Should you jump on Google’s Upgraded URLs early? YES!


The deadline for adopting Google’s Upgraded URLs is quickly approaching. (For those of you who don’t know, the deadline is July 1.) But what are you waiting for? The benefits of upgrading are many; we’ve seen success with them already. Per Google, upgrading the URLs makes the experience better for everyone, with the following benefits: -Google […]

Pinterest advertising: what you need to know

Pinterest’s early-June introduction of Buyable Pins revved up the conversation about Pinterest advertising — where it stands, how viable it is for advertisers, and how interested we need to be in the platform. Let’s dive in to what Pinterest currently offers advertisers and whether you should start thinking about adding it to your paid social profile. […]

Use Marin to Track Keyword-Level Product Sales


If you work on an eCommerce account, chances are you have a number of different products you offer. Whether it’s five, one hundred, or thousands, the concept is the same: you bid on keywords relevant to your product and try to send users to the most relevant landing page. In many cases you will send […]

Why the “Buy It” pins aren’t a game-changer…yet


Perhaps you’ve heard: Pinterest introduced Buyable Pins this month; here’s the skinny on how they work, and for whom.  Exciting announcement? Yes. Big potential revenue driver right now? Not likely. The simple fact that the Buy It pins are only on mobile for the moment is a limiting factor. Mobile conversion rate is always a hurdle, especially when trying […]

The Different Facebook Bid Types and When to Use Them


There are three bidding options within Facebook, and multiple options within each of those, so how do you decide which one to use? This is a question I deal with on a weekly basis.  The truth is, everyone has a different bidding method, but some targeting types perform better with CPC while others really have […]

The Skinny on Pinterest’s “Buy It” Pins


If you haven’t heard by now, Pinterest is introducing “Buy It” pins for ecommerce. It’s an exciting idea, but they’re very limited in both availability and platform. Here’s what you need to know. Who’s Using Them, and How The Buyable Pins are only available to a few select brands right now; Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom […]

Keep Your Partners Close, But Your Competitors Closer


When companies go through growing pains during its early stages (particularly when venturing into a new space), there are many factors that come into play in how a company’s SEM program may perform. This includes, but isn’t limited to, things like new landing page production affecting conversion rates or recent press affecting search volume. While […]

Facebook wants to make Dennis Yu more successful


Do you notice Facebook sending you more and more tidbits like this? They realize that education, not pushy salespeople, is the key to getting advertisers to spend more. In this case, we’re looking at the page insights for my public figure page (there are no insights on profiles, of course, so don’t call your profile […]

Mobile Optimization: In-App Metrics FTW!


So now that you’ve taken some very smart advice to properly pre-plan your mobile app (brushing off shoulders), I’ve got some news for you: without pre-launch analytics configuration, that app probably isn’t going anywhere. The good news? Set yourself up to track the eight metrics below, and you’ll be well ahead of the curve. While […]

Learn These Terms to Communicate With Your Creative Team


Working with a design team results in some fantastic advertising, but communication hangups can put snags in the process. Make sure you know exactly what you’re asking your team for by keeping these terms in mind: ai – Adobe Illustrator file Bitmap (raster) – Image file comprised of pixels in a grid that has a […]