Marin Masters Q & A


I recently spoke on the Marin Masters Panel.  The folks at Marin were gracious enough to share with me the questions they were going to ask, and I thought that if I prepped my answers for publications and released them as a blog post, they would be of value to the readers.  It’s possible that […]

4 Tips for 5-Minute Training Sessions


You’ve probably been in a situation where someone taps you on the shoulder and asks you to teach them something on the fly. You probably have less than 5 minutes and might be running late to a meeting, but whether you planned on it or not, you’re now in a situation where you have to […]

Get to Know Kristen Mingus, Associate Marketing Manager at 3Q Digital


Take some time to get to know Kristen Mingus, Associate Marketing Manager at 3Q Digital from our San Mateo office. (Editor’s note: Kristen recently won a quarterly award for the Harte Hanks ‘A Promise We Live’ program; she is 3Q Digital’s first winner.) What is your favorite advertising campaign? Pretty much every Geico advertisement: Hump […]

Has Apple cracked TV – and will advertisers benefit?


I excitedly ordered my new Apple TV as soon as it was available for pre-order. I’ve never owned one before, even though I’ve given them as gifts to family members and used the device while visiting them. I anxiously waited for the pay off of Jobs’ exclamation that he’d finally “cracked TV,” as cited in on page 555 […]

Get to know Diego Rovira, Sr. Director of Client Services at 3Q Digital


Take some time to get to know Diego Rovira, Sr. Director of Client Services at 3Q Digital, who works out of our San Francisco office (and was one of the founding members of our San Diego office). Diego is a former semi-pro soccer player and surfing enthusiast. What’s the first metric you check when you start […]

Facebook Advertising Gifts for Q4: New Features to Boost Revenue


As advertisers gear up for Q4 and the holiday rush, Facebook has pushed quite a few new features in recent months. We’ve gone ahead and compiled them all in one place so you can stay up to date on the newest features!  Facebook Slideshow: This is a great option for users who do not have […]

Get to Know Jennifer Malone, Account Lead at 3Q Digital


Get to know Jennifer Malone, Account Lead at 3Q Digital working from our Oakland office. What is your favorite advertising campaign? Coca-Cola’s Christmas campaign with the polar bears. I especially enjoy the ones with penguins! What one quality do you think is most important in successful digital marketers today? Attention to detail. Details may seem […]

How to Add Multiple Campaigns to Negative Keyword List

campaign add list

If you’re like me, you face this task frequently: you’ve got a bunch of negative keywords to add to your AdWords account, and you want to apply them across multiple campaigns. It seems like you can only add one at a time, but I ‘ll be going over a nifty trick to add as many […]

Big Brands and SEO – 3 Ways SEO Can Produce Big Wins


When you hear the words “big brand”, companies like Coca-Cola, Google, Facebook, etc., probably come to mind. These are companies who have done a wonderful job of creating an uber-successful brand and, as a result, are likely reaping the benefits in terms of organic traffic and revenue. Many big brands like those listed above can […]

Boo! (Happy Halloween from 3Q Digital)

Joey wonders if you'd like a little ROI on your hot dog.

In the proud tradition of Octobers past, the 3Q Digital team put on a good show for our annual Halloween contest! (If you’re a fan of the Walking Dead, you’ll appreciate San Francisco office manager Erin Thomas’s special guest.) Read on for the winners! We’ll start with some great office shots…     To the honorable mentions… […]