ‘why we fight.”…David Rodnitzky, The 3Q Culture Manifesto Our CEO, David Rodnitzky, just published our Company Culture Manifesto, which I encourage you to read if you’ve not done so already. As an agency, we’ve followed these precepts for a long time…even if they were never […]

The Magic 10-Second Fix for AdWords Scripts Parsing Errors


At 3Q Digital, we use AdWords scripts for a variety of admin and monitoring tasks, such as changing ad group names in bulk, discovering broken destination URLs, and alerting us to campaigns that are consuming their budget faster than planned.  We’ve built scripts from scratch as well as made use of the amazing libraries of […]